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Growing up in the United States in the 60’s and 70’s, the years of black and white televisions and twice daily newspapers, I am still astonished by the immediate interactive environment of digital media and the products that have arisen from the Web 2.0 platform. Over the past two years, I have created two blog pages, two additional websites plus four professional Facebook pages. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly and just how far one little piece of information can travel. I am in several Facebook groups and have become friends with people around the world, some of whom I Skype with for energy healing sessions and various e-courses. Remarkably, the energy sessions, facilitated by a brilliant woman in Australia, have had an incredible influence on my ability to heal from a debilitating chronic health condition. Needless to say, I feel that the human connections offered via the Web 2.0 platform are overwhelmingly inspirational!

There is so much negativity surrounding the advent of digital media and the Web 2.0 products - sickening Facebook pages advocating violence against women, damaging blogs that denouncing women’s rights, repulsive tweets supporting rapists, and countless YouTube videos degrading women. Perhaps this should not surprise anyone because, as is the norm, the foolish, cruel and evil will use and abuse whatever technology is available and will be among the first to master that frontier. Digital media is, of course, a goldmine for them! Ultimately, however, the positive influences of digital media will far outshine the negative. The sheer quantity and quality of women who now have access to digital media and their desire to connect with the world is astonishing. Many of these women seek to shine a spotlight on the issues that affect them and their communities and, in doing so, they empower others in their communities to do the same. Each time a woman speaks, another listens; each time a woman listens, another is heard. It is only in this way - sharing their stories, sharing their cultures, sharing their empathy, sharing their support, living authentically – that women will be able to create an international community.

When I innocently leaped into digital media with my fist blog, I was blind to its power. I had realized that I was an intelligent woman with an ability to write. I had growing opinions that I was ready to share and knew that this was my path to healing which, at the time, was critical. I healed. And I found my authenticity. With that came the strength to inspire others. With that came the desire to empower others. With that, dammit, came the power to challenge the world! Two blogs and four Facebook pages later, digital media has become my passion. Listening to the voices of women while sharing the world they envision has become my life. No matter where we are, what we all need is to be heard and to connect!


Ruth Bech's picture


You do have the power to charm words into doing your bidding! I love the sentence:" Each time a woman speaks, another listens; each time a woman listens, another is heard.". Also, you have pointed to many of the negative voices Web 2.0 facilitate - my only comfort in this regard is that they only attract those already perverted, and that it in some way is good that we get their twisted thoughts out in the open. Upon meeting these men (and a few estranged women) in real life, I always find them intimidating. Online however, I can see quite clearly how limited their intellects come over, and I cannot help thinking that some of them, Angry Harry in particular, are their own worst enemies. For my part - let them write their sorry asses off. The more they speak, the more their lack of social skills shines through.

Caryn Dudarevitch's picture

Thank you, Ruth! You are

Thank you, Ruth! You are very sweet! The negatives definitely cause fear but they become so obvious in a sea of good that they are seen for what they are! I hope that to be true, anyway! Much love!

Sharontina's picture


Dear Caryn,

Negativities - yes we see, but we could rather take those information and enhance our knowledge which otherwise we would never even know they existed. They could drive us towards taking our next step more powerful and meaningful right which would comparatively benefit more.

Much love.

Merlin Sharontina

Caryn Dudarevitch's picture

Exactly, Sharontina! The

Exactly, Sharontina! The positives will always outweigh the negatives!

Much love!
- Caryn

amirchima's picture


Hi Caryn,

I enjoyed reading your essay. The fact that more are empowered to share and inspire is the real power behind your message.

"Each time a woman speaks, another listens; each time a woman listens, another is heard." I re-read this sentence several times. Very profound. This speaks volumes to the impact.

Thank you!

Caryn Dudarevitch's picture

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your kind words, amirchima! I honestly feel that being heard is the first step toward empowerment and I'm so happy that it came across through my words!

Much love!
- Caryn

Fatima Waziri's picture

Hello Caryn - Thank you for

Hello Caryn - Thank you for sharing your story, very interesting. Indeed web 2.0 has taking over our life. I try to have control over this new technologies rather than it have control over me, it can be very overwhelming sometime. Still, I wonder how the world was without the world wide web.


Caryn Dudarevitch's picture

Thanks so much, Fatima!

Thanks so much, Fatima! Funny because I can tell you exactly how life was without the internet! Much different, good and bad, as you can imagine! Keep on taking control of technology! You are absolutely right to let it not control you!
Much love!
- Caryn

Cassady's picture

Well put!

I love that you bring up the negative side of Web 2.0. Though we may all wish that we did not have to wade through the negative to get to the positive, these digital platforms are all about access, after all; if you have an internet connection, you can share your opinion. If we all agreed on everything, we wouldn't need Web 2.0 in the first place. Exposure to opinions and beliefs that we disagree with or do not understand helps us all to become more well-rounded, educated, and able to articulate and share our own beliefs. Thank you for reminding us that without darkness, there is no light! Keep spreading that positive energy :)


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