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The blind eye pops open

This is the most exciting period of my career because the greatest tool of our generation is being put in the hands of a group of persons who have chosen to fight the good fight. my inner eye just popped up – like a blind man who suddenly regained his sight.

Thanks for this previlage to be allowed to shout and scream to the world.
I am able to connect to and with the great and mighty that have determined to bring a positive change to their present and future generation. I never knew anything called Web 2.0 before now.

. My mother had nine children, six girls at a stretch, followed by two boys and the 7th girl. My father was advised to go out and get yourself a son, but rejected, a very religious man, not ready to hurt his wife and children and that gave him the name: I am a good christian.
I saw a lot of injustice in the society where i leaved but how do i communicate to the world? At an early age we were circumcised and one of my sisters almost gave the ghost if not for timely interventions by my parents. many people die from FGM.

I saw disabled persons, children, old women raped and i asked myself did God make a mistake by giving women a vagina? If men came out of it and still want to die inside it?

Women, girls and even children sell sex to make a living, - pay for bills, married and unmarried and their human rights not protected but who buys sex? Law enforcement agents raid, steal and rape them, their clients will hang their legs in any position to have sex with them and end up beating or not paying for the services but they have no one to report to.

Children trek long distances to schools, majority bare footed, where there are no classrooms, seats, blackboard or sanitary system, the girls are raped but no one can challenge the system. Fathers have sex with their daughters in the presence of their mothers. I will talk now.

My life, career and everything is taking a new turn.
We are all on a que and as it is your turn, you must make your contribution – Web2.0 is my turn to mobilize, join hands with the world to ensure that violence perpetrated against women, girls, children, must stop. Enough is enough. Web 2.0 has come to make me a show piece, give me the back to ride on as the horse woman riding to a far country as a warrior to defend her community. All my sisters the world over in this team, i congratulate us and salute World pulse for giving us a space and a voice indeed. Web 2.0 is my blind eye poped open.



JaniceW's picture

The blind eye pops open

I love this! You are obviously a very caring, passionate and motivated woman. You are already a warrior defending her community; a leader gathering feedback, information, resources and support for your mission of mercy. I stand with you and join your hand to fight this battle. You are not alone.

I look forward to reading more from you.

Maonah's picture

My Dear JaniceW, Thanks for

My Dear JaniceW,

Thanks for giving me your back to bear me and your hand to hold. When we are more than two, the journey is sweeter. Have a blessed day

Frances Faulkner's picture

The unblind eye


What vigor and spirit you have! I can see you are a natural and practical leader, with a passionate and specific mission of making the world a better place for women. I am glad web 2.0 has arrived in time to offer you voice. Keep up your good work and "ride on as the horse a warrior to defend her community."

Thanks for your good work, Frances

Chinemu's picture

you are a warrior

You are what the world need in today's world of injustice against a woman I like this sentence "did God make a mistake by giving women a vagina? If men came out of it and still want to die inside it?'
You Are great warrior, a warrior with vigor,
keep up your good work

Maonah's picture

Hold my hand strong

Thanks Chinemu,
I like it when my hand is held up in battle and that is what you and all others are doing on this platform. W e must all hold each others hand to fight this great battle. When Aaron held up Moses hand the victory was very swift but when it went down, the battle seemed as if there going to loose.

I appreciate you sweetie.

Riya's picture

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your very important and personal story Maonah. Too often women are violated and left in positions were they have no one to report it to, no one to help them challenge oppressive systems. Your post here does well to point out the harsh realities for far too many women around the world today. Having the bravery to share your, and others, stories is a amazing way to stand up for women's/human rights. It will begin to educate others about the horrific things happening to women around the world and the things we can do to stop them. Things like sharing experiences and ideas on forums such as web 2.0. This space to come together as a team is very exciting. I agree that web 2.0 is a great forum to begin to mobilize in an effort to stop violence against women and children.



Nkuli123's picture

Thank you for being the voice

Thank you for being the voice for the voiceless Maonah, web 2.0 gives us an opportunity to share, network and learn from each other. You story demonstrates that you have the courage and a passion for what you do. Keep it up.

Maonah's picture

I hate injustice

I am from a family of nine and my mother was being maltreated because she had six daughters at a stretch. By the fourth born, members of my extended family had started wagging their tongues against my mother who does not have a solution to her problem. I became her spokes person and defender, challenging them if my mother was God that gives children.. I discovered my mother was not the only one but many other women who eventually left their marriages for other women while their children suffered in the hands of the new wife.
During my National youth Service Corps (NYSC) a compulsory service for Nigeria graduates, I watched pregnant women die everyday due to husbands running away from donating blood to save the lives of their wives and babies.
I organized a blood donation campaign and got twenty bags of blood to safe women’s lives.
As an intern with Project Alert on Violence against Women in 2003, I met with women with domestic violence issues and teenage sex workers and my heart went out for them. It dawned on me that I needed a militant drive for this women fight and must be on fire, so in 2004, Safe haven Development Initiative a. k. a. Safe haven International – emerged.
I had no money, no office but I had a strong desire and passion and could write. Women lack information but are very talented and if given opportunity can always bring a change to their society
I see myself as a global and not a local champion and I needed a platform to express my views. I want to help women acquire skills that will make them financially independent which will give them a voice in their families, communities and to become active citizens in the society.
My vision is to see the vulnerable women and girls empowered by giving them a voice to speak out.
I went for the CSW 57 this year, I did not have any sponsorship but I wanted my voice to be heard, I took my house rent to pay my way and I got there with my BANNAR.. I need VOF to build my capacity to enhance my work in my community.
I heard of VOF from a 2011 member who used my FGM project, so the moment I saw the advert, I jumped at the opportunity. I want the African Union to rise up as the European Union on issues of violence against women. I will utilize the VOF platform to the fullest to achieve this. I am an ambassador of change. As a woman; you must know who you are, be on fire and refocus energy. I want to change the way people think about women and how women think about themselves.

mrbeckbeck's picture


This is an incredible piece you've written--- I can tell that you are a powerful woman, ready to lead your community and demand peace and justice for women. Enough is enough!

I look forward to seeing how you use the Internet as a tool for change, I know you will do great things.

Thank you for speaking your truth here.

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Maonah's picture

I am very happy

Thanks for supporting me, i feel on top of the world because one man is backing me so i will finish the race.

Maonah's picture

you took my heart

You took my heart right from the moment you said in your write up that you were going back to apologize to your wife. I like men who are not chicken hearted and do not care even when society calls men women rapper( a slang in Nigeria which implies you are tired to the string or dance to women when you take sides on women issues.). I will surely use this forum. Thanks once again.

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