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The Charisma of Web 2.0!

Unity is strength – in order to bring development, fight against injustice, or endeavor for a positive change, people's voices need to be united. And we are lucky that we are in an era of technological advancement, where one living in the South Pole can learn about the situation of the North and react within fraction of seconds. Similarly, with the use of Web 2.0, my story about Nepal’s women and children can be communicated throughout the world.

Through various digital and social media, Web 2.0 enables people to inform other citizens about the quandaries and evoke them to rise for support. In fact, Web 2.0 serves as a bridge for connecting people across borders to comprehend the situation, feel passionate for a revolutionary change, and communicate for a rise to improve the situation. Sharing stories, raising empathy, and advocating for common goals convey a sense of togetherness and brotherhood despite distance and diversity.

Accordingly, social media such as Face book, Twitter, and LinkedIn can provide a platform for me to voice issues about rural Nepalese community: about children who have to beg on the streets for food, about those tiring hands who have to break rocks for money, about those innocent lives who got trafficked into an unknown world, and about those young women whose feathers of freedom are chained within social stigmas and boundaries.

Small drops of water make an ocean – although it sounds a cliché, this has a deep and powerful message. In the recent years, the contribution of social networking sites in raising world issues and reaching out for solutions and voices has brought a remarkable impact in changing lives. And these facilities can also help me in spreading my stories about the marginalized and victimized people in Nepal, creating international support to speak for the problems, and seeking rational solutions and suggestions in improving their lives.

Moreover, my stories about women issues can be publicized globally through social media campaigns. Web 2.0 provides a freedom to use many possible digital applications, where women's stories can be transmitted, where petitions can be signed against sexual violence towards women, where we can demand funds to provide education and empower women for equal opportunities as men, where we can share stories of women globally for emotional and social support, and where we can raise our voices for social justice and freedom of women in cases of women’s rights violation. These opportunities provide for the global empowerment of women, helping them get privileges and support not only from the national, but also the international, public.

Most importantly, the use of digital and social media will allow me to grow my voice to speak for my story, support me in fighting against any injustice in the society, and enforce a global strength in me to reach my goals for development and empowerment. In short, Web 2.0 can be my friend in need and direct me to lead in social and positive changes for my community.


Sharontina's picture


Nice writing dear Priyanka,

Keep it up.

Waiting to hear and see more from you.


Merlin Sharontina

Priyanka Shrestha's picture

Thank you Sharontina!

Thank you Sharontina!

Dana Anderson's picture


Hi Priyanka,
Thank you for this beautiful essay. Your writing is very vibrant and captures all of the potential of Web 2.0. You point out that the Web can stir empathy and then provide excellent examples of the kinds of issues that need our compassion. This idea of connecting to situations across the globe is especially crucial for achieving change. In an era where mainstream media often fails to show us the human side of political issues, we can find it difficult to "feel passionate for a revolutionary change." When we see the humanity expressed in videos, blog stories or even Facebook posts, we are more inclined to invest ourselves in change.

You captured my interest in the stories of Nepal's women and children-I hope to hear more in future posts! Thank you for your inspiring thoughts.

Priyanka Shrestha's picture


It was very nice to read your comments. Thank you so much for your interest in Nepal's situation. I will try writing more on it!

Paulina Lawsin's picture

Great article Priyanka. You

Great article Priyanka. You are obviously aware of the tremendous power of social media and web 2.0 in bringing the issues of rural Nepalese, of women and children to the world. You write in an informative and decisive manner that gets the attention of the readers to the issues you presented. Just keep on writing and let your voice be heard louder by the people who can take action to improve the lives of rural Nepalese.

You are a leader.

Priyanka Shrestha's picture

Thank you so much! I still

Thank you so much!
I still feel I am very naive in the societal context of women in rural Nepal. However, i endeavor to comprehend their situation and try to help them uplift.

Kate Hartley's picture

You are a leader

Oh Priyanka!

I read your bio first and heard about a "reserved and shy girl", but your words are those of a wise and courageous voice for empowerment....a leader!
Your article was beautiful and brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes...thank you for sharing such powerful thoughts. I felt like I was being brought in to your story in a very personal way: " about children who have to beg on the streets for food, about those tiring hands who have to break rocks for money, about those innocent lives who got trafficked into an unknown world, and about those young women whose feathers of freedom are chained within social stigmas and boundaries." With such words, you do indeed create a " bridge for connecting people across borders".

I look forward to hearing more from you in the coming weeks.

Thank you for being who you are on this planet!

All the best,

Kate Hartley
"Let Your Life Speak"

Priyanka Shrestha's picture


Its a privilege for me to get such inspiring comments. Thanks Kate!
I will definitely try to resolve the problems of rural people in Nepal.

Thanks a lot!

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