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Title – “Journey Together for a Common Cause”

I, Minakshi, belong to India, am working for the economic empowerment of women.
I am amazed at the door steps of the world community I entered , through the World Pulse. I am really overwhelmed seeing the Applicants group and the Listeners group of world pulse. I will take more and more time to view the profiles of my fellow group. Web 2.0 is the key to unlock our connections and voices that remain unheard. It is a reality that, the whole world perceives women less than a human being and the patriarchy orientation puts its heaviness in the society across countries and cultures resulted in universalisation of gender based violence. This web 2.0 will give me the opportunity to learn worldwide discriminations and multiple ways to address them by sharing concerns and ideas. This will update and empower me. This will take me to world link and connect to the world community fighting for a common goal. I am hopeful to harness its tools effectively in future.
It is we and we alone will shout for ourselves. It is a long and long journey but have faith that we will achieve the desired result in one fine morning. In India, discrimination on the basis of gender is not less, even of multiple varieties started from mothers’ womb till death. Being a woman, you will experience differentiation throughout and struggle to prove as equal human being at every step of your life. The road, public places, public transports, work place is not safe for women. Domestic violence cases are good enough to imagine the situation of women in home. Women don’t share their problems with their friends and relatives unless it is too heavy to tolerate.
I work with rural illiterate/semi-literate women, who are organised into groups of equal socio-economic background, for doing savings and credit activities on weekly basis. The group meeting provides a platform for the women to share issues beyond savings and credit, issues that affect their lives and livelihoods. Women of this group take the help of other women in crisis of any kind. This group provides physical, financial, mental and emotional strength and support to women. This increases their status in their family. These women link to different livelihood activities which give them an opportunity to earn money for their family.
What I observed that, these women are more assertive and less tolerance to domestic violence cases and interestingly seeing the solidarity of the group, the male counterpart continue to change their perception and lessen their brutality.
This is the impact of a rural, illiterate, unexposed but organised group at the hamlet level. Can you imagine the Impact of our group here by web 2.0...........!!! The women of world in one fight against discrimination, injustice, unfairness on the ground that we are women. Lets journey together for a common cause.....a global journey.


delphine criscenzo's picture

The impact!

Thank you Minakshi for your post.
Your assignment is well organized and shares a few great examples of how Web 2.0 can change the future of women and empower women, even in rural areas.
I loved your conclusion and your excitement there. I agree that it is amazing what one group of rural, illiterate women can do when they organize. I would love to hear how you think you can bring rural women to use the internet to change their future.
Again thank you for your assignment and thank you for the work that you do with rural women in your country.
Well done!

Can't wait to read your second assignment.

Delphine Criscenzo

Minakshi's picture

the question of a great challenge

Dear Delphine,
Thank you for your comment.
I was really pleased to inform you that there are more than 20,000 of such women groups reaching out more than two lakhs women members in 8 states of India with whom our organisation i.e. PRADAN has been associated with. You can have an access to PRADAN's work in- . The most challenging vision to link these women with web 2.0. I could n't think of it. The broad developmental challenges of rural problems of India like-access to the basic facilities of education, health ,food security round the year, road, transportation , electricity, computer facility is barring me to hope this dream to be realised.Out of 2 lakhs women, I think more than 80 % women are literarily illiterate.But, If the women professionals working with these women would access web 2.0 and some local resource persons of the community would access to basing computer operation, it would be more than a dream for me.
Thank you for bringing a new dimension of vision for change.

Thanks Minakshi for providing more details. I will check out the website you suggested and learn more about your work. I agree that so many barriers exist to bring the internet to rural India. But you are right, what a great tool it could be!

Delphine Criscenzo

Riya's picture

Working together

Dear Minakshi,

I agree with you, there are many obstacles women all around world are facing, especially in developing countries. You also said that women’s tolerance level is very high but when enough is enough they will begin to break barriers. However, to breaking barriers is sometimes difficult and that’s why it is important to see women organizing and making their voices heard against all gender based violence and discrimination. Together nothing can stop us from doing so. I could not agree with you more, Web 2.0 (World Pulse) has been a great tool for connecting women and making our voices heard around the world. Social and economic empowerment such as being able to use the Internet, and share each others view or opining and life experience with other women has been a life-changing experience.

Thank you for the post! Your assignment was very on point. It was good to read some examples. I look forward to reading your second assignments.



Minakshi's picture

getting organised to get empowered

Dear Riya,
Thank you for your kind and motivating words. Getting organised with like minded people means getting pulse is the platform for us to get us organised for ourselves.

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