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Web 2.0 Empowering the Digital World

The most fascinating idea about Web 2.0 is that it is a platform which does not only connect the minds alike, but also allows the information to be shared more quickly than any other media. This idea of technology provides people space in which they have their personal space to speak their mind. It brings the whole world together and allows your voice to be heard easier and faster.

Web 2.0 as a platform for exchanging ideas also makes it possible for women across the world take part in women’s empowerment movement. I think, by the help of tools of new media, women can discuss their ideas and concerns about women issues with other women. As Web 2.0 allows us to communicate with the world, the discussions will be stronger when many women can involve. Similarly, it provides us a space where we can share our stories without the consent of anyone. Unlike other sources of old media, it helps the audience to hear the story from the primary source itself. Thus, I believe the stories are more real and true. Furthermore, the stories also receive support from active online audience. However, I believe that it is not enough to be active in the web only because I think that change can only be made if we can turn our voice into action. Thus, these tools act as a catalyst for the call for big movements. For instance, I was really fascinated how FEMEN, a small feminist protest group that started in Ukraine spread global because of the help of social network. These feminists go topless movement against those who are against women rights and other social or national issues in different parts of the world where the members are active. I believe, if this idea had not been discussed, shared and acted, it would not have been gained support by the activist around the globe who share similar ideas. I am also fascinated by the fact that this movement which started many years ago is still under action in many parts of the globe (not to forget the Free Amina Movement).

Likewise, I believe New Media tools can also help me to empower myself. For example, let’s take an example of World Pulse itself, how it has allowed me to be part of a community of women all over the world to share my opinion. I am always excited to hear the stories that I would not have heard of otherwise. It has also encouraged me to gain courage to speak for the change. I feel as if my journey to raise voice for the women begins here.I believe my voice like many of yours will be heard.


Aminah's picture

privacy of space and time

You have highlighter one very important aspect of web 2.0 that is not widely discussed.
The power of web 2.0 lies in its ability to give the privacy required by individuals. The people on both ends does their thing on their own time, in the comfort of a place they choose.
You can choose to upload your story anonymously and I can choose to read and comment and follow your story anonymously. That sets in a process that empowers both eventually to gain confidence.

And yes, just talking about it is not enough. To make meaningful change we have to act on it. But I believe, when people start to discuss issues - action groups come up automatically ... the buzz that is created through discussion helps in action.

All the best to you



Pratibha Tandukar's picture

Thank you

Yeah, it really is exciting. I am looking forward on how these tools can actually empower me. Fighting !! :)


Sangita Thapa's picture

you've so nicely presented

you've so nicely presented your thoughts dear Pratibha. Keep sharing. :)

Pratibha Tandukar's picture

Thanks you

Thanks that you like it.


nifkinz's picture

It is truly fascinating how

It is truly fascinating how fast a story or a movement can travel with the help of digital technology and 2.0 isn't it? :) I am very grateful that we live in a time that allows such rapid flow of information. Additionally it does allow us World Pulse members the opportunity to hear your voice as well. :) Keep on speaking :)

Becky Frary

Pratibha Tandukar's picture

Thanks for listening

Yeah and it's really exciting that people are actually reading my journal. This is my very first writing. :)


Katharina's picture

I really liked what you wrote

I really liked what you wrote about putting things into action. I absolutely agree with you, it is one thing writing about something and sharing it online - which already is a great step - but it is also crucial to have action follow out of it. I also have the same feeling about WorldPulse: so many great stories and thoughts - including yours! - that I probably would have never heard if I wasn't part of this amazing community.

Yeah words are strong, aren't they? I am glad that you like my writing. This is my first time and am really excited for the next post. :)


gingerbean's picture

Using media as a catalyst

I completely agree with you on your point that tools can only be as effective as you want them to be. A web 2.0 or any other social media platform will be negated if (further) action is not taken. The presence of such platforms definitely do increase information flow and exchanges, help empower women knowledge-wise, boost confidence etc etc. I love how you have placed very original perspectives while discussing a very generic topic. It is well written and I can feel your passion!

Pratibha Tandukar's picture

Thanks for the response

Thank you Gingerbean for your response. Yeah! it always depends on how we use the tools right?


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