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2013 VOF Week 1

Week One Assignment, 2013 VOF
Web 2.0 in my opinion is like a fresh blooming flower indiscriminately offering a lot of visual, optical and even fragrant prospects to all who encounter the flower. This flower in its full bloom at this moment can attract even the worst of skeptics who drawn by its beauty will want to feel it, touch it and even smell it.
This is the alluring mystery intrigue and seemingly customized nature that excites me about Web 2.0. Web 2.0 offers real time, tailored, responsive information to users the world over, offering each and every one of its users’ great opportunities to learn, share information and experiences, pick opportunities and use available information to excel or deal with real life situations.
In addition the ability of the various platforms on Web 2.0; twitter, whats app, blogs, face book; to support interaction amongst users in real time or even through the provision of feedback reinforces one of man’s greatest needs, the need for social interaction because man is a social animal.
Web 2.0 brings the power of information and enlightenment to the global women’s empowerment. Information can no longer be the preserve of men and a few emancipated women. Information shall be shared freely across the board all over the world and at the right time when it can be used to improve the lives of women.
Web 2.0 also brings the power of poetry, prose into information and communication sharing and seemingly ‘humanises’ communication. I feel this is a big contribution in as far as women are emotional human beings and Web 2.0 has therefore provided an opportunity for women across the women to reach out to one another and soothe, help to heal each other’s hurts by connecting through the Web 2.0 platform.
Web 2.0 is also a big solution for women’s empowerment for it bridges distances in less than minutes and at minimal cost to the involved parties, there by responding to the issue of resources in a world where little or no money is availed to women’s issues.
I also think Web 2.0 caters for so many diverse needs and can be adapted and adopted to suit each and every individual need. One does not have to participate in a discussion on slavery and trade if they preferred women’s health, domestic violence experiences or other conversations.
Web 2.0 can be empowering for me as an individual in as far as I can get so much information, education and communication in interesting formats, and will help me enlighten myself and improve myself and the people around me. I will also be able to speak and write from an informed point of view.
Web 2.0 will also help me contribute to eliminating some of the biases that exist in form of cultural religious practices, social exclusion and will provide me with an insight on how women the world over have tackled some of those biases. I also welcome the opportunity to make new friends and networks in the world pulse community.


Aminah's picture

web 2.0 is an intricate "flower" :)

I quite like how you equate web 2.0 to a blooming flower.
It indicates there is yet more beauty to emanate from it.
Even the most grumpiest people cannot help but find a smile or calm, within themselves witnessing a flower

The same effect is there from what we discover in web 2.0 tools.

And yes, it ‘humanises’ communication.

I quite enjoyed your unique intake on the topic. Eye opening indeed.



MDG's picture


thank you so much Aminah.

I have also read a lot of beautiful perspectives from the different applicants and been amazed by the wealth of knowledge and experiences in such a small sample space. Imagine the possibilities. Hope to learn much more



wowitsjackie's picture

Digital media in full bloom


Thank you for sharing your interesting take on digital media as a flower in full bloom. It certainly is prime time for taking advantage of these platforms to empower women and girls around the world! You have interesting ideas about using Web 2.0 and social networking to eliminate biases.

It would be great to hear more about how you would tackle the gender stereotypes driven by social exclusion and cultural or religious practices: compare and contrast stories and provide examples of how these stereotypes are inaccurate? That could be very compelling, especially if you're exploring stories from geographically diverse locations. That would certainly have a humanizing impact.

Thanks for sharing!


MDG's picture

Thank you jackie. I too am

Thank you jackie.

I too am looking forward to this amazing journey and yes i will gladly share at a later date on how we can explore tackling innacuracies driven by gender stereotypes which i see every day in my life ranging from the workplace where a 'male' boss decides that he has too many women employees and therefore needs a fellow male employee to balance the equation. sadly without taking into consideration, other aspects of merit, the tipping of the scales was the 'y' factor. Unfortunately the 'y' did not deliver and wasted so much precious time, resources and efforts proving his 'yness'.

the world shall vindicate women as we grow and learn together.



mikabo's picture

VOF Listener

Hello MDG,

Thank you for your article. I enjoyed your comparison of Web 2.0 to a flower although I did not understand the "fragrant" part. When you use a metaphor to describe your ideas, make sure you emphasize only the part of the metaphor that relates to your experience. You don't have to relate all of the qualities available.

I enjoyed your sense of mystery and wonder about Web 2.0 and I think you have a very poetic and beautiful sensibility that will make you a very gifted writer. One thing I missed in your article were descriptions of your personal experience --- how has Web 2.0 changed your life in a specific way? What was an experience you had that would illustrate these changes? Once you can start to take your opinions and describe the life experience that caused you to have this opinion, your writing will become truly powerful!

Also, you are about 98 words over your word limit. If you wish to be published by an editor on the web, pay special attention to the GUIDELINES -- exceeding your word count will result in rejection and no one will have the change to read your article.

I enjoyed hearing your voice through this reading and I feel that you are truly talented. Keep writing and speaking out for your country and all women around the world.



MDG's picture

You get the fragrance

Hello MiKaBo,

thank you so much for your appreciation and useful advise of my submission for week one. I appreciate the comments and hope to share how web 2.0 has changed my life in the forums or this week in my journal.

My use of the fragrance of the flower and equating it to the web 2.0 was meant to show how the fragrance strikes you without waiting even for an 'invitation' and it is just that fragrance that might draw you into looking more closely and further appreciating the flower. This I felt was the magic of web 2.0, you might just be browsing for something else but your senses get tickled by an image or illusion portrayed by some prolific writer and you pick even greater interest. That is what i wanted to depict.

thank you so much, i will take up the advise on the number of words and i am so happy to be on World Pulse.

ikirimat's picture

MDG Wow, We really really

We really really need web 2.0 to contribute to eliminating some of the biases that exist in form of cultural religious practices, social exclusion.

This is an opportunity to harness.

Welcome aboard

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

busayo's picture

Blooming flower indeed!

Web 2.0 is indeed like a blooming flower and when you are exposed to it you bloom. I really like your analogy. Your post is very inspiring

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

MDG's picture


Thank you. It is really true isn't it. Every day of reading the experiences on World Pulse changes me little by little, and is opening up my world more and more. Thank you


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