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Women online,thanks to Digital Media!

It is disappointing to see that women have great force but she is underestimated. what excites me the most about web 2.0 is the autonomy that is given to woman, increasing access to communications technologies ,citizen journalism and the visions shared via digital empowerment. Then, providing women with a historical opportunity to promote their voices , strengthen collaboration and accelerating the exchanges of working models is a great initiative and vision. Women need to share their experiences ,to bring their stories and look for solutions to their problems.

Web 2.0 is the platform on which digital media, social media, and social networking all happen. Web 2.0 is a set of applications (tools) and technologies which allow for participatory information sharing, user-generated content and design, and collaboration.Web 2.0 allows me to participate in the creation and consumption of content and interact with people online,it means it help me to collaborate with people every where in the world.Digital empowerment is composed by many different tools which are used to announce news,by blogs,like this journal online that I used for this communication,it allow me to begin conversations and free software online ,like you tube.This can allow me to make sign petitions by using
All those are solutions that the web 2.0 can bring to us.If i want to denounce bad things ,I must only use the digital media which is the use of Web 2.0 platform to create a new set of tools that allows media content (articles, radio programs, videos) to be created, edited, published and distributed by you. Interactive digital media, focusing on the user, and gives the application access to information in real time.This can make a global pressure in order to bring solutions to our problems.Others solutions that the web 2.0 can bring are:inform the world about all the problems that women can meets,allow each other to express himself and his ideas and bring solutions,it can increase the solidarity of women around the world,...All those are solutions that the web 2.0 can bring to us .All that is possible by using social media are media used specifically for online social interaction. Social media allows us to meet new people and connect with ours friends and family,like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,..

For me,tools of empowering are the digital media ,those free software and those social media.The image is very strong and powerful than words.If I write something on Facebook for example,all my friends and some friends of my friends can receive it and can comments.If it was for asking justice or change,their voices can be powerful.If I publish an image,this can have more impact than words.because the image says many thing and express the suffering or the joy...


Carmen's picture

Greetings to you

Greetings to you Nicole,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Web 2.0 and social media. It sounds like you are very drawn to images such as photographs and videos.

Do you draw or paint? Do you photograph with a camera?

Much Respect,


Nicole MUSIMWA's picture


Dear Carmen,

Thank you for the comments. Women must be and need to be online.It needed. I like to draw but i'm not good in I prefer to photograph images because I know their power. They can speak much.Even if the person who took the image is not there,his image can say more than every thing he could say.The image and words don't have the same impact.
Thank you!

Neema's picture

Women Online!

Love your Title, Nicole - "Women Online". Yes Web 2.0 means "Women Online", even in Congo! And yes, Web 2.0 is "providing women with a historical opportunity to promote their voices, strengthen collaboration, and accelerate the exchanges of working models". And the Maman Shujaa of Congo are Proof of that!

Thank you for amplifying our Congolese voice dear sister. Well done,


Nicole MUSIMWA's picture

we'll go as far as we can!

Dear Neema,

Thank you for the comment. I hope I won't deceive you.I'll continue to do something which will be good for our community.
we'll go as far as we can!

aimeeknight's picture

Hi Nicole, Your writing is

Hi Nicole,

Your writing is vivid! "Web 2.0 allows me to participate in the creation and consumption of content.." You have the ability to paint with your words, good job! I look forward to your future posts.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

Nicole MUSIMWA's picture

I'ts true!

Dear Aimee

"One shoe can change a life",It's true.Thank you for this comment. I think Web 2.0 will change many things. I hope I won't deceive you. Thank you so much.

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Empowering women to be online

Dear Nicole ~

I love what you say in your first paragraph: Women are underestimated. That is so true all around the global community. Your vision of Web 2.0 giving women's voices power to speak and connect shines through your writing. Have you had the opportunity to use some of the social media to connect with others? I hope so! May your journey to empowering women continue with great success!


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