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2013 VOF Week 1

In my country Kenya I have witnessed violence on women. Women are regarded as regarded as only to be seen and never be heard in the community. They are beaten and abused and denied proper education, jobs, and other. Women empowerment could get them out of these sufferings. Education is always the key to success when a woman is educated and has a paying job, the beating and mistreatment will not occur. The few who are working do not suffer from this.

The badly hit ones are the jobless, the housewives and the illiterate ones. We are there urging women to take advantage of the free education offered by the Government to gain some basic knowledge. Thus, reduction on violence in the near future.

Provision of good institutions in rural areas of Kenya will ease the problem as most of the women will gain knowledge especially in ICT to have them equipped with skills for possible ways of earning a living in future. Such Networking will get together women globally for sharing ideas and solutions to such problems.


Helwa's picture

Women for ICT

Very true Rhobai in rural areas proper mobilization and sensitization needs to take place so that women can be empowered in various areas starting from self awareness to GBV. As social activists we should encouraged them to join the 2 year problem and also using role model works. For me here in Malindi it has worked

Katharina's picture

I found your posting very

I found your posting very touching, Rhobai. You are absolutely right, education is key for women in order to improve their lives. I'd really like to hear more from you, especially what the government does in order to reach out to women in rural areas and those who are difficult to reach. Please keep us posted!

Rhobai's picture

Women in Rural areas

So far, most women in the rural areas do not access to lets say internet, good education, jobs, etc. They rely on farming, taking care of their children thus most of them are housewives. Due to the earlier negligence (access being denied) in the past, generation after generation follow the suit. You may find 1 out of 20 women in the rural areas only maybe by lack got the basic education and maybe with a paid job. The rest depend on their husbands for their daily upkeep.

HIV/AIDS has led to many vulnerable children. In this group, many drop out of schools. Among them - girls opt for househelp jobs in urban areas just to work as maids and eventually get married at a tender age having no knowledge of what the outcome would be in the long run.

The Government came up with technical schools being upgraded in the communities to absorb such. But due to the fees required, some still do not have the funds to pay for that.

I feel that if some projects are carried out in such communities to give these girls skills at a reasonable charge or maybe for free, many would benefit hence reduce the poverty level and get access to jobs and other matters putting them in a good shape of a living.

Could women from other well off areas come in and help these women in Kenya's rural areas especially in Western part of Kenya?

hemrajan's picture

child care

Hi Robai

Really thought provoking piece indeed!
There is one area I am curious to know more about - for the few women who do work in rural Kenya, how is child care handled? Is there a traditional (possible) reliance on family member eg mothers-in-law who would help with child care?
I think this is one area that would need to be addressed before more women can take up training/jobs.



Carpe Diem

Rhobai's picture

Child care

Yes Hemrajan,

Thank you. For women who do not work in rural areas in Kenya, it means such history in the lineage of the affected family will never have a change unless measures are taken. From parents inlaw to the grandchildren, if they never went to school, they will never know the importance of education hence the luck of education in their generation. For the children born in such families, no assistance is accorded and they will remain just like that not unless something like what what have in the telecentre comes up in the community to rescue them. What I feel should be given priority is to have social workers who would go round the homes to get history of the families and create awareness by all means. By so doing, the importance of education will be brought to light to many doomed families and they will eventually come out of the state they are in right from child hood.

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Hi Rhobai

I am touched by your post as I am always interested in hearing about how other women empower one another, expecially in countries where there is a lot of oppression towards women. I admire you for being able to come forward and share the condition of women in Kenya. I also like how you are encouraging fellow women to take advantage of the free education in your country. I also believe that education is key for women to feel empowered and be able to take advantage of the internet to connect with fellow women around the globe.
Best of luck!
Cynthia from Florida, USA

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

Rhobai's picture

Women in kenya

Thank you Cynthia,

What do you think you cam come in to do to help them come out of this situation?

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