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2013 VOF Poetry What kind of woman am I?

What kind of woman am I?
What kind of a woman am I? When humiliated and insulted in public, but I still forgive and ignore.
What kind of a woman am I? When beaten and abandoned without words of comfort, with pain I still love and hope for change.
What kind of a woman am I? When all I do seems wrong and can’t talk or contribute to the progress of my family and world but I still struggle and insist that I can build and change my world financially, physically and morally.
What kind of a woman am I? When all is denied by those you love and hope is shattered but I still trust and depend on God for change.
What kind of a woman am I? When others appreciate your works and efforts but the persons you work for are filled with hatred and can’t see? But I am there.
What kind of a woman am I? When I forgo pleasures of this world for the sake of peace but yet there is no peace.
What kind of a woman am I? When sex which is loved by humans is denied to me for no reason but as a tool of punishment? But I resist.
What kind of a woman am I? When you know you have no protection in marriage? But I pretend for the sake of the children.
What kind of woman am I? When born in a world of inequality, But I still try to make my voice heard.
Each day I make a decision, to wake up, there are obstacles. But I must face my challenges.
Woman wake up,Take Action, your life is shaped by your thought.
Adah Mbah


Ruth Bech's picture

Tikar Mama!

Your poem is strong and good, it speaks to me!
Much Love,

Adahmbah's picture

Thanks Tikar

Thanks my dear, i'm encouraged

Debra K Adams MA's picture

your kind of woman-ness...

is needed in this world very much. You are strong and wise, and valued by me and all who read your words! thank you Adah, for writing and for being you

"Be the change you want in the world." Gandhi

Debra K. Adams, MA
See my vizify bio!
Survivors In Service: Self Empowerment Strategies (SiSSeS)
Consultant/Speaker/Author & Owner/Founder

Adahmbah's picture

Thanks Ma

Thanks very much,

Sangita Thapa's picture

so true!

Your poem has clearly expressed all the hardships a woman has to go through. Kudos for accepting challenges and being bold enough to write and persist. Thank you dear!

Adahmbah's picture


You have to help women who can't talk by tell them your story.Then they will understand that they are not alone and so can buiild a world free from violence

JoneBosworth's picture

Amazing courage!

Dear Adahmbah,

Your beautiful question is one that every girl, every woman can ask -- every day. I love how you told a story of your own struggles and injustice in your life yet inspired a sense of responsibility in all of us to make choices about how we think, how 'awake' we are each day. What if we all started the day asking ourselves what kind of woman am I? I think we'd live with more courage, deeper connection to our values, and considerably greater hope because we'd reflect each day on how we want to be in the world rather than how the world treats us.

Thank you so much for sharing this poem! Your heart, your standing fully awake in the face of fear is an inspiration!

All my best,

Jone M. Bosworth, JD

Adahmbah's picture

Thanks for support

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. i hope this call of conciouseness and push will wake up all women sleeping with pain.Instead of lamenting, make use of that situation to find the path to your destiny.For all that happens in your life is for a purpose and make you find that purpose.

JoneBosworth's picture

You're very welcome!

You are very welcome! I love your call to consciousness -- the poem definitely invokes that "wake up" for us women. May we all find our unique path, our purpose. You shine the light brightly through your poem!

My best,

Jone M. Bosworth, JD

Adahmbah's picture

Thanks Jones

My mission is to help and give hope to all those who are found in such situations because many have died and somany are still dying. Some have given up and talk only negative in their life time.We need to make them believe they can live a better life then after despite their misfortunes.I have tried it,it has worked and so you too can try it out. And so you will find them happy again.

It is incredibly hard to persist when so many give up and even die. That you keep going,encourage positive thinking in the face of much fear and pain, is remarkable! I am sending good thoughts to you and feel fortunate to have had the chance to read your poem and connect.
All my very best,

Jone M. Bosworth, JD

Adahmbah's picture

Education is the key

I wish to plead if you could send me some other sites on women issues,seminars and conferences alerts to help me improve on my education and to also enable me to build my capacity as a strong leader.

Your courageous and strong character comes shining through in this poem. That you are persistent against all odds and continue to fight for what you believe in is inspirational and no doubt, you are fast becoming a role model for the women you work with and work for.

Thank you for sharing this poem with us.

Adahmbah's picture

Thank you again my mentor

I'm encouraged every time i read from you
and your push is so strong that i can't resist replying
and telling how far i want to go.
But i know with you by my side i can succeed.
Thanks again

Lorraine R. Cook's picture

Your poem is like a song

Adah Mbah,
This poem is like a song with the steady repetition of "What kind of woman am I?" Very powerful. I especially love the concluding line, "Each day I make a decision, to wake up..." For me, that is the deepest and most powerful answer to your question. Each day, another conscious choice to be awake up to the possibilities and challenges that come. Good for you! Wonderful sharing. I thank you for this.

Lorraine Cook

Together let us create "an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on the planet" now.

Thanks for the encouragement and i hope it changes many women in the world.

antonia.h.'s picture

After reading this, all I can

After reading this, all I can think of what kind of woman are you?
You are a strong woman! A woman that never gives up and always finds the strength to keep on going. It is amazing how you can overcome all of these obstacles, it really shows how powerful you are.

Adahmbah's picture

Thanks my sister

Thanks for the encouragement.

boughnea's picture

Beautiful words

Your words are beautiful and moving. Strange how sad, but beautiful they are at the same time. Truth, I think it must be that they have been spoken in truth and understanding that makes them so moving. You have left everything on the page but embellished nothing. Simple and to the point. I am moved by your honesty and willingness to seek your answers.

Thanks very much for those encouraging words. Some of us have gone through real pain but we haven't given up or abandoned.So sisters don't give up easily until you have congrate reasons of doing so.

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