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A Birth Center on Every Corner Please

You want to be a what?
What is that? I ask
Conversation when I was 21
graduated college Detroit
Moved to Wyoming
Working first job
A registered nurse

With women
Serving women
Protecting women
Are women

Wise women
Burned, hunted, tortured
Knowledge lost
Disallowed education
Disallowed fair compensation

Midwives honor

Wise women
Knowing women

Food, Love, Respect
For women
For life

Compassion, Understanding
For women
For life
For choice

Midwife on every corner please

Already RN,
Have to become
Graduate school

Hospital again
This is awful
This is terrible
This is inhumane
Women and babies
Abused and neglected
By labor wards
Now decoyed with family birth rooms
It doesn’t have to be this way I ranted
Till one day

AH HA!!!
What way can it be?
Took under her wing by master self taught midwife
13 pregnancies
6 children, 2 medio lateral episiotomies
Then homebirths for her

She knew how to get babies out
Nourish and love women up
Encouraging their nutrition
Loving their families
Or providing protection from him

Guiding Guardians
Serving women

Now still with some PTSD
from hospital work as nurse and then midwife
Now attending conferences
International Confederation of Midwives triennial
American College of Nurse Midwives
Midwives alliance of north America
Facilitating bridging the midwives
Speaking out
Getting standing ovations
Motions passed
National committees homebirth

Women, birth, hospitals
30-90% major abdominal surgery
Unnecessary inductions
Dangerous practices based on their patriarchal beliefs
of what should be DONE TO women
Mass mutilation and neglect of women
Babies too
Carry this abuse and neglect into adulthood
Pre and Perinatal Psychology

Midwifery Today Summit
Birth as a Human Right
Choice to birth with whom and where you desire
Just last week!
Midwives consumers lawyers
Working together
To stop the persecution of
Still today, in the USA
And to
Provide Access to midwives
To compensate midwives

When midwives have to follow doctors
Ignorance, fear, greed, arrogance
Who rule hospitals and insurance companies
And government opinion
Then midwives cannot be midwives

Oregon Vital Statistics
45,000 hospital births
Hospital 20-30% cesarean births
Home and Free Standing Birth Center 3-10% Cesarean
If just 10% of 45,000 paid for out of hospital
$32 million saved from hospital fee and surgical fee
Consider the savings for the country-billions of $$

Midwives protect
When midwives are the leaders
A Birth Center on Every Corner Please


Carrie Lee's picture


Thank you for sharing this---I love the way the words drip down the page. I got chills reading!

Always I'm thankful that I was able to birth my daughter with a loving midwife at a beautiful birth center.

May the world one day see a birth center on every corner!


Rahmana Karuna's picture

dripping down the page

i love it!!! thank you

Hi Rahmana,

This is a beautiful poem. I don't know if you're aware that World Pulse has a call for submissions on the topic of maternal health right now! If you are interested in submitting your poem, all you need to do is edit this journal entry to add the tag "maternal health" and then click submit.

Thank you for sharing this!

Rahmana Karuna's picture

oops, wrong tag words

thankyou for the correction!

Klaudia Mexico's picture


I love your poemd. As I have shared with my sister who is a doctor and she's just had a beutifull baby. I´ve told you not so many women are encourage to deliver naturally. We're very used to c-sections. So I think this a valuable and enocuraging peace for brave women like my sister.
thank you!!!

Klaudia González

Rahmana Karuna's picture

Your Niece!

or a nephew? how old? how many do you have?
your sis is a doctor? where does she practice?
you are in mexico?
i love mexico.
i would love to start a birth center there

Klaudia Mexico's picture

my beautiful nice

she delivered a beautiful baby girl named Lia, She's a mini me. She looks like me like two droops of water it's amazing!!! she's my only nice for now. My sister in law is expecting a baby. She's due in July and the doctor has told her she should deliver by c-section. My sister is in Puebla, I live in Mexico city, but the organization I work for has ofices in 22 states. It´ll be great to have more natural birth centers in Mexico.
best regards!!!

Klaudia González

Rahmana Karuna's picture

your sister

what does your sister desire to do? is this appropriate venue to ask? does she want a c-section? can she see anyone else? i'll fly there for her! well, if she is due towards the beginning of july. i am committed aug 2-4.

Mukut's picture

Beautiful Rahmana

Loved it! Very encouraging words.


Mukut Ray

nifkinz's picture

I absolutely love this! You

I absolutely love this! You packed in a lot of information in limited amount of words and you said it so elegantly. Thank you sharing this with us!

Becky Frary

Rahmana Karuna's picture


WOW, thanx for the compliment

Frances Faulkner's picture

growing stanzas

Dear Rahmana,

I love, first off, just looking at the formation of the words on the page - I see pregnant belly after pregnant belly as I scroll down! Secondly, as Becky pointed out, you put so much description and voice into a few words! This is the beauty and power of poetry.

How did your nursing and midwifery bring you to World Pulse? I see that you are growing your sense of purpose and voice with each year, each child born, each woman encouraged to make her own decisions.

Thanks for this --


hahaha,, yes. what flowing words you have Frances. thank you so much.
child becoming
tree rooted, sprouting branches, fruits juicy
wilderness vision quests for girls, women, young men
sacred yoni caves, beach caves, high mountain punchbowls, crater lake,
the four living directions
i wish to
take thee on


Hesychia's picture

Beautiful flow!

I like the way your words roll and flow down the page. Your story flows in the same manner. Beautiful!


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