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Mirror mirror on the wall,I'm the fairest!

She knew from the age of eight that something was a class of many young teenagers who were beginning to develop secondary sexual characteristics,she was the odd one out.several years down the line,almost all had fully blossomed with round hips and were wearing bras,she was still the odd one out.she was taunted and mocked.she grew to know loneliness as her friend,depression as her best buddy.
She is that girl who couldn't go to school because her father believes girl children are meant for the kitchen,she is that girl who had to struggle through school because she had to work after school hours,she is that girl who was married off at a tender age,she is that girl who shudders as she remembers that the day of her circumcision draws near,she is that woman whose husband beats her at the slightest opportunity,she is that woman who hawks under the hot sun to support her children,she is that woman who went through three days of labour because the midwife knew not what to do,she is that woman who was kidnapped and is being used as a prostitute..she is that woman,any woman who has suffered injustice,pain,agony,abandonment!
That woman,is who I am,she is who I have lived with,whose story I have heard.Her pain led me to world pulse.That woman needs a voice.That woman needs a helping hand,that woman needs solutions.She needs a hand to hold a loudspeaker to her mouth for the world to hear her story and not muffle it.
A voice that will empower her to tell the society who she is and what she wants instead of looking at the society to tell herr who she is and how she should be treated.
I desire passionately to be one of the hands,thanks to world pulse,I am well on my way with the daily inspirations from my sisters across the globe and this wonderful empowerment training!I can only say that the sky is the starting point!
Mirror mirror on the wall,that woman,this woman,every woman is the fairest!


Sharontina's picture


It was a tough way through, but not to worry about all that anymore. Now the horizon has expanded and all new and fresh blossoms all your way. Now the new breeze of hope is touching your face -World Pulse.

Merlin Sharontina

Abisinuola's picture

yes indeed!

It is a new day.thank you!:)


Tosin's picture

Thumbs up, this writeup

Thumbs up, this writeup captures most of the abnormalities known as the female ordeal in our part of the world! Keep sharing your voice because it's a strong one.

Abisinuola's picture

thank you tosin

Keep sharing your voice too,easy grace&quiet resilience typifies you.


ola.mahadi's picture

this is amazing

Keep it up girl for all women
With love

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Abisinuola's picture

thank you ola

We're doing this...together!
Keep on speaking!


Aminah's picture

More power to you

A very beautiful way to address the topic. And you touched my heart with your passion for the plight of every women disadvantages through circumstance.

The world is definitely brighter because of you.



Abisinuola's picture

thank you aminah

For such warm words!
The world is definitely better because of you,me,our sisters here on world pulse and many more amazons worldwide!


lintajonhera's picture

Love it!!

'I am every woman' sums it all up. We need to tell the stories of women everywhere and learn from them.

Thank you.


nifkinz's picture

This was uplifting.

I love the way you wrote this. It is apparent what the theme of the message is after reading it in it's entirety. But when I first read this, my thought was.. "wow, she went through a lot!" "Oh my goodness and that too!" As I was reading this my initial thought was that you were the woman experiencing all of those things. My heart went out to you!

When it became apparent what you were speaking of...I realized that you indeed are every woman. I loved this. Be the voice. Thank you for sharing this!

Becky Frary

Abisinuola's picture

heyy becky!

Thank you for such glowing comments,u made my heart swell.I'm really excited that you saw it exactly the way I wanted it seen!


Lylinaguas's picture

You Kept Me Reading On...

Good piece! You kept me reading on then I realized what you meant. And it's true. We are all these women when we feel though not really feel as they did when they went through all those pain. It's your passion to be the hand that can lift others who need you to be their voice that can serve as an inspiration for these women. We'd love to hear more from you and also on how joining the VOF can further inspire and help you to achieve your goals. Keep going! Be that voice and inspiration.


Abisinuola's picture

thank you lylin

I desire to open numerous sowing pools which would be a form of empowerment center for women who have no source of income,and they will be trained also to be independent,also to found an NGO on girls causes...that's just the summary.
I'm learning day by day,from those who have started similar foundations...e.g maman shujaa,I hope to learn more;so as not to be just another NGO lost in d sea of numerous NGOs but one that will meaningfully impact the society!
I'm blessed that there are so many wonderful SHEroes and mentors here on world pulse....I'm journeying on the path to discovery!


Stacey Rozen's picture

Love your title! You've

Love your title! You've reflected in you all that is us! Thank you, Abisinuola.


Abisinuola's picture

thanks stacey!

Quoting Maya Angelou..."We're women,phenomenally"


adeakins's picture

Never Give Up

Your attitude and fortitude are amazing. The way you have written this piece is truly engaging. I love your voice!


Abisinuola's picture

thank you Aaron!

I speak because I have been priviledged to,
I'm heard because there's a loudspeaker,
Worldpulse is all that for me.
I'm grateful


You are more than the hands that you want to be. Being able to be her voice you have made it possible for her to be heard. Thank you and continue to that rock that women can lean on and feel free to speak out.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Head of Legal and Advocacy
Centre for Batwa Minorities
Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

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