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Web 2.0

A year passed before I did anything with my Twitter account. I swore I'd NEVER go on there because I already hated the Facebook postings of mundane things all my friends were sharing. I was aware of the effect Twitter had on the "Arab Spring" so I was warming up to it but I basically only started being active on Twitter because of my business.

I'll never forget the rush of those first couple of months. During that time I felt like I was knelt down with @RuwaydaMustaphah as she live-tweeted the riots from her home in London. I felt like I, too, was peacefully demonstrating as a UStream link allowed me to march down dozens of narrow streets in Syria with her citizens. I told a Syrian woman, "Be careful. My thoughts and prayers are with you", who heard bombing close to her house. She tweeted back to me, "Thank you". I also remember crying in front of the computer as the gruesome unedited footage came out of that country. I remember one Sunday morning turning to Twitter and watching the injured and dead stream into a hospital in Yemen in real time after the government cracked down on peaceful demonstrators.

What excites me the most about Web 2.0 is that it allows the world to, in a way, walk in your shoes - to experience the world as you see it…in just one click. Never before has the world been so connected. Because of Web 2.0, we now have firsthand proof that we are not alone in our tribulations and, more importantly, that our voice matters. We have proof that we share a common humanity and for women - a common sisterhood.

I believe there are two important solutions brought to the global women's empowerment movement by Web 2.0. First, their story can easily be shared with the world. In essence, Web 2.0 gives women a global voice because that's essentially what it's is all about. Sharing one's story is empowering and validating in itself because it's a way of saying "I am here and I matter."

It's also important because it allows women to connect with each other. Simply put, where there's numbers, there can be strength. Where there's strength, there can be empowerment and where there's empowerment, there can be change.

These tools are empowering for me because they allow me to experience the stories and be moved to tears or action by the incredible people all around the world who are fighting for equality, justice, democracy, peace and basic human rights. Hearing truly awesome stories of courageous people gives me the strength and power to believe I can do more in my own life. Web 2.0 allows me to experience more of those stories - often in real time. It's truly amazing.


Zoepiliafas's picture

Numbers and strength


I appreciated your statement about power and strength where there are numbers. I recently went to hear Mona Eltahawy speak. She told us that when she 1st participated in the Egyptian protests, it was only around 100 people but continued to build into the revolution. It excites me to think that we can have the opportunity to connect and share ideas on World Pulse. We can begin a cyber revolution of thought that can manifest to real change in our countries.

Thanks for writing!

Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager
World Pulse

Nechesa's picture

Thank you!

It's so true. Mona is great! Her enthusiasm is infectious.

I'm just happy to be a part of this process. There are so many incredible stories on this site! I love it.


Taha Mirani's picture


Very beautifully expressed. Blessings from this side, dear.


Taha Mirani

Mukut's picture

Very well written

Your writing is simple yet powerful. It is clear, concise and aptly put.

Well done.


Mukut Ray

Nechesa's picture

thank you!

Thank you Taha and Mukut. I don't write often so your compliments really warm my heart. Thank you.

Fatima Waziri's picture

Hello Nechasa - I throughly

Hello Nechasa - I throughly enjoyed reading your story and really did not want it to end, you write very well. Indeed web 2.0. have changed the lives of people all over the world by bringing us closer despite distance, culture, religion and other limitations. We all share the experiences of others just by clicking our computers.

Good job!


Nechesa's picture

Thank you so much!

I don't really write so I'm so happy you thought it was well-written. This site is so positive and supportive. I love it!

Thanks again, Fatima


wowitsjackie's picture

Hi Nechesa, Thanks for

Hi Nechesa,

Thanks for sharing this thoughtful and personal take on Web 2.0! It seems that many of us go through a process of "digital awakening" to come around to the power of these digital platforms, and you describe the thrill of that realization - a response to a solidarity tweet from halfway across the world - so well.

Your comments about sharing as validation really underscore the value of a community like World Pulse and encourage all of us to remember that our stories are worth sharing.

Thanks, and I look forward to reading more!


Nechesa's picture

Thanks for acknowledging my story

much appreciated. I like it here:)

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