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Maternity care must evolve to the right of all women having absolute self authority

pregnancy circle

This is very exciting for me. What a community of amazing womyn we are here on World Pulse! I long to write and express myself. This is a grand opportunity I am so grateful for taking full advantage of. Learning much already with week 1 lessons. Learning about Web 2.0 and contemplating this assignment, a vision is beginning to crystallize in my mind, relative to my future work. My desire to use Web 2.0 to produce through various channels, education and promotions for in person workshops, regarding women’s self care.
I became a registered nurse in 1979 and a certified nurse midwife in 1989. I had the acculturated, patriarchal fear of birth. I jumped out of the hospital into the most loving and compassionate site for birth-home and freestanding birth centers. I live in the United States, where it is now safer to birth out of hospital than in a hospital. I have travelled to many countries, and sought out midwives. We all say the same thing-feed the women, provide birth control, keep meddling doctors at bay unless needed.
Life is sexually transmitted as Christiane Northrup says. And women are who get pregnant.
Maternity care must evolve to the right of all women having absolute self authority over preventing pregnancy, deciding to continue pregnancy or end the pregnancy, and deciding where and with whom to birth.
From early childhood on women need to learn self defense-girls initiation into womanhood used to include learning the art of leaving ones bodies, so that whatever happened to their bodies did not affect their soul.
She will be educated on and learn her moontime cycles and how it relates to fertility, so she may conceive or prevent conception. And how nutrition, fitness, emotions and relationships all affect her cycles fertility and Pregnancy. Educated on all methods of birth control, which are all readily available and accessable for her/his use. If for whatever reasons she does conceive, she knows she has options of lovingly and compassionately terminating, adopting or keeping.
She learns throughout school hood years all these concepts. She is provided care at the local birth center, or her home as she desires. Hospitals are used appropriately and also with loving kindness and respect. This system is midwife led. Midwives being the experts at keeping women and mothers healthy through education and counseling and referrals to specialist such as social worker, holistic nutritionist-for those who need beyond the normal excellent resource of the midwife, fitness, psychological or emotional counseling. Midwives have always been with women to assist between the veil of spirit and embodyment.
I have so much gratitude for World Pulse and Voices of Our Future for this incredible opportunity. I hope to have a blog up and running by the fourth week of this session.



I'm from Mexico where women have a high tendency to deliver by c-section and they are discourage to breastfeed. As a consequence, we also have very high maternity mortality rates and alarming obesity rates. We have been told and led to look at unnatural choices as part of the modernity. they seemed to be safer choices. today, only few people know or want to know it. Let 's hope web 2.0 and the new movements pro home delivery would reach soon enough Mexico.

Klaudia González

While in Belize I was staying at a B&B, the owner when she found out i was a midwife excitedly told me their was also an american OB doc staying there. When he returned to the B&B that night, he boasted on how he had taught the doctors that day doing 18 c-sections. There are not enought women in the whole country to warrent that many c-sections. He was doing them to train!!!!! unnecessary c-sections on women who potentially walk 10 miles in labor to get to a facility, and in a country that has an annual award for the mother with the most children-usually 20! Just dangerous and disgusting arrogance and ignorance.
I was traveling in Bolivia and way out in a rural village I befriended a doctor who took me to her clinic and there was a delivery table. compliments of USA donation. one of THE worst inventions, right after the clock.

Carrie Lee's picture

excellent recommendations

I think you lay out a wonderful template here for healthy, safe and empowering births. We need to facilitate a connection in women to their feminine capacities--That girls grow up empowered in their bodies and in tune with the wisdom that is in their bodies would change everything!

Thank you!

Rahmana Karuna's picture

Thank you

Afternoon Carrie, thank you.
yes, i never learned a thing in primary school nor college for nursing, about midwifery, home birth, healthy normal births. just fear based hospital maulings.

aimeeknight's picture

Hi Rahmana, Your excitement

Hi Rahmana,
Your excitement is contagious, “ I long to write and express myself. This is a grand opportunity I am so grateful for taking full advantage of.” Welcome to World Pulse, I look forward to your future writings.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

Cali gal Michelle's picture

Rahmana- Your passion for

Rahmana- Your passion for women's health and childbirth as it was created to be is quite evident through your writing. You have clear vision, and a passion to educate our gender in both of physical and spiritual ways. I love that you do not ignore the spiritual elements. Looking forward to reading more about specific steps to continue using your skills and passions. So glad you are here!

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


Rahmana Karuna's picture

Sounds like a challamge

I say w a big grin, as i walk my dog and me with the sunset colors thru the neighboring woods

Carmen's picture

Rahmana, I love your vision!


I love your vision! Thank you for sharing with such clarity and detail. Your Woman School is exactly what is needed.


Rahmana Karuna's picture

woman school, YES!

love it. thank you for reading. i read your intro. welcome to you, rahmana karuna

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