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Digital Media the weapon of Century

Web 2.0 is connecting the world through simple and easy way.Web 2.0 websites are easily accessible and can be used in much less complex way than the other websites.As the famous joke states that the largest migration was from “Orkut to Facebook”.The web 2.0 is serving for alot of purposes and one of its fundamental purpose is to connect people all around the world by just one click.Web 2.0 has an outclass impact on me.To be honest the basic needs of human beings for me nowadays are food,shelter,clothing and Digital Media.I cannot imagine living without it.I have learned many things online,came to know about the world and people around the world that how they behave,talk and even live because we are in a era where we live online.Mostly people update everything they do and this actually makes up your whole personality or an impact.I always wanted to see the world and get to know about people all around the world,Thanks to Web 2.0 I can make friends with people all around the world by just a simple click.

Globally the web 2.0 has bought dynamic change.The voice of women which were before unheard is audible. Like a sister “Naomi Mwaura” wrote in “World Pulse” about the trend of strip naked in Nyeri Kenya. Like wise somebody uploaded a video on Youtube of a girl beaten with a hunter openly by Talibans as a punishment of adultery around 169,891 watched the video and raise their voice against it.Same the case with Mukhara Mai who was ganged raped her voice couldn't even reach to the people of her country until an article was written on her and latter on people blogged about it and she ended up getting justice.Before the age of web 2.0 we use to hear about these things but now we can see them online and can take a stand against it and use our voice for advocacy, empowerment and etc.

Apart from the Advocacy or awareness web 2.0 is also helping women all around the world to establish their own business. I have seen so many women establishing a bakery,candy shops, parlors, Crafts center and etc.They are posting it on web 2.0 for advertisement it had helped a lot of women to establish their business.One of my friend from a very conservative area of Pakistan makes hand made jewelry and publish it one facebook for selling them.I believe that if we teach our women of rural area how to use computer and internet we can bring a massive revolution in our society and empower more women.
I was living in a dark age before I was introduced to web 2.0. I wanted to do so much like to raise my voice but couldn’t because of NO medium but now I have a voice by only one picture/video I can reach to million people for a cause/social event etc.Web 2.0 has given me a platform to communicate,interact and build up my confidence to raise my voice for things I want to do & the most charming thing about is that I get support of people from everywhere it has literally migrated me to Global Village.


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Mahrukh Pasha,

Thank you for sharing your words about web 2.0. Your words: "the basic needs of human beings for me nowadays are food,shelter,clothing and Digital Media," jump off the page. This is a true, clear modern day statement and one we need to pay attention to.

I can tell through your writing that you are doing a great job of listening to the world around you and learning as you go. This is the essence behind the digital media. Keep up the great work-


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You are the Voice

You are indeed using web 2, from the stories you have shared it shows how Web 2 has helped you so much to know about women and their struggles

"Globally the web 2.0 has bought dynamic change.The voice of women which were before unheard is audible."

Keep burning

Thank you for your inspiring words! It is so wonderful to hear about the ways digital media has created a world of possibilities for you and women you know. When I read, "Web 2.0 has given me a platform to communicate, interact and build up my confidence to raise my voice for things I want to do," I thought about all of the little ways that digital media has empowered me and allowed me to express myself.

Digital media has given us the ability to mobilize and increase public outreach. I can't wait to hear more about the ways that you use Web 2.0 to influence change.

Courtney Michelle Miller
Digital Communications Strategist and Multimedia Producer

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Basic Needs

Mahrukh Pasha,

Your piece really highlights how essential digital media is to women around the world. It is no longer a luxury, but an essential communication and business tool that supports our lives and humanity. Thank you for your wise words.

Naomi Mwaura's picture

Thank you

Hey Sister,
Thank you for highlighting the work i do.

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