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2013 VOF week 1

Growing up for with my Parents was nice until something happened that pratically changed my whole life.At a tender age I was molested sexually by a close relation.My mum got to find out but by then my entire life had changed. I was young didn't understand what was going on but getting older helped me to come to terms about one fact....its always those close to us that are often the ones that hurt us most.
Today I volunteer both in church and in schools to talk to teens and Parents aloke about the need not to be naïve and to know that one mistake like this could cost so much more especially for the child involved.
In Nigeria our culture supports alllows kids to call unrelated adults 'aunts' and 'uncles'! Parents keep their wards oftentimes in the care of these unrelated adults and that's where atrocities are more likely to occur.Trust is taken for granted and the rest is often history!
I currently speak in a high school to girls about the ned to read the signs and not even give room for too much familiarity especially to the menfolk.
I love and admire my girls and am fulfilled to know that I can make an impact to guard against a repetition of such...the future can be changed even in my little corner!



Greengirl's picture

Hugs Oremicraft

You are making the world go round for the many girl's whose lives you are positively impacting. Keep up the good work! Posterity will sure write your name in gold. I love you and I am inspired that out of the seeming mess you went through, you have a message of hope for every girl, woman and humanity in general.

Go girl... Keep reaching out! Keep sharing! You've got all it takes!

Lots of love,


oremicraft's picture

thank you

Thank you for ur kind words....I haven't really shared this story before as such,but I really need people to know that going thru a mess doesn't have to end with you. Making sure it doesn't happen to another person is a key to the process of healing...
Thank u once again for the encouragement!


Sharontina's picture


My heartfelt appreciations for your courage and positive impact that you are bringing in the lives of girls around you. Keep up the good work.

God bless.

Merlin Sharontina

torilynnfox's picture

Thank you for sharing this

How kind of you to share your story with us and with so many in your community. I can guarantee it is making such a huge difference in the lives of those girls. You are so brave and inspirational. Please continue to be an inspiration to all those you meet!

VITSAF's picture


Thanks for sharing, until we open up abot different issues, no-one will ever know what we have been through individually

you are really doing great. Keep up the work

Improving the Quality of Life of individuals (primarily women) living with vitiligo, skin imperfections altered images and autoimmune disorder!

kirantara's picture

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your story. You are brave to share it and to do something about it! How do you think using the web can further your work?



oremicraft's picture

web use

There's an awesome power in speaking out when u can't see ur audience but @the same time knowing that ur apeaking to tonnes of people....issues like Rape;verbal abuse ;molestation are not everyday topics that people ideally share with others especially amongst the women folk.
The Web affords that opportunity where people will hardly know who's speaking all they hear is the voice that relates to what they might have being thru.
There's an incredible power in its use......relating with others across the globe and changing lives! Irrespective of where u are,california;kenya;pakistan;guyana;Nigeria....women issues remain the same and absolutely need to be shared for the healing to begin!!!


Catsilveira's picture

hi there

Women that have been raped – from war zones to their homes – are often left with fear or undeserved guilt and shame. Having support and information will give them power and help then regain trust.

How do you think that Web 2.0 can be used to strengthen connections?

I just came across news that I thought I should share with you. Apparently G8 nations have pledge 23 million to be dedicated to actions to end rape and sexual violence in war zones. It won’t suffice, but is another step. Here is a link to a short video and more info on the news:

I absolutely agree with you when you say “the future can be changed even in my little corner”. Is like that saying: be the change you want to see.

You are changing lives, so keep your love flowing!



oremicraft's picture

Web 2.0

Especially in third countries like Nigeria in Africa, we didn't know the power of social media until in recent particular incident comes to mind.....
Nigerians are very conservative especially when it comes to issues like rape;molestation;incest;domestic violence and the likes.These are issues that happen but shouldn't be voiced out loud. i grew up hearing older people say especially when a woman has being beaten by her husband that she needed to go back and make the marriage work! lt was her duty...her job to fix it!
Two years ago the conservative nature of the Nigerian people changed when via social media we got to know that the husband of this lady has brutally killed his wife in cold blood!!! the issue went viral and for the first time people began to question the norm......was it wise for her to stay in a relationship against her will that finally led to her demise? This one singular issue revolutionized the mind set of people and more people in different fora began to speak out.The conclusion was that if a woman was being abused in a marital relationship she had a right to seek redress but more so to separate herself from him until things get sorted out!
This all came about as a result of the use of social media aka web 2.0.......kudos to it...:)


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