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Listen More, Speak Less

Deep inside, I always felt a great energy that wants drive and change everything around me! Back in time, over 10 years ago after the war on Iraq, I knew that we are facing a huge problem other than dictatorship! How our brains function was our problem! Since 2003 I was facing and witnessing issues I never knew they exist! Extremism, racism, sexism, and violence of all kinds, names I didn’t know what they meant at the age of 15, yet, I always felt lucky to face them. These were more than just issues, these were areas of Change my inside energy was willing to affect!

I watched people dying, getting kidnapped, women being raped, and childhood innocence being violated! It all got me thinking, why on earth someone gives himself the right to abuse. was it Government that controlled our order? Or is it the Human inside us that defines what we do? I believe that the way we see people adds so much to who we are. War was not our problem, we had a problem accepting otherwise and people were raised to accept one way of living, and everything else is either wrong or forbidden.

I knew I was too young to be involved in changing people's brains, but I also knew that there must be a way. I was confused and to some extent biased to my own ideas thinking that the only way to get people accept me is by making them giving up trying to convince me. More aggression, less talking was the thing I was doing, and guess what? I was faced by nothing but reject.

After I was displaced and had to move to the up north of the country, I faced even more rejection as the culture I moved to was different in every possible way. Different Language, different traditions and a male dominated society was where I found myself in the end of 2006. Few people accepted me as an Arab person in Kurdish community and it made me think, how do we get along with this? Shall we witness another type of war? Day by day, I knew that changing people does not happen by force, but through communication. The more people become engaged in the cultural dialog the more they get to understand that there are people out there who are just as human beings as themselves. The only difference is that they chose a different lifestyle.

Communication was never easy as I couldn’t speak the language, yet, I was lucky to speak the language the majorities speak, The Internet! I met people online, Through them I got to know that there is English based University where I can continue my education. Two years later I found an exchange program opportunity online, where I applied to travel to the US where I learned the Anatomy of peace through cultural understanding. Today I am administrating a 4000+ members online on facebook to recruit people. More people believe in me and more people trust me. Today, I listen more and speak less, and this is how I understand people around me.

Today, I see myself a leader and the energy I had 10 years ago has come into action. Voice of future is my voice to the women around the globe and my passion to tell every woman, that you are not alone, and no matter how harsh your life circumstances get, someone online is there waiting for you to share your story and empower you. I was empowered by my online community and I want to empower you wherever you come from. I have a vision. I see stronger women building nations, I see more women driving the change.


Sharontina's picture


I am glad that i am seeing a woman who has gone through a lot of tough times. The tides might have been high those days, but now you have reached a stage where you can stand against the tides.

Proud to have you here as a woman driving the change.


Merlin Sharontina

shahd's picture

Encouraging as usual

Sharontina, I love your encouragement and I am eager to share more and get more feedback from you

Mukut's picture

Well done dear


This is a beautiful and inspiring piece of work.I am glad you came out of the rut and empowering others.

Keep it up!


Mukut Ray

shahd's picture


Dear Mukut,

Thanks for your support darling

ola.mahadi's picture

such an inspiring

We often read stories form Irag or else where but here you give it a face when i read your poat i touched my heart it sound simple life jeourny but i know you are not alone but you present the bright side of the story of a girl turned into an empowered woemn.
Keep up sharing stories and good job you are doing
Your voice is heared

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

shahd's picture


You always inspire me with your comments Ola, thank you

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