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A whole new world

Web 2.0 opens up a world of possibilities for communication. With its global reach, a meeting of minds and vast networking opportunities between people from different circumstances and frames of reference becomes a reality. As women, we can be that change that we want to see in the world. This starts with articulating our thoughts, our fears, our anger, our joy. Whatever message we need to convey, it can be seen/heard/read and someone out there will get it. We are able to ask questions and get answers. We can explore different concepts and expand our world view.

In terms of benefits to the empowerment of women, Web 2.0 provides a platform for women to share experiences and ideas, form connections and express themselves freely. We all have an innate desire to be heard; Web 2.0 enables access and impact to a global community, encourages solidarity and removes feelings of isolation. It is a powerful tool for bringing the invisible to light, demystifying certain societal issues that affect women and the wider society. It also makes room for effective advocacy and gives women a voice, not only for themselves but their communities.

Web 2.0 can be a powerful tool as long as we use it to acknowledge the negative and build the positive in a world that would seek to confine us and deny that we are limitless. Women are often portrayed as victims, but we are not helpless. Our right to be respected and live with dignity is often undermined or ignored and our strength underestimated, much to the world’s detriment. We can take a stand and we can make a change. Because yes, actually, we do mind and no we will not accept things just because that’s the way it’s always been done.

We are not alone; we are each other’s resource and knowledge base. Increased access to information enables us to honour our differences and our sameness, cementing our humanity as we are able to see ourselves in others. Although physical boundaries may separate us, these become irrelevant. Impact goes beyond those who have access to Web 2.0. What are we doing to empower those around us outside of the online community; our family, friends, colleagues? Are we bridging the gap?

Women’s empowerment begins at a personal level. If just one person can receive my message and even if it merely provokes thought, that is enough. More is a bonus. That message is not wasted, it says I am here and I can make a difference. It may not be about me, but it is up to me. Web 2.0 enables me to know and therefore do more.


what matters is "articulating our thoughts, our fears, our anger, our joy"

Very well said. Unless we bring those thoughts out, change will not happen.
The more we express it, share it, discuss it, analyses it - then we can start to find solutions to our issues.

Great work



adeakins's picture

Self Expression

Your point of self expression, and getting your voice out there is important. Change starts with the first word that one says. Without opening up, and taking a stand for something you are just sitting idly by as a mere observer of a situation. Kudos to you!



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You bring up very important

You bring up very important issues, such as, isolation, and education of women's issues, whether online or offline. Isolation has been an effective tool for many who wish to silence either an individual or a group. So, yes, if we are in contact with others, encouraged by others, and are able to find the strength to use our voices, we can rediscover or regain our own power, and can help make the changes that would benefit all women and in turn, benefit all of humanity!

Thank you for voicing your thoughts!

J écoute

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We are not alone

We are each other's resource and knowledge base. I love this line, it is so true. Your words transmit across borders and strike a chord of truth in all of our hearts. We are on the brink of a new world because of women like you voicing your views - and saying NO, we will no longer tolerate things the way they are, we are ready to create them the way they can be.

Thank you for your voice.

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

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Dear Jensine, I am honoured

Dear Jensine,

I am honoured to have the founder of World Pulse comment on my journal. Thank you so much for this platform that provides the opportunity to speak and affirms the voices of so many people all over the world. You are an inspiration.

Best regards



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