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Web 2.0 = Knowledge - Connectivity - Organization - Empowerment (2013 VOF Week 1)

Angela and baby Ruth

Knowledge. Connectivity. Organization. Empowerment. These are a few of the words that I think of when I think of Web 2.0. With a computer and an internet connection people from around the globe can become connected in a way most couldn’t even dream about 20 years ago. A person can be troubled by a problem in the morning and by the evening have used Web tools to reach out to others to setup an online group to brainstorm a solution. The problems that can be solved this way are limitless. These tools give a voice to the voiceless. These tools are powerful and hence exciting to some and feared by others.

Web 2.0 tools include language translators which makes it easier for the university professor, the business woman, the woman living in the Amazon in Peru, the woman refugee living in Uganda, the housewife in America, and the retired woman sitting in her home office to connect, share, problem solve, and organize. Women are extremely powerful but often do not realize this or have confidence in their abilities. Women are told by themselves, their families, and society what they “should” be doing and usually what they "should" be doing isn't advocating for better treatment and more rights. An individual woman's day is often used up doing what she "should" or needs to be doing leaving little precious time for anything else or leaving her just plain tired. Individual women are just starting to use the web to join large groups, which will give them the voice to make a significant impact locally and globally. I think women will use the web to encourage each other, organize and strengthen the global women's empowerment movement.

Personally it was through the web that I connected with a Congolese refugee living in a refugee settlement in Uganda. Through this friendship I have met many people living at the camp and eventually helped create a women’s group there. I’ve used YouTube to post videos of the people living at the camp, such as Angela, who picked up baby Ruth while fleeing the DR Congo and has since adopted her < >. Via social networking sites I’ve connected with the The Girls Camaraderie Project in California, The Free Little Library in USA, and Janice Guzon of Eyesee. The Web 2.0 tools are allowing me to participate in World Pulse – Voices of Our Future.

As inspiring and powerful as Web 2.0 is it should be remembered that most do not have these tools, many still struggle with day-to-day survival, many live in isolated areas, many are not allowed basic human rights let alone an internet connection. These people are my inspiration and I hope to act as a bridge by bringing news of their lives to the world. I hope in a small way to be a teacher to them and in a larger way to be their student. Bridge, teacher, student – what could be better?



Tait's picture


I like how you connected and shared how you used web 2.0 to change lives. Your writing was clear and actually makes me want to start my own group to solve problems with women across the globe. Thanks for the inspiration and more importantly the empowerment!!

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Thank you so much for the compliment and encouragement. This gives me a daily lift and helps me continue. I would love to stay connected.

The biggest challenge I face is finding the strength to quiet my internal voice as well as the external voices that tell me it’s stupid to try to change things as one person. Also, I face a challenge of being intimidated by well educated, well spoken, and well written people. But in my heart I feel it’s the everyday woman who will make the majority of the changes we need in this world.

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You are welcome, as women we must lift one another up. I think its great that you are honest with yourself about your challenges so that you can face them; which quite frankly you are. Educated or not someone is always going to better or worse at something so don't beat yourself up about it. You definitely have something to offer and we (women and the global community) need you to push past your challenges so that we can grow together.


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Empowerment indeed!

Hello sister,
I like the way you point out in your writing the benefits of web 2.0. As I was reading your it makes to remember who I was before exposed to web 2.0 and what I am now with the help of web 2.0 that I heard the opprtunity of being exposed to through worldpulse in 2009. ride on my sister and continue to change lives!!

Warm Regards

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

PeopleWeaver's picture

Thank you for your work


Thank you for your comments.

I just read your profile. Impressive and passionate. I especially found this inspiring:

"It is a serious challenge that, despite the crying all over the world that violence against women and should stop, you still hear almost everyday of cases of maltreatment or the other of women here and there, itslike our male counterpart are turning deaf."

Women have so much untapped power. With people like you in our group we can make the men hear.


busayo's picture


Thanks very much for your encouragement. I agrre with you, we have the untapped power that need to be tapped now. The important thing is that we will continue to raise our voices, we will not keep silent

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

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