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who am I


When I remember that I ‘m so later to be changing
It was 7 pm no one call me no one sent me an Email no one remember me !!!!
I’m socked about what it was happened !!!
When I remember that was so later to changing
This time I get up and go so far
No stop for changing ,No Obstacle, No comeback to the past
It is the best time to be free to do any think.
Really it seems very good felling
Maybe it is beginning to be other one , or to fell new felling I don’t know it be for !!!
I try to color my new life with other color ,because there are lot of color
The life is not with and Black color , but there are many beautiful color
The piano have only Black and white touches but it do wonderful music
Really when I try to do this poem ,I’m so afraid to put anything is not good but
I went to tell you who am I !!
I ‘m women that love life and to do anything are good
I don’t remember when I start with the voice of our Future or why ? but I fell that my voice can hears in all world they know how am I …!!
in the first time it is so heard to be good in English, but I all time I remember me that I can hears my voice only that be member of our voice of future
when I read my story in my heart I say don’t be should tell anyone about it
and decided that I don’t be shame tell our voice of future my story it beginning in the first relationship with one man how make me in love but suddenly he broke my heart with his changing , one time I fell that I’m in bad dream when I will be getup the bad dream go way
but it will be not !!
I was so sad that what happened with me and say in my heart why it happened just for me and I cannot found a answer about my question!!!
Then I decided to change all my life and to be an other women that believe in his dream can will be truth .
My life started to change after a trip I made to Lebanon, I decided to return another person that defies all obstacles of life despite the people who will oppose me, and do not respect me!!
When I returned back from Lebanon, I studied for my high school exams, it was very hot weather so I was very tired. But I was very happy when I was able to graduate from high school .
It was a dream to go at university.!!
I went to law school ,now I 'm so happy because finally I will defend any woman subjected to any kind of violation.
Now I ‘m in the end of my story , when I read it I realize that the dream can be truth.
So for all women leave your voice hears over the world It can be the nice future for us.



JaniceW's picture


You have a wonderful way of bringing your story to life. I loved what you wrote about the piano being black and white but producing beautiful music. I think that this is a great analogy to each of us who appear one way on the surface yet are full of possibilities and potential inside. The many colors that make someone up are brought to the surface at different times just as the trip to Lebanon opened the way for a different side of you to shine.

I am inspired by your story and know that you will go on to help many people through your career in law.

foufou's picture

Thank you Janice W

Best thank Janice to read my strory :))
Yes, Life are beautiful and there are many colors to make it enjoyable like a piano have just black and white but producing beautiful music .
Best Thank


Mukut's picture


Yes the future is nice and it is ours. Thank you for sharing this.


Mukut Ray

foufou's picture

Thank you

It so nice to read my stroy Mukut
Best thank


Aminah's picture

keep going strong

Your strength and courage is so very inspiring.
English is the common global language and we often need to excel in it to achieve great things.
But you prove that it is not necessary. What matters is what is in our heart and the courage to express it, in whatever way.

Thanks for the inspiration,



foufou's picture

Thank you Aminah

yes , I will be keep going strong Aminah :) :)
Best thank


bhavna's picture

Leave your voice here :)

No obstacle can ever stop the determination that is there in you
Keep going
Best wishes :)

foufou's picture

Thank you bhavna

Yes I will be leave my voice in here
Thanks alot for your support me :) :)
Best thank


Myrthe's picture

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Faiza. Like you, I also studied law and am now working to support and empower women. I wish you lots of success in your career!

foufou's picture

Thank you Myrthe

I 'm so happy that you read my story :) :) the support is power of success for women
Best thank


EmmaKWin's picture

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your story. I like your use of evocative language that tells stories in pictures, like your use of the piano key color metaphor. I would be interested to see you extend that method to explaining your personal experiences. Metaphors can be a really powerful way of explaining personal trauma and negative experiences so that other readers can understand them but in a way that is equalizing in our diverse world.

I look forward to reading more of your work.


foufou's picture

Thank EmmakWin

I am so happy to read my stroy :)
Yes, really same time when you used the evocative languag it is more powerful way of explaining :)
Thank you EmmakWin


Riya's picture

Well Done

Dear Foufou,

Thank you for sharing beautiful poem with us. I liked how you interpret obstacles we face in live through poetry. Sometimes pain makes us strong so we can break all barriers and obstacles in our life. I know you will be a wonderful lawyer who will defend women's rights. Good Luck.


foufou's picture

Thank you to read my

Thank you to read my story
yes, sometimes pain makes us strong
Thank you again for your support ;) :)


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