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Dream Big ! Dream Passionately !

It was sometime around the month of September last year,when accidentally (and luckily!) i chanced upon the World Pulse website online. And, i am glad to say that life has taken a turn for the better since then.

Having left a corporate job in Mumbai, i was looking for opportunities to advance women's rights in my community, to help further the cause of our non profit initiative at Delhi. And Voila ! i stumbled upon World Pulse right then - a powerhouse of assorted stories resonating under one roof.

I loved the fact that World pulse promoted uninhibited accounts of truth on a global level. The passionate stories that women shared, reiterated my thoughts that our rights were still sidelined. By collaborating on solution oriented ideas, i thought we could finally bring the spot light back on us.

I realized that the only way to be heard was to roar. And on World pulse,women were roaring louder than ever.

Every journal that i read left a lasting impression on me. Inspired, i too wanted to break free - from the chains of limiting societal and religious trappings that so often kept us suppressed. I decided to be the change maker and speak for those who were trapped under a largely male dominated, orthodox community. I agreed to be the VOICE FOR WOMEN THAT DIDN'T EXIST.

From there on, my World pulse journey began. Each word of encouragement received,from the staff as well as from the community sisters, reassured me that i was on the right path.Their collective support helped me in honing my confidence and made my voice roar with theirs.

When VOF 2013 application was announced, it came as an opportune moment for me to acquire skills to help others in telling their own stories. It promised me - a life changing opportunity.

The three principle reasons which inspired me to apply:

- VOF as a concept of digital empowerment, is uniquely novel. It provides the tools required to highlight grassroots issues in an effective way. The global exposure that our stories and videos garner, guarantees an exchange of world class solutions, effective in bringing sustainable change in our society.

- VOF serves as a tactful knowledge tool wherein the leadership skills acquired during the process helps us in motivating others to be front runners of their communities and unlock their true potential.

- Besides knowledge, VOF helps in developing lasting friendships. The social and personal connections, teach us to amplify our accomplishments.

My vision for the future is to work with grassroots women to bring their stories to the forefront. I strive for an essentially equitable society where they feel empowered to usher in sustainable growth. My aim is to improve their lives, in totality. VOF serves as that opportunity to actualize my dream and in turn help others to be self dependent, to lead a family and in turn a nation.

" Every calling is great, when greatly pursued "- Oliver Holmes.



Sharontina's picture


Its a beautiful writing making a strong connection between your journey and vision. To the point yet comprehensive.

My hearty appreciations.


Merlin Sharontina

Mukut's picture

Thank you Sharon

Thank yoy and am glad you liked it. Wanted to express how i actually felt about WP and all you fantastic sisters.

Thank you for stopping by.


Mukut Ray

bhavna's picture

Great Calling

Hi Muku,
A good write up... may all your dreams materialize dear

Best wishes :)

Mukut's picture

Hi Bhavna

Great to hear from you. Thank you for reading my post.


Mukut Ray

Nechesa's picture

You summed it up perfectly

I loved reading your post. Everything you said I, too, have experienced here. It's so affirming. ((((big hug from NY)))


Mukut's picture

Yes Nechesa

World pulse is our wings beneath our feet.
Thank you for reading it.

Love and hugs back to you.

Take care

Mukut Ray

Taha Mirani's picture


Powerful piece, Mukut :)

Rise and Shine.


Taha Mirani

Mukut's picture

Good to hear from you


Thank you. Rise and shine and let our collective voices bring the change.


Mukut Ray

bitani's picture


Dear Mukut,

am glad we met here on world pulse, and as you said there are many barriers that prevent and/or keep women from complaining or, in your words, 'roaring' :). Would love to hear more on your personal experiences that encouraged you to be the voice for those who didn't exist.

all the best,


"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."
—Judy Garland

Mukut's picture

Hello Bayan


Yes, it is amazing to connect with you as well. To talk about my personal experience, there have been many.Some unpleasant ones, others i considered insignificant but they all helped me in shaping the person who i am today. I was raised as a confident girl who stood up for her rights.My parents taught me to not be silent for something that is wrong or unfair. I believe that to see a wrong and not speak about it, is to further its continuance.

In our NGO, i noticed that many needy grassroots women,have no knowledge about their basic rights. Most of them are clueless and believe that they deserve the beatings or the harassment they face at the hands of their perpetrators. They lack basic education and to top it all, do not have an opportunity or a platform to voice their concerns. I want to be their voice and help them find theirs.

Every experience, whether personal or of others, leaves an impact on us.We can either choose to ignore or make that experience count and bring something positive out of it. I chose to do the latter. I hope to continue on this journey lifelong.

Thank you for reading my story and taking the time out to comment on it. Truly appreciate it. Your words of encouragement pushes me to do more.


Mukut Ray

TJ's picture

roar on!

You continue to ROAR! :) I was in India for two years (for my masters) and one of the biggest problems I encountered initially with my male classmates was their rather superior attitudes to women. I kept asserting myself and now they treat me like an equal - it might not happen all the time women do need to roar (not speak) for they need to be heard and not all men at brainless :)

Mukut's picture

Absolutely TJ


Great to know that you were in India for two years. So did you like my country ? (ignoring the brainless of course !) haha.

Yes, men here tend to have that kind of attitude. I think they somehow cannot consider women as their equal. But the perpetual 'glass ceiling' is gradually breaking, and we will make sure it breaks sooner.

Thank you for writing in. Let us roar!!


Mukut Ray

TJ's picture

i left my heart there...i think :D

I loved India - being of Indian heritage (my ancestors came to the New World from India) I always wanted to visit. When I touched down it felt like coming home in a way :D I loved it! I traveled and saw so many amazing things and made friends for life. Sometimes I joke that I'm no longer a whole person in Guyana because I think I left piece of my heart in India... :D

Mukut's picture


That is awesome TJ. Whenever you plan to visit again, give me a shout out. It would be lovely to meet up.

Lots of love

Mukut Ray

Greengirl's picture

Dear Mukut

Learning more about you through your writings draws me closer to you with every passing moment. This is just a reminder to you that even when I am not on World Pulse reading your posts, I sometimes try to figure out in real time what you would have posted while I was away. Your writings have inspired me and I always want to hear your thoughts.

I would also like you to read my Poetry titled "Woman Unleashed". Your feed back will make a world of difference as always.

Keep speaking out dear, together we can walk the walk and talk the talk.



Mukut's picture

My favorite Greengirl!!

You are such a sweet heart. Of course i will read your poem. Its just that i had a personal emergency at home. I would never ever want to miss your writings. You are a beautiful writer.

You are a warm, passionate and genuine soul. I love you for that.

Thank you for writing in.


Mukut Ray

Greengirl's picture

Love you too!

I trust God that the personal emergency you spoke of is not anything to be worried about. My heart reaches out in prayers that all will be fine.

Best wishes,


Aurore's picture


Hey Mukut! Really liked your sentence on roaring :)
wish you the best of luck in empowering your community by bringing us their stories through World Pulse! I'll read them with big interest.

Mukut's picture

Thank you for stopping by

Good to hear from you Aurore. Hope you are doing great.

Thank you for stopping by and for your comments. Appreciate it.

Lots of love

Mukut Ray

Potter's picture

Keep On Dreaming

Makut, I felt like cheering as i read your article. You have a spirited and powerful voice. I love what you wrote about roariing. If the written word could roar, and i believe it can, you roar loud and clear. I also appreciated your statement that you agreed to become the voice for women whose voices have not existed. Beautifully said! Your concluding statement about the three principle reasons for applying to voices of Our Future are a wonderful summary of the goals of the program...very insightful of you! Thank you!

Mukut's picture

Potter ! You made my day

Very kind words. Thank you so much. It is great that we have a platform like WP, where we connect with such amazing women like you.

Thank you and lots of love.

Mukut Ray

weaverheart's picture

Nice work!

Hi Mukut,

Thank you very much for your piece. Your determination is apparent. To make change better for the women and the disempowered that you come in contact with. To change families, change the world. I really enjoyed reading your words. I hope that you continue writing, working, dreaming and being the change that you wish to see. You are definitely on the right track!

Many blessings.


Laura R.

Mukut's picture

Thank you Laura


Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. Yes, i will continue to work hard and bring positive change to my society.

Appreciate your feedback.


Mukut Ray

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