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Thankful to be known as "the activist"

Fight for Driver's Licenses PA

Being vocal is what got me here. I learned about Voices of Our Future and this application process through a friend who posted it in a private Facebook group I created to share interesting events with each other. She thought I would be intrigued by it, since I do a lot of writing through various mediums and am involved in political and social activism. Speaking up as often as I do, I've gained a reputation in my circle of friends as "the activist," and it has lead me here.

Although professionally I am working towards becoming a veterinarian, I will always be interested in and passionate about activism and social justice. My interest in activism was really sparked when I came to college, and is a process I am still undergoing. My Sophomore year I started becoming heavily involved in community service, volunteering at a local non-profit. This non-profit introduced me to working class issues and inner-city politics, as well as teaching me about the power of organizing. This year I am a work-study communications intern for this non-profit, and have met a variety of incredibly dedicated people working towards social and economic justice. We are currently working on a campaign to grant driver’s licenses to people regardless of immigration status using an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number issued by the IRS. We are organizing immigrant communities to learn their legal and human rights and their collective power.

My life has since changed dramatically — for the better. I find myself more engaged politically and analytically with how our society is structured. I’ve become the person who will correct my friends and peers if they are saying problematic things, and the one who is always writing and thus informed about various issues like the LGBTQ movement within the U.S. and Latin America, immigrant rights, and college access for lower-income students.

I am still discovering and experimenting with all the mediums through which I can inform myself and others. I have become more cognizant of the unique challenges facing women around the world, and how complicated these challenges can be once you factor in things like socioeconomic status, race and immigration status.
My dream is a more tolerant and aware society, one populated by people that can’t ignore all the issues surrounding them because they are busy or simply not interested. I think we will achieve this by continuing to educate ourselves and share this information with everyone we can through our daily personal interactions. These interactions are the most impactful force, because it’s harder to ignore a problem when those affected by it are looking you in the eyes and directly addressing you. We have the power to reach people, be it our friends, our colleagues and co workers, or our readers, by showing them the full impact of the issues at hand.

Fight for Driver's Licenses PA
Fight for Driver's Licenses PA
Lucha Pro Licencias PA
Lucha Pro Licencias PA



Sharontina's picture


Yes these interactions are the most impactful force, that keep fueling our thoughts to further our power in raising our voice. Wonderfully written.


Merlin Sharontina

Chrisitina's picture

Hey Yessi, thx for sharing

Hey Yessi, thx for sharing your story. It's very informative, and i can feel your growth and change through various participation in NGOs and different advocacies. Please keep on and share more with us~


Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY.

Klaudia Mexico's picture

En pie de lucha!!!

My hope is that one day the word activist is not related to breach of human rights. Until then, we're here en pie de lucha to pass on a better place to live.

Klaudia González

Flavia Nyadoi's picture


Hey Yessi,
You are taking a strong move, and I admire each step you have considered, You only missed out to mention some of those unique challenges that women encounter. You have more peers to influence, young people are the majority and you are surrounded by most of them at the university, I will be more than glad when you bring them on board to engage with you in the action.


Dear Yessi,

I enjoyed your well-written entry describing the relationship you have between social justice, activism and writing. I had just finished reading an article about Filipino women who have to work in other countries to send money home to their families and the problems they often encounter. Certainly, the challenges of immigration, transnational work and socio-economics are problems that women face all over the world, and there is definitely a lack of awareness around these issues for many. I appreciate your willingness to bring that awareness to the people around you. What do you envision your future work to be, I wonder?

Keep up the good work, Yessi! I look forward to reading about your accomplishments and future goals.

Leslie Stoupas

Aurore's picture


Indeed, once you become vocal, it starts snowballing and the more you speak up, the more you get in return, I guess :)
Good luck with your activism!

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