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New media as an open education for all

In the advent of the digital world, a number of people are exposed to web 2.0 applications such as blogs, facebook, youtube, twitter and similar online facilities that are easily available online. The local computer shops in villages, as far as the mountain areas in Kathmandu, have increased in numbers. What makes it more interesting is how these web 2.0 applications connect people of different geography, beliefs and interests, making our world smaller. Today’s age makes online collaboration possible and discussion and information sharing easily accessible.

With this vast opportunity in new media communications, citizens are able to bring in local data of wide thematic issues involving gender violence and abuse which are tabled in for discussions, debate and policy formulation. The “Occupy Baluwatar”, a campaign in Kathmandu, Nepal is in its 100th day of street protests involving activists who clamor for justice for the migrant worker rape victim who was sexually abused upon her arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport. The identified perpetrators are from the Nepal’s police and the government has remained silent in pursuing justice for the woman victim. The hundreds of activists sitting in “Occupy Baluwatar” everyday grouped them selves from invites sent in facebook wall posts and twitter. Their blogs posts showed photos of activist’s being arrested by the police and this has fueled the anger of people and consequently invited more and more participants campaigning for the cause. The international media started covering this story and local newspapers print update of the campaign to pressure Nepal’s government to take action. The activists remain strong and persistent until victims receive their fair share in the country’s rule of law.

This scenario does not only happen in Nepal but in other countries as well. The citizens are being empowered to speak out, fight for their rights and pursue justice because they are more aware of the issue as they are being exposed to information being shared in new media. New media brings people together to fight for a cause and pursue action from the government. New media provides opportunities for policy interventions to safeguard people’s right to live a dignified life. And these tools are empowering because it arms a common person with a weapon equal with others, so that he can speak the same language and use the web content to attack an issue with the same understanding. New media has now become an open education where everyone - despite age, caste, education background and social status - can have a voice to speak about global issues.


Zoepiliafas's picture

Attack an issue

New media really does allow for a level of equal access to information. I remember when I was younger and 1st got on the internet. I had no idea what to do...and now if I have a question about anything, politics, a restaurant, schools, medical issue etc...I can turn to google and type it in and have pages of information.

Your statement..."New media has now become an open education where everyone - despite age, caste, education background and social status - can have a voice to speak about global issues."

I appreciate the way you ended with a strong statement about voice. It leaves the reader feeling empowered and wraps up the writing nicely.

I look forward to your next writing assignment.


Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager
World Pulse

Sangita Thapa's picture

so true

So true dear cscabrido! There's no doubt that new media has been proved a boon especially to women for their empowerment. I look forward to seeing all the men and women equally vocal and contributing.

with love

Sharontina's picture


Dear cscabrido,

Wonderful writing, informative and frank.

No one wants to be left behind in the new wave of technology.

So lets all be connected and help others to connect.


Merlin Sharontina

amirchima's picture


The fact that anyone can have a voice allows any issue to be raised and attacked. This message really resonates with the power of access, and how that access can lead to action on so many levels, from an individual to a policy change.

I too am looking forward to your next assignment!

courtmiller03's picture

Breaking Boundaries

I couldn't agree more. Advancements in technology have granted us the opportunity to transcend cultural and social boundaries and connect with individuals across the globe. New media has created a public forum for discussion about major global issues that people who were once excluded from society can participate in.

Courtney Michelle Miller
Digital Communications Strategist and Multimedia Producer

libudsuroy's picture

Dear Chen, Kababayan, I was

Dear Chen, Kababayan, I was so happy to read what you are creating out of what you see out there in a different country. I shared your stories in my FB page a few days ago. Thank you for pointing out the "open education" aspect of Web 2.0. This holds much potential for the girls and children here in Mindanao.But then, still it needs political will and investments of resources to make this available to the rural poor in our country.

libudsuroy/Lina Sagaral Reyes
Mindanao, The Philippines

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)

amandamarie's picture

Week 1 Assigment

Hi Cscabrido,

I love what you have to say about the internet providing opportunity for education to everyone "despite age, caste, education background and social status". I hope that more people do feel empowered from learning about how others around the world are organizing and standing up for what they believe in. It is a great example that you gave in your post.

Thank you,

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