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A voice to the voiceless

Thanks to the modern day miracle, Web 2.0, the world has been turned into a global village. Millions of people across the continents are holding conversations and exchanging ideas on the digital forums. So, the distances have literally vanished. How exciting, a world sans borders. This medium, unlike newspapers and TV, is no more about one way communication, but is participatory in nature. With this kind of a massive reach, our voices have been amplified with Web 2.0. It's exciting to see the kind of networks that can be created and lives that can be altered with the smart usage of the powerful digital media. What solutions you think Web 2.0 brings to the global women's empowerment movement?
The first and foremost tool to fight the battle for women's empowerment is Unity. And that is something that the Web 2.0 is doing like no other medium. Thousands of us together, on one platform. What a real show of women power! Sharing our experiences -- good and bad, talking about issues, exchanging ideas and drafting solutions. Look at how a simple tweet or a Facebook page can spark revolution and bring down mighty dictators. This is certainly possible with the women's empowerment too. With online forums like the World Pulse, women not only get a voice, they build a support system and at the same move toward financial independence. How are, or can, these tools be empowering for me?
In my corner of the world, the fight for women empowerment is not going to be an easy one. Patriarchy is the root of most women abuse. This abuse begins right in the womb of the mother -- female foeticide is rampant here, so are child marriages and honour killings, and domestic violence and dowry deaths. Most of the women are forced to suffer silently. This is not going to happen any more. With the power of the digital media, I will give a voice to voiceless. A strong, firm voice. I will tell their stories and expose their perpetrators. And this I will not do alone. We will do it together at World Pulse. We will free the world of patriarchy.


Dear Fazia,
Thank you for sharing your inspiring story about your successes in gathering women in unity to fight for women's rights. I agree that the power of Web 2.0 can be amazing, if used to expose women's human rights being abused or ignored. Web 2.0 will work in India, but you must work deligently, as the abuses are becoming more common and thus more accepted in India. Consider the caste system and how you and others can alter it to assure that your rights are respected. Report to the World community abuses that the police ignore and we will join with you in amplifying the stories. Keep up the good work, Fazia and keep in touch through PulseWire.

fozia yasin's picture

True, caste system is evil

Dear William,
Thanks for the response. Certainly, caste system is an evil that must go.
We all have to stand up against inequality of any sort.
Each and every story of abuse will be highlighted. It's a duty!
Thanks again

Aurore's picture

Patriarchy and Web 2.0

Hi Fozia (or Yasin, I don't know which one is your first name...)

Thanks for your piece. I like the relation you make between women accessing Web 2.0 and getting away from patriarchy. I fully agree with you that any occasion for women to speak up and have a voice is indeed one battle won against patriarchy and the disastrous consequences it has on women's lives (such as the foeticides you evoke).

Building support systems is very important indeed. I'm glad that you find that on WorldPulse - that is the reason I'm in this network!

Thanks again and always enjoy World Pulse!


fozia yasin's picture

Patriarchy thrives on mute women

Dear Aurore (i love it, just one name:)

Thanks for the response. One of the interesting aspects of Patriarchy is that it wants women to be mute.
Patriarchy thrives of mute women. Speak up, and weaken it. Speak up together, and united and de-root it.

Thanks again,

ps: Yasin is my dad's name. Mothers only give birth and life, but aren't supposed to give their names (says Patriarchy)

CatherineSakala's picture

Hello, Thankyou for a well


Thankyou for a well written piece. I am very happy that you have highlighted unity as one of the important factors in the journey of empowering women. Most times we are enemies of our selves and are silent because we are afraid and if somebody stands up we are afraid to stand with that woman for fear of being called rebelious. Am glad that you want to be that voice that stands up and am sure success is yours.

You indeed are right the power of many women on a single podium is very powerful.


Catherine Sakala
Entomologist and Parasitologist- Zambia

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