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2013 VOF Week 1 Assignment : Women and Media Empowerment

Women and Media Empowerment
The expansion of ideas through technological innovation is the new approach to how we communicate with each other in the world today. This is the use Web 2.0 tools, technologies, and strategies to impact change around our communities. Web 2.0 storytelling picks up these new types of stories and runs with them, accelerating the pace of creation and participation while revealing new directions for information flow between one another. It’s the combination of these factors at the same time that have created the change that we are experiencing. New Media is great, the approach of many to many and knowledge sharing across multiple groups is extremely powerful but without the technology you are limited to off line geographically limited groups and can’t express your views and contribute to your world. This serves as forum for announcements which has replaced the talking drum in most communities in the world, for example the used of sites like Face book and YouTube provides a sound opportunities for easy communication. Sharing is the constitutive activity of Web 2.0 and has enhanced the functioning of social network sites. This is the new approach to how we communicate with each other.
But what excites me most is the art of conveying events in words, images, and sounds to people within a limited time duration. This has greatly contributed to educate women with Internet connection to speak for them and to create awareness in their various communities. Women have been introduced to new vocabularies of Internet technology and applications like blogs, wikis, RSS and social bookmarking, which has enhanced new applications of empowerment to support their views.
However, Web 2.0 could provide some solutions to the global women's empowerment movement but this will greatly depend on the number women who have Internet connection and are educated with this new technology, especially in Africa. If more women are trained in Web 2.0 and social media, it will help to build critical opinions, attitudes, knowledge and engaged platforms which will transform visible social construct against women into useful communities. This will also develop a dynamic and unique generation of grassroots women leaders who will easily sort out solutions without limitations. This may also serve as a useful tool to amplify issues which concern women and which couldn’t be solved because of some strong traditional and custom barriers. The women could speak their minds and sharing their visions without fear from different angles. Web 2.0 could encourage and build a stronger network of social women communicators who could advocate and propose concrete solutions.
Well I believe Web2.0 and social medial tools can better empower me through its vast interconnected networks of women entrepreneur who will help me develop a sound thinking mind for the betterment of my community. It will also help me to figure out how to use the various online tools to further my missions in creating awareness in the fight for a better world for girls and women.


Adahmbah's picture

Stop Women Ironing in Bamenda

Stop Women Ironing in Bamenda
Women Ironing in Bamenda must stop. This barbaric and new form of violence is cropping up in the city of Bamenda where men believe that having their women to be ironed with electrical irons is the best punishment given to them for making them angry. This first happened in Tabessi, Mile Two Nkwen and then in Meta Quarters and now in Douala where a nine year old girl’s face was ironed by her aunty for taken food without permission. Women have to join their voice to stop and condemn such inhuman treatment before it becomes a kaka worm in our communities.

Debra K Adams MA's picture

thank you

I appreciate your work, thank you for sharing!

"Be the change you want in the world." Gandhi

Debra K. Adams, MA
See my vizify bio!
Survivors In Service: Self Empowerment Strategies (SiSSeS)
Consultant/Speaker/Author & Owner/Founder

Adahmbah's picture

I'm grateful

Thanks for the appreciations.I'm encouraged.
Adah Mbah

JaniceW's picture

The talking drum

I love that analogy. You brought a fresh perspective to web 2.0 which I enjoyed reading. It is a powerful tool but in order for it to be helpful, as you said, women need access to it. We can have all of the most modern technologies available but unless we can place them in the right hands, they are useless.

In regards to your post on ironing, I woud love for you to share the background of this barbaric practice with us so as to educate us on what is happening, what measures are being taken to prevent it and what we can do. Thank you for keeping us informed of the issues in Cameroon.

Adahmbah's picture

Thanks to W 2.0

Thanks Janice, In regard this issue of women ironing the authorities are taking it very seriousely and the women empowerment centre Bamenda is following up for the medical care of the vitimes. I shall keep you informed.
Thanks again

Pushpa Achanta's picture

Well said

Dear Adahmbah,

Thanks for articulating your important thoughts in a simple yet powerful manner. Keep writing.


Adahmbah's picture

Shaping Minds

Thanks my dear and i hope i shall be reading from you to learn how you are fighing to batter the life of women . so what is your area of work?
Hoping to read from you.

ikirimat's picture

Adah, I love the way you have

I love the way you have clearly articulated why particularly women stand to benefit and change their lives through the web 2.o. more so emphasis that the web 2.0 is likely to mold people , something I agree with you. It is nice to know that you are envisaging your community women reaping from web 2.0 by finding solutions to their problems if trained.

Your involvement with web 2.0 as an entrepreneur is something I would like to see come a reality. In other words, pursue your dream and make it a reality.

Thank you for sharing

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Adahmbah's picture

Thanks very You

I'm encouraged and i also hope to see this dream true.
Thanks alot

Potter's picture

Media Empowerment

I really appreciate how you point out the need for internet connections and technology education for women especially in Africa. I'm continuallty amazed by the vigorus participation of African women on World Pulse. I lived and worked in Africa for eight years...way before internet cafes and what we have come to call web 2.0. The collaboration we are seeing now would have been unthinkable even six or eight years ago. But there is so much more that needs to be done to bring more women into access. Thank you for pointing that out. I loved your opening statement, "Web 2.0 storytelling picks up these new types of stories and runs with them, accelerating the pace of creation and participation while revealing new directions for information flow between one another." I look forward to reading more of your writing! Keep it up!

Adahmbah's picture

Thanks very much Potter

I'm encouraged by your words and i hope more African women will be involved in this new technology so as to raise their vioces for a better woman world.

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