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2013 VOF Week 2 The Journey that Lead Me to World Pulse!

My story begins from an angry place. Growing up I was exposed to violence, chaos, abuse, date rape, and drugs. It was a combination of extremes. Love existed, as did neglect and trauma. I always found a way to survive my circumstances. I did what I could to earn money for myself such as cutting grass, shoveling snow, yard sales, and back yard work.

My mom was a single mother and distant drug user. She was a strong woman and worked hard but much of the money went to her addictions. I was placed in charge of most household duties by 9, including caring for her when she was ‘sick’.

A handful of times I saw my father growing up. He was a drug user too. His absence did not bother me until I met him a few years ago and realized our relationship replicated many of my past failed relationships.

By 16, I was on my own completely and by 17, incarcerated. While there, I was intentionally hurt by a transport sheriff. No one would listen to my voice that I did not deserve being hurt by him. At 19 I became pregnant. I am blessed by God because her presence saved me from so much. With my godparents help I went school. Eventually, I got my M.B.A. but there were no jobs, so I started a small consulting business. All I had to make a living with was my knowledge acquired through education.

My hometown’s poverty rate was high with frequent violence and high unemployment. I moved to New York to start fresh. Disappointingly, the job that I found was not for me. I noticed a lingering insensitivity for women with children and recognized it as a barrier. Women were absent from many of the male groups and were increasingly reprimanded for time off.

I went back to being an entrepreneur because I could care from my child and invest back into us. An issue remained, potential clients were predominantly male. A few made advances on me and others would not take me seriously. When the behaviors were addressed as wrong, some rejected doing business with me. I witnessed men using perversion to make women uncomfortable and rejection as a tool to hinder confidence.

I started to reach out to my social media connections offering any resources I had available to build opportunity. World Pulse inspired me to believe I could help with the limited resources I had. Just listening to other women’s stories encouraged me to set my goals higher and not give up. I put my faith in God rather than into fearing judgment.

I plan to build a business that partners’ with community resources and women programs that educate and help finance women based projects worldwide, publish my book, and open a yoga/dance studio. With all these dreams in mind, I never lose sight of the most important dream of all, making a path for my daughter’s dreams to come true.


Sharontina's picture

A long way!

You have come across a long way dear Rochelle, full of thorns and barriers. But it would no more be the same once youhave reached this wonderful community of WP. You have a long way to go now too, but this time its going to be a powerful one putting you at the top of everything. So join hands with the family of WP and i wish your jouney yields all success.


Merlin Sharontina

Rochelle White's picture



Thank you for being so kind. I know there is a lot more to accomplish as there is for all of us but this time you are right, the next step is going to be powerful. All the built up emotion inside of me is driving each project to meet success. God bless you and again thank you for your support.

Just reading my story makes me happy!

I wish you well too!



Precious M's picture

Your faith in God!

Dear Rochelle,

I am particularly by your faith in God. Keep trusting Him and He will never fail you. Your daughter will certainly have a bright future.

Much love


My pen speaks

Rochelle White's picture

God has never failed me yet


Yes, God has never failed me yet. Sometimes things are trying but his strength is made perfect in my weakness and his love is enduring. Thank you so much for addressing Faith.. It is only by his grace that I survived a quater of the situations I had been in. 500 words was a short summary but it is a start in using words to face the things we sometimes want to forget in life.



bhavna's picture

Dear Rochelle

Integrity and strength that the true essence of being a women.
Your endurance is noteworthy and I wish you and your angle a happy and a successful life.
Best wishes n love.

Rochelle White's picture

The best is yet to come

Thank you Bhavna,

The best is yet to come for all of us.. None of us should ever consider anything less but the best for our life. I wish you happiness and success as well.:)))



Mukut's picture

Keep it up

A poignant tale of hardships and survival. Engrossing and captivating.

I hope you fulfill your dreams soon and bring in a positive change to your community.


Mukut Ray

Rochelle White's picture

I appreciate that

It is a work in progress. May we all fulfill all our dreams. The same wishes and happiness to you:)

Thank you very much Mukut!



Taha Mirani's picture

Best Wishes

May your dreams come true, dear Rochelle.

My best wishes. And did I tell you how I loved your piece? <3


Taha Mirani

Rochelle White's picture

Thank you again

Thank you, you are great. I appreciate your kind words.

God Bless



Riya's picture

Hi Rochelle, Thank you very

Hi Rochelle,

Thank you very much for sharing your personal story with us. After reading it, undoubtedly you're a strong person. I am sure you will build a path for your daughter to accomplish whatever she wants.

Good Luck with your business and writing.


Rochelle White's picture

thank you very much


Thank you very much for reading my post. I appreciate the kind words of encouragement. I know many women have been through things similar and far worse. I hope we can come together and drive change. Hope my story helps in the process. Again thank you



Kate Hartley's picture

Your Dreams

Hello Rochelle,

First, I want to tell your young daughter that she is blessed with a brave and courageous mother. I imagine that will spend a lifetime inspiring each other.

You have lived thru a great deal in your life and I applaud your path towards education and enlightenment and positive change. World Pulse is a place for support, information and encouragement...something we all need...especially running a business and raising a child.

Thank you for being a part of this great collective,

Kate Hartley
"Let Your Life Speak"

Rochelle White's picture

Thank You


Thank you!!! Yes running a business or trying to get it off the ground can be a task and we need encouragement from eachother.

I appreciate your kind words:)



Maya Norton's picture

Powerful and hard to read.

Powerful and hard to read. Important! Thank you for having the courage to share this, Rochelle. I felt priviledged to be a listener to your story.

Blessings to you and your daughter,

~ Maya

Rochelle White's picture

Thank you

Thank you for reading!!! I appreciate you listening! God Bless



kirantara's picture

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your story, Rochelle. You are brave to tell it. I wish you all the luck in the world - but you won't need it :)


Rochelle White's picture

Thank you

I will always need blessings:)) Thank you for reading! I appreciate you taking the time out to listen!



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