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Instrument of change

Web 2.0 has brought a new dimension to the internet; it has made browsing an enjoyable experience. I am starting to feel like an IT experts as I find it sensational that its tools or applications are user friendly as I do not need intensive IT training to operate them, they are easy to set up and user friendly. It has destroyed static limitations in web replacing it with freedom and flexibility. I find it interesting that I could be heard from a thousand miles and I was not even shouting, engaging in discussions and collaboration with friends and family. That I was able to add to or interact with the information is also incredible. As a lady involved in business, I find it breathtaking that I can make online purchases from different countries while eliminating travel expenses. It is even more electrifying that I could share pictures and videos with friends.
I find it very convenient that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere with an increased feeling of ownership when used. Another interesting thing about web 2.0 is the learning atmosphere it provides; I have been able to access education from different universities around the world. I connect with people from different parts of the world. I find it exciting that web 2.0 has encouraged social media enough for the Nigerian government encouraging provision for special adviser on social media among its cabinet; it is a tool for revolution.
I think the best feature of web 2.0 is its accessibility on the non-computer devices especially the mobile phones; this feature was particularly efficient in my country Nigeria during the fuel subsidy crisis as it was used to dissimilate information especially among young people.
Global women movements can use web 2 to motivate and encourage fellow women. Web 2.0 therefore will provide the stage on which every woman can present her story with the assurance of being heard. It will also serve as means of communication between women and the movement. It will empower them to mentor great women advocates as I believe that all institutions should be founded on the belief that it should outlive its founder. Education is no longer limited to the four walls of a classroom, women movements can now equip women from different backgrounds with the necessary training and awareness updates without the limit of the distance.
Just recently, a television video interview with a senior civil servant in my country was posted on Youtube and it aroused a lot of attention. I find it very exciting that the web is flexible enough to give me access to other people’s views, thoughts and experience as I intend to organize online support group where women in similar situations especially in my country can share advice and experience without being ostracized. I am very hopeful that web 2.0 and its application will be elements of change before and during the next general election in Nigeria. Its relevance cannot be underestimated considering the vast communication it provides.


Zoepiliafas's picture

I truly enjoyed your writing,

I truly enjoyed your writing, it made me think of things that I hadn't yet thought of.

" heard from a thousand miles and I was not even shouting" - It truly is amazing to think that I sit in Portland OR and get to connect with you as you sit in Nigeria.

"I have been able to access education from different universities around the world." - I have taken a few classes as well online.

Thank you for writing. I look forward to reading your next assignment.


Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager
World Pulse

seunaboy's picture


I had always used web 2.0 but never gave more thoughts than to keeping using while
loving it too much but you gave it a louder voice by hearing about it from users.

I find that beautiful and rewarding........

Thank you for the opportunity once again


kirantara's picture

Really thought-provoking

Really thought-provoking piece - you clearly see the potential of Web 2.0 and make that possibility local to you. Looking forward to hearing more of your personal stories!



seunaboy's picture


Its the wonders of web 2.0 and its just me telling it.

Thanks for the comment, inspiring.................thanks


Lylinaguas's picture

Very well articulated!

Web 2.0 is indeed amazing. It has been a very strong means for women to go beyond the confines of their homes and connect with the rest of the world in seconds to be heard. You have articulated that so well. Great work!:)


Veronique_S's picture

I found this very engaging, I

I found this very engaging, I liked when you said "Increased feeling of ownership and the learning atmosphere it provided", these lines resonated with me. I believe the feeling of ownership would provide the forum in which each person take command and freedom of expression in her domain. The atmosphere of learning, this speaks of a conducive environment for development.

I believe you hammered in the purpose to which Web 2.0 should be utilized, thank you!

I am happy that you have a vision for change in your homeland, I wish you all the best in this endeavour.


seunaboy's picture

we can aspire higher

with web 2.0 you reach for the highest point of contact. creative!!!!!!!!!!!!

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