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She is…

As I sit and try to gather my thoughts
My hands on my keyboard, my mind everywhere
I close my eyes and try to imagine
The right words to paint this picture clear…

She is an inspiration to me,
From leader to friend,
An energy that opens my eyes so I can see.

She has been high and low,
Done many things
Taken every boundary, every blow.

She has suffered in life from time to time
Yet she always gave love and smiles
Never a bad word, nothing grime.

She was seen as a possession of men,
A toy to be played with when entertainment was sough.
She was seen as a slave to cook and clean,
Not as someone choosing to care for and nurture the world.
She was marginalised as many didn’t know her thoughts,
Didn’t think she had anything significant to share.

But why did we blame them,
When we ourselves subscribed to the stereotypes?
Why did we blame them when we took our sweet time getting here?
Should we blame anyone now?
No – let us leave the finger pointing to the ones who know not better
And lift our voices, our hands, ourselves out of the past!
For these are the ways of a time looooong past
And the revolution has already begun and is gaining strength
Those who are afraid of change will resist
But they do not know that we will persist…

Let me tell you who ‘she’ is:

She is a sunshine that has taught me to light my own path
A pulse that taught me to live, cherish every beat
She is a strength that taught me to persevere, never give up
An entity, a pillar of the world…a soul that cannot be defined

For she is woman,
She lives and breathes all over the world
She is mother, daughter, wife and friend
She is many yet she is one…
For she knows the importance of…
One woman, One voice…a sisterhood of togetherness.

(When I read 'poetry' and the guidelines these words just popped into my head and I thought I'd share them with you. I'd probably come back and do some tweaking here and there until I'm satisfied. However, I hope I painted my picture properly. I'll get to making a proper journal entry later on.)



Aminah's picture

"she is many yet she is one"

A very lovely tribute to all women out there.
Many a times we ourselves fail to appreciate us women.

I see so many mothers toil hard while their daughters just laze around. Same goes to sons.
I guess people only start to realize the worth of women a bit too late.

But let's hope that the more we talk about this topic, the more we bring women's issues to light,
the more will change for the betterment of our women.



TJ's picture

It's true Aminah: "...we

It's true Aminah: "...we never miss the water til the well run dry..." We never really do appreciate something until it's too late - the worth/value of something really seems insignificant while we have it but the minute we loose it we get a very different story.

I do believe that issues women face are a very common topic for discussion these days. What I think we need to focus on now is not 'awareness' but behaviour change.

Thank you for your appreciation and sharing your thoughts! :)

Sharontina's picture

Carried Away!

My dear,

I was just carried away with those words, a few puching my heart and a few soothing the soul and some asking quite a few questions pointing out its finger towards me too.

Wonderful way of connecting and good literature.

Waiting to hear more.

Much love.

Merlin Sharontina

TJ's picture

Thank you Sharonita :) I'm

Thank you Sharonita :) I'm happy so many emotions were invoked. Sometimes I feel like when I express myself the meanings I want to share do not get transmitted - which is basically what happens with so many women (and men) worldwide. Some may be fortunate in being able to speak but when they do the meanings (essence of their messages) are not transmitte all the time.

I appreciate the feedback because it tells me that I succeeded to some extent in communicating to you all (who read this) some of the turmoil within.

When the mood strikes I'll definitely share some more with you all. :)

Mukut's picture

She is a woman!

Beautifully expressed. Embodies the undying spirit of every woman.

All the best.


Mukut Ray

TJ's picture

Woman - one of the strongest

Woman - one of the strongest beings I know and I'm more than happy to be one :)

Thank you Mukut! :) the spirit shall live on forever..

Saving Angel's picture

"She is many yet she is one"

Your poem brought me to tears.. It was truly heart breaking but such a needed reminder - "she is many yet she is one" - this is probably one of my most favorite lines out of your poem.

Thank you for sharing such deep emotions with us all. You painted such a meaningful picture that we all can see. I look forward to reading your next submission.

Much love & respect xoxoxo

TJ's picture

If I had to summarise the

If I had to summarise the poem I think I'd use that one line :) there truly is strength in unity and this seems to be something we forget from time to time. Be it unity in gender, race, religion - unity/togetherness is something I support.

Our differences make us able to truly enjoy life as there are so many facets to continuously keep us engaged. It's sad however, that some don't see this view. I'm all for unity and togetherness but that can only happen as we understand, accept and appreciate the fact that many parts make a whole :)

Thank you for your kind comments Saving Angel :)

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