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The Power of Networking

There was the scarcity of mackerel in the market in Cameroon. Being one of the highly consumed species of fish, it causes a stir. As a journalist, I went out to sample women’s opinions on this. At a cold store, I came across a woman, one of my interviewees. At first she never wanted to speak but I persisted and she gave in, granting me the interview on how she was coping with the scarcity. I never knew I was to come across her again.
Months later, we met again at a political campaigning training workshop organized for women. She had taken note of my face and came up to me. When I was sampling the opinions of participants at the workshop on women in politics, again, she was among. We departed and as divine providence will put it, we met again last month when the American Embassy was celebrating the women’s history month in our region under the theme “The Gender Agenda, Gaining Momentum”. I took some photos of her and we exchanged addresses. When I sent the photos to her, she was happy and sent me the link to World Pulse and I registered after reading through the home pages.
I think from my journey up here I have learned that;
• women need to persist to get results
• Exchange contacts and create more contacts to get exposure
• Love one another and share and the gender agenda will gain more momentum
In a hall of more than a hundred women at the Women History month celebration, five of us were seated at a table. The trainer, the cultural Affairs Specialist at the US Embassy Madame Viban Gladys came up to us and called us her favorite participants and future leaders because we were the youngest, participated actively and above all were versed with and using social media tools. Other women were asked to visit our table and me during break to learn something on the internet. One of the participants, a leading female leader in the political history of Cameroon who I once interviewed told me when she created a facebook account, her children asked her what she was doing on facebook and she had to leave. I will like to see more women IT literate and sensitized on the importance of social networking. This I am doing and will do in the little way I can.


Nakinti's picture


Great girl.
You are working wonders as a young girl.
I have taken your three points very seriously...I will keep them in my mental diary and always make use of them
look at your points again:

• women need to persist to get results
• Exchange contacts and create more contacts to get exposure
• Love one another and share and the gender agenda will gain more momentum

They are powerful dear.
Thanks for sharing.
Sending you love from Bamenda...(haha, I wonder whether you are in Bamenda too) All the same.

Nakinti B. Nofuru
2013 VOF Correspondent
Reporter for Global Press Institute
Bamenda - Cameroon

Tina Young's picture

Of course I am in Bamenda. If

Of course I am in Bamenda. If I am not mistaken then it should be the Nakinti I know. Remember when we have come in contact? We met at the event celebrating the International day of Widows 2012. I delivered a paper on "Advocating for the rights of widows, reasons and strategies" Remember I shared something with you at that event. The virtual world indeed is marvelous. I am glad to know my points make meaning to you.

My warm regards,
Tina Young.

Taha Mirani's picture


Amazing read. Loved it.

More power to you.


Taha Mirani

ikirimat's picture

Wow, I agree with you that

I agree with you that persistence gets results.
I love your commitment "This I am doing and will do in the little way I can"
Your personal story and experience are clear testimony.

Girl, the sky is the limit. Keep going

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

innerdelight's picture


Hi Tina, what a delightful series of synchronicities leading you to WorldPulse!
I would love to hear a bit more about how your passion to be a journalist unfolded, which has lead you to share your powerful points:
"I think from my journey up here I have learned that;
• women need to persist to get results
• Exchange contacts and create more contacts to get exposure
• Love one another and share and the gender agenda will gain more momentum"

You have obviously persisted, so what kinds of challenges did you encounter which made you keep going?
You are certainly meeting people in all kinds of places so what is it that inspires you about that and why do you feel this may support other women, especially if they are not used to going to events or maybe have not discovered their own clear message yet?
That you have a big heart and love to share is palpable so how do you suggest other women can learn to put their fears aside and join together?

Thank you for sharing and for being here!
I look forward to reading more;)

joyful blessings,
Tina ( yep, we share the same first name!)

michelle904's picture

Too be so involved and

Too be so involved and inspire me, and I know that you will inspire others. Keep writing!!

Tina Young's picture

I feel humbled to hear that

I feel humbled to hear that Michelle. Touching one person means a lot.

Tina Young's picture

What I think Tina

What a delight to find somebody with whom I share a name! glad to meet you Tina.
My mother tells me I started speaking well at 7 months, at a time when my two years elder brother was still finding it difficult to express himself. From childhood, I had the joy of being an informant which led me to doing arts and subsequently journalism at the University. I admired Anne Nsang Nkwain, the woman who started TV talk shows on Cameroon National TV on the rights of women. She inspired me a lot. That contributed too to my choice of minor course in the University which was Gender Studies. I was and is always marveled with the likes of Christiane Amampour.
Tina, to tell you the truth, the biggest challenge for me has been to stay in this journalism profession because I get a lot of fulfillment more in what I do than in what I get. If I had to be interested more in financial remuneration, it would be a different story. What keeps me going is just the passion I have for the career and the zeal to be a voice.
As you rightly put it I have the opportunity as a journalist to meet more people than other women. In my profession, I use the least opportunity to highlight women's issues in whatever situation or topic that presents itself, in interviews, talk shows etc. I believe women get inspired and empowered. I get appreciation everyday and I felt so gratified once when I went to the village and a young woman who had been sick for sometime told me she loves and always listens to my program, "Women's World". That also keep me going.
In Cameroon, more than 90% of women belong to social groups. In each of these groups are high profile women who can be of great assistance to the rest in all ways possible. This brings us back to sharing and assisting each other. M call is on all women who belong to such groups in Cameroon and elsewhere to share their knowledge and bring other women to the limelight.

With Love,
Your name sake, Tina.

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