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Hymn to an Ordinary Girl

Here is a hymn to an ordinary girl
To one that every day you see
She may not look good and she may not be blessed
But she is a woman who loves the world

She makes your every dream come true
But you don’t have time enough to think,
That she is the reason whatever good you do
And that she alone is a treasure to you

Treat her good or bad with her you do
She still does care, she still loves you
The power to create this world is in her
And mighty pain does she bear

This hymn is about this ordinary girl
Sans frontiers who came all along
To join a mutual bond of share
As if some divine purpose she wears

Tells of her sisters she has abound
Of war, abuse, and of excruciating pain
As she shares her words wise and profound
She makes every heart weep and melt down

A mother, a daughter, wife and more
She has a million names to call
A witch, sorceress and a whore
And yet she has compassion galore

Although you never praise her right
She rises as a light to give way
A symphony of voices to sort out
All the pain and hardships

She never gives up nor does she fail
A whirling wind so strong yet calm
This ordinary girl has no name
And so I sing her praises in this nameless psalm

(PS: This poem is my first attempt, written for WorldPulse VOF.)


Lortoria's picture


Hi Sangita,

You bring this poem vividly to life. I especially like the 6th paragraph onwards. For a first attempt this is quite good!

Best wishes,

Lortoria McDonald

New website coming soon!

Sangita Thapa's picture

thanks Lortoria

Thank you so much for liking my first attempt although i was very nervous while i wrote. I appreciate your encouragement! :)

Chrisitina's picture

beautiful poetry

Love your poetry! A hymn to an ordinary girl, we all need it at one point or another! Thanks for sharing, and look forward to more of your great pieces!


Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY.

Sangita Thapa's picture

oh, its so relieving!

Dear Christina, thanks a million for liking my poem. Yes, we all need to appreciate our ordinariness and celebrate our individuality. And this i came to know better by knowing people like you here. Thank you.

Sharontina's picture


Beautiful poetry and an apt dedication to the wonderful woman, source of power and inspiration to many to come here.


Merlin Sharontina

Sangita Thapa's picture

Im embarrassed!

Dear Sharontina, now Im really embarrassed that an awesome writer like yourself is commenting my first poem. Im equally happy that you read and found it powerful. But the inspiration here is mainly a reflection of people like you who are so strong and beautiful. Thanks for being my inspiration dear sister. :)

Ruth Bech's picture


I know writing your first poem in another tongue somewhat feels like jumping off a cliff, so kudos to your for being daring and showing a true woman's heart! I like your writing, and the title is magnificent.
Much love,

Sangita Thapa's picture

Thank you!

You know Ruth, its a bit odd when an excellent poetess and writer like you reads mine and then gives her generous comment. Thank you so much for being so kind to me. Im so inspired by your 4G Feminista posts, they are just Awesome! Please keep writing, i cant just stop reading your powerful thoughts!

pelamutunzi's picture


interesting poem that has depth and speaks to the hearts of many well done keep writing

we may be powerless to stop an injustice but let there never be a time we fail to protest.

Sangita Thapa's picture

thank you!

Im so glad you read my poem and liked it dear friend. Thanks for being so kind.

Debra K Adams MA's picture

I agree

writing is such a wonderful conduit to thought to word to paper - your words have much meaning to many of us. Keep writing poetry!

"Be the change you want in the world." Gandhi

Debra K. Adams, MA
See my vizify bio!
Survivors In Service: Self Empowerment Strategies (SiSSeS)
Consultant/Speaker/Author & Owner/Founder

Sangita Thapa's picture

Im honoured!

Thank you dear Debra, im honoured to know your high regards about my poem. Thanks a million!

Pratibha Tandukar's picture

great job

Great Work Miss. Sangita. Your poetry speaks. :)


Sangita Thapa's picture

Thank you so much Pratibha!

Thank you so much Pratibha! :)

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