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Launching a Women's Library in Honour of My Mother


Dear Groupies

I am writing to announce to you that Project Africa is launching a Women's Library to be situated in our Mission House in Kakamega, Kenya.

we call on each one who has an English book that can empower women and girls, or a poster, or CD and wish to donate to our Village library for women to consider us.

Our target is to gather and collect 1000 books by 19th May 2009. This is the day That my mother passed on
books can be sent to

Project Africa
P:O Box 1055
50100 Kakamega

We will send reports and photographs of the library which will be opened free of charge for women in the community. Women and girls will be allowed to borrow books to read and discuss in the book clubs.




JaniceW's picture


I am overjoyed to read that you are starting a library in Kakamega. Thank you for bringing the beauty and power of words to the women of Kenya.

mamaAfrica's picture

Thank you

I thought we have the space , the staff and the will so why not put this resources into something meaningful
The mission house is also the venue for Women's Leadership Academy and more women and girls are coming to get skills in various vocational skills and basic literacy so a library will add to our resources to make women and girls perform better. Waiting to receive a book from you

laura_gamboa's picture

Hello! I think its really

Hello! I think its really great what you are doing. Congratulations for this! What kind of books do you need?

mamaAfrica's picture

Donate a book

Thank you Laura.

I think that it will be wel received when the library is launched. Story books fictional and non fictional with strong female characters will appeal to rural women as we focus to empower them to reach their full potential, christian books will do as many women love prayer and seek solace spiritually, Books on how -to -do in various vocational skills such as sewing, cookery, capentry , jewelry making etc willl help in our vocational school. Other academic books in history, geography, mathematics etc will be a big plus so in essence any book will do. we can't choose since we have none. Hope to here from you soon


I think your initiative is great - and a fitting tribute to your mother too, I'm sure. Would you like to add some videos to your library? If so, please do go check out this new series we are distributing in Asia Pacific - Women on the Frontline. If you think they will be a good addition, let me know and I'll send you a set of free DVDs.

mamaAfrica's picture

Dear Manori

receiving The videos will be wonderful, Actually, we presently have a community education program where we use video as a means to educate the community on various issues. Soon our women will start a broadcast which I will share hereby when it is all set. we will appreciate any DVDs or films that show how women overcome struggles, and also those that are educative to let women know how to protect themselves in time of adversity.

Thank you again for your offer

send the videos to
Project Africa
Mission House
1055 Kakamega
50100 Kenya

Thank you again


sabiha nazli's picture

Hi, That's great, because I


That's great, because I thought we are losing the culture of reading books which is really a fun and source of inspiration At different age group the same bok gives a different meaning. The book is a whole world inside it. As I read abook I felt that I became a part of that book and move onward by gaining experiences from the writer and some time become judgmental. I really love reading books but unfortunately couldn't get enough time to read. What'sthe problem witth this era that we don't have enough time for anything, not for our families , for friends and also for ourselves this is the dilemma .Some time I thought we are only rushing towards the end to gain more andmore, without enjoying the small moments of our lives.Am I right or have some misunderstanding about the life.

Best Regards

mamaAfrica's picture

The Truth of The matter Is...

Dear Sabiha

Thank you for your contribution. Actually the truth of the matter is that though technology in communications has made the world a 'global village', there are those living in the remote parts of developing world that are in the 'fourth world' where there is no internet, no electricity, no school, no books etc. And majority of these are women and girls who are confined around the walls of their little shabby hut or almost deserted villages.
If one has ever been in depression, the she understand loneliness. the kind of loneliness that women in rural africa experience. A loneliness whereby you only wish you had somebody to share with. If we cant be there for our sisters then we can offer our letters of compassionand and those books which impacted our lives.
As concerns time, sure. nowadays it is as though there is no time at all. every thing and everyone is in a rush, from fast foods, fast trains and planes. again in contrast to life in the village where a school is five miles away, a hospital is 60 km away and a well 5km away life in the village is the same in a different world. This too is a dilemma

sabiha nazli's picture

Yes you right we couldn't

Yes you right we couldn't realize the difficulties of these women who are living in such remote areas as we have all facilities available at our doorstep and they have to travel or suffer alot to get these all. But on some extent they are on advantages as they have fresh air , pure relationships and less worries mean less competition in their lives. They are simple and fair people, their goals are achieveable and simple.Some time I'm fascinated by their lives but when I place my feet into their shoes then I realize that are really living in a world without health , education and daily necessity which is horrible to survive.

thanks for your though provoking reply.


efe's picture

sad but true

Mama Africa, doing a great job! The Library is a great project.Would have liked to send books but i just relocated to Accra and i left my heavy stuff back home in Nigeria. I hope that one day i can visit Kenya and do my bit to inform the world of so many of these girls and also help in empowering them with negotiation skills.However, i would like to comment on another entry of yours in which you described a young teenager. Its sad but true.In Africa many young girls are not allowed to enjoy the magic of child-hood and teenage-hood.While their contemporaries in other societies are concerned about things like what to wear for prom night, they are burdened with issues like V.V.F and the like.Keep up the good work!

mamaAfrica's picture

It is all vanity

Thank you for sharing so candidly.
it is true that as much as some fight to get internet in their homes, others are fighting to have a vacancy in school where desks are so limited. My organisation sponsored one girl in lungalunga Kenya to join Form one this year unfortunately, the head teach of the school ( a man) says that the class is 'full* and the girl may not be admittted to school. It makes me wonder what form of justice we need to have our needs and desires to be in school respected? this is a challenge that the rich and the priveledged may never understand. afterall it is easier for the rich to obtain a want than it is for the poor to obtain a basic need. this too is vanity

amelsaeed's picture

Genuine idea

Ido apprecite this idea and am happy yu peopl did that and dnt mind it f we carry your ide and do it in our country to help women i reding and raise awarenes you did things which othe could do it.


amel saeed

mamaAfrica's picture

Library Project

Dear amalsaeed,

thank you for your contribution. i think every village need a library for women. and i certainly recommend that you start one in your community too. let us share our progress

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