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It’s a journey that lasts millions of miles and hundreds of years until the end of time because no matter where one stops, another person will take the lead and continue. I can say it’s an unending journey though I have stop at World Pulse for now for a rest so as to add to my (and that of others) basket of knowledge and experience some wonderful life changing things from World Pulse to carry along the journey. In 2006, my dream of reaching out to other communities was trickle up after I attended a seminar on Management of NGOs. In the seminar I realized that women attendance was low and I ask this question “why were women not invited” I discovered that women lack access to information on issues that can help them. This drew my interest in trying to reach out to women through development projects as I will find out things and go to them.
My stop at WP was recent as I went online to search for women network organizations with an objective of meeting women, learning new ideas, sharing knowledge and experiences, discovering the world etc. When I saw the World pulse I decided to explore the site and be hold it was just the right place for me that is why I stopped. I registered and as I navigated the site I came across 2013 voices of Our Future something inside me told me to join and here I am today.
Lucy’s journey to World Pulse is one that I will never regret because all my life I have always dream of being a representative for women in my town. Amongst my peers I have been the spokes person. Joining World Pulse and the 2013 voices of Our Future, I believe I will gain more knowledge as I will acquire new skills and improve on the skills I already have. I will meet women who will guide me attain my goals for example my posting on “WOMEN AND THEIR FINANCES” I have already receive many strategies and suggestions from other women all over the world. Their contribution adds a step to my plans for the future that I must say LONG LIVE World Pulse. Long LIVE the VOICES OF WOMEN!


jekra's picture

i salute you madam lucy

this is an oppotunity for us women to share and learn new ideas.whenever you contribute to any conversation that talking about women how women we can over come general problems and others,its really a good thing to do in me i have earn alot of ideas here at world are really encouraging and motivating us alot.
thanks once again,
may God bless you
check out my vizify bio
all i need is happieness in our whole world...lets help the hungry people..

LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


You have just hit the head of the nail. We are all encouraging and motivating ourselves that is the way I see it.Fellow women please let's remain awake.

hayibo safiatou's picture


women please let be awake and be strong to face the reality of life .seriously life is not easy but we have to be strong and face the problem of life .

LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


Dear Safiatou,
Surely we are already awake, we are now joining our hands, hearts, ideas, thoughts, love etc to make our voices heard everywhere on this planet. The solution to your problems begins with us in regards with our interaction and comportment in the public, so it starts with one's personal self before going public. That is part of the challenge we've got.

hayibo safiatou's picture


dear LUCY thank you very much lucy you are right

Khaiwana's picture

I understand

Yes, it's a very sad reality that a lot of women lack the necessary information that they need to know in order to survive in this 21st century world. That's why in Jamaica we have the I'm Glad I'm A Girl Foundation, where we assist marginalized girls, by educating then etc. However, good piece of writing.

LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


You are just correct, pls get to me on for more talks.

loretta's picture

True Lucy.

There is a similarity between you and me the way we stumbled across World Pulse. I also used to hear about Women Empowerment stories on the Media but found that there is a lot lacking in terms of Empowering Women.
That is why when you attended those workshop you found minimal representation of women, those who were said to be empowering other women were missing the point and men stepped in to fill the loopholes but did not implement.
I mean it takes a woman to understand another woman's needs. I so wish other women can pick up this baton and run with it. We need really powerful women out there who will leave an indelible mark out there.
I always felt and know that, had mt mother had the chance to be highly educated, she could have given some of those renowned political women a run for their money.

Get moving, don't stop! Use World Pulse to it's maximum.



A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


I will, with your contributions and that of others

loretta's picture


Definitely Lucy, all the way.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

Anita Muhanguzi's picture

Well Said

Dear Lucy you have said it well. And indeed women all the world lack access to information something that we need to address. I know you will be a very representative of the people you lead most especially the women. Continue with the struggle my sister we shall get there. Nice day

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Head of Legal and Advocacy
Centre for Batwa Minorities
Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


Thanks Anita, you are right it's a join effort.

Tessie's picture

Sister Lucy,I love your post.

Sister Lucy,I love your post. Please pursue your dream because there only lies true fulfilment.

salient cry

LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


Thank you Tessy and to you as well

Tessie's picture

Looking forward to reading

Looking forward to reading more of your posts always
Love and hugs

salient cry

libudsuroy's picture

Hi, Lucy, please make sure

Hi, Lucy, please make sure you post this on your own Journal. :) Keep strong!

libudsuroy/Lina Sagaral Reyes
Mindanao, The Philippines

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)

LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


Thank you my sister

LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


Dear sisters , please check and let me know if I have posted correctly on my journal. Am waiting and Thank you in advance. Lucy

Minakshi's picture

keep up the nonstop spirit

Hi Lucy,
It gives the insight of creating my own space for my self, and keeping the spirit nonstop.

LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


Hello Minakshi,
Let the sky be your limit. Courage

Phionah Musumba's picture

Watch this Space!

Hey, Lucy,
If each woman would hold their neighbour's hand and not let go, the world would be more colourful.
Lets march on.
All the best,

Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya

VITSAF's picture

Thanks for sharing

You are an inspiration!

Improving the Quality of Life of individuals (primarily women) living with vitiligo, skin imperfections altered images and autoimmune disorder!

Lylinaguas's picture

Keep it Going!

Lucy, you seem to really have found your place in World Pulse to further your cause. YES, be that voice, be that spokesperson for all the women who need to be heard. You're right. It is an unending journey. When one goes, another takes over to keep the journey going. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being the voice for those who have none.


LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


We all have found our places on WP and will should not stop until our voices and that of others are heard. thx

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