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The Wondrous Web 2.0 Experience.

I still recall the first time I sat in front of a computer. I was impressed by the colors and forms that materialized when I started typing bluntly, without any order, letters at the keyboard. Later on, it helped me having a basic knowledge of the software and hardware, to do my school homework using the word processor, and soon after I entered college, I became acquainted with this new idea of the Internet as a source of information for my research papers. At that moment, I couldn’t have even imagined the transcendental importance the web would attain in the future.

I could say without any hesitation, that what excites me the most of it, is to know that I’m not alone. The Web 2.0 has granted me the capacity to connect with the whole world, and I mean this literally (or should I say “cybernetic-ally”?). Even though I’m miles far away, I can get to know what it is happening around the globe. What is the most compelling about it, is that this happens almost instantly, at the same time things are actually happening. Not leaving behind, the part where I can share valuable and precious time with friends and family scattered all around the continents, by sending e-mails, chatting or videoconferencing. So who needs Dorothy’s famous ruby shoes clicking three times to start a voyage, when I can do that by clicking my mouse just once?

And how about we think of the Web 2.0 as our “Wonderful World of Us, Women”, where we can become free and united? I believe it gives us the capacity to recognize that we might be so far apart, have different color of skin, languages and physical context, but we all share the same concerns: our feelings, thoughts and visions awaken us to new realities, for that is what I think has happened to me. I have learned so many cultural aspects about people around the world, and also disturbing facts that have shaken my inner soul in a way I never had expected before. Google, Facebook, Twitter, digital media that has transcended by relating and bonding people from different nations. So we could take advantage of this, by using the social networking to expand our perspective and share points of view, something that is actually happening right now, at this very moment as I put into words these ideas, many online communities have been created, hopefully expecting a large percentage of them are related to giving us women, a new cyberspace to speak up and acquire a voice.

As a matter of fact, this takes me to the last topic, where I can express my gratitude towards having an opportunity with many possibilities (unimaginable ones), in the Web 2.0, the Social Media and Social Networking, for me to be courageous and start expressing myself and put to work my creativity and brains, to aim to pursue a better world for women all around the Cyberworld; to listen and be heard.


Mukut's picture

It is wonderful

Indeed web 2.0 is a wonderful world of opportunities and possibilities for us.

Amazing post. Keep it up.


Mukut Ray

Gabisflanis's picture

Mukut, Thank You!

Coming from you, who I envision as a veteran of journal posting, is a wonderful compliment!


Sharontina's picture


Thats a wonderful experience. Would like to hear more of your experiences.

I'll wait.


Merlin Sharontina

Gabisflanis's picture

Thank you Sharontina!

Can't wait to share more with you, too, I guess only a special bearer, with amazing things, gets to have such a wonderful name!


Rebecca Andruszka's picture

You are not alone


Thank you for your lovely piece. It's amazing to think at how the world has shrunk and our minds have expanded because of the internet. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

Loved the phrase: "It's amazing to think at how the world has shrunk and our minds have expanded because of the internet". Couldn't agree more, and it's worthy of a special quote!


amandamarie's picture

Week 1 Assigment

Hi Gabisflanis,

Thank you for your post. I agree that internet has created a safe space where we can connect and know that we are not alone. I especially appreciated how you said that because we are all able to connect so immediately, it shows us how we have the same goals and visions, regardless of how different we are. I look forward to reading your future posts.


Gabisflanis's picture

Thank you Amanda!

Yes! What I still can't quite figure out, is when did all this happen! Whoa, it was like I slept and when I woke up, internet had evolved at a very imperceptive and fast pace. Gladly, it has reached a point where we can get to discover an amazing world full of ideas and diversity of cultures capable of shifting our minds to higher levels of comprehension and sisterhood, all around the world. Kind regards to you, too!


ccontreras's picture

I am also from Guatemala!

Thank you for sharing your post and ideas. I agree with you, the internet has opened the doors to so much information sharing. No matter how disturbing the information is, I believe, like you, that it has oppened the doors to transparency in society. We are made aware of all of the different issues around the world in a matter of seconds and it gives us the opportunity to stand among fellow women and give them our support.
Best in the future!! :-)
Cynthia from Florida and Guatemala!

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

Gabisflanis's picture

Great surprise!

Finding an amazing guatemalan who shares her kind words and comments with me! Hope you are doing ok. Un abrazo, querida chapina! And I'm eager to get to know more about your experience!


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