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Epiphany of Women

Image: Wise Women's Gatherings by Flickr

For centuries, women were kept in the homes as nurturers of the family. We were given the task of educating our children our cultural and religious values. We have been supporters of men and even created a beautiful atmosphere of home for them. That was years ago.

Nowadays, there is what we call the “Epiphany of Women.” “Epiphany is described as a scientific breakthrough, religious or philosophical discoveries, but it can apply in any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.” (Wikipedia) This means women everywhere are not hidden anymore under the cloak of the patriarchal society’s power. We have evolved and we are enlightened. We have awakened to a new era. The era of the “Digital Age.”

Gone are the days where women would have no say whatsoever regarding matters. Now women everywhere have found their voice. Thanks to media we are more aware of the happening around the globe. Through media particularly , Web 2.0 and other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., women now are more global. More so, social media made the world smaller and women around the world closer.

According to Matthew G. McDonald’s The Nature of Epiphanic Experience in Journal of Humanistic Psychology, “Epiphany is a profound illumination of the inauthentic and authentic modes of self-identity, which provide the impetus for a more honest and courageous encounter with the conditions of existence and it is an intentional experience made significant and enduring by the ascription of personal meaning.” Both these findings are very much evident with women’s awakening with the use of social media and all kinds of digital information It is where we women find each other and exchange views and experiences regarding cultural likeness and differences. We are awakened that in the other part of the world, things we take for granted are the ones very essential to others. It has been a whole new experience for everyone.

This digital experience brought about and established so many women communities online. There are groups for women’s rights, women’s education and even women’s healing too. These various groups cater to the different needs of women. We are on the rise. We are becoming more visible than ever. We will not stand down. We want to be heard.



Ruth Bech's picture

Love the way you think!

This is a great subject, that I hope you will elaborate more later. Thank you for these thoughts, and sharing yet another angle to the awakening of women!
Much love,

Jeanne N's picture

Thank you Ruth

Thanks Ruth! I'm glad you liked it. Yes. My intention is to elaborate more on my later articles.

Love lots,
Jeanne N

Jeanne N's picture


Thanks Caryn. More power in all that you do!


dreams with the moon's picture

lights in the dark

Jeanne, I really like how you bring in the “Epiphany of women”! It immediately created this picture in my mind of lots and lots of faces of women that look so different, yet show the same expression of awe and wonder. Like little lights that suddenly light up in the dark, revealing the vastness of space around us and illuminating the possibility of community and kinship. It instantly makes me wonder about your personal moment of epiphany ☺.
Thank you for your inspiring article!


Jeanne N's picture

Great perspective!

Hi Jana! I'm so glad that you saw it from my point of view as well. That was exactly what I had in my mind when I was visualizing the image to match the article. Personally, I have been awaken too. There are so many online community groups for women that can direct us to our own personal epiphanies.

Jeanne N

Lylinaguas's picture

So Well Expressed!

You've expressed yourself so profoundly. The digital world has certainly brought so much influence and change to the world. It has brought change to women who have for so long been limited to being the homemakers. Digital media has certainly opened this avenue for them to express themselves and interact with others to help, be of help and be a part of a nurturing community for women everywhere in the world. Keep up your wonderful work and be that inspiration for women. Congratulations on this great post!


Jeanne N's picture

Digital media and Women

Hi Lylin! Thanks so much for encouraging words. Through digital media, women have found ways to express themselves more and communicate with one another.. This technology phenomenon paved way for more empowered women. I am truly happy that even in very conservative cultures, women have found themselves realizing what is right for them. Women expression have begun and we are making ourselves heard everywhere.

More power!

Hannah B's picture

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and the ideas about Epiphany!
It's true that we are in a time of so much change in the world, and especially the changing roles of is an exciting time to be connecting with others on World Pulse, and I am glad you are here.
I look forward to reading more of your ideas!

Best of luck,

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