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World in hands with web 2.0

New technologies have a vast potential for empowerment which needs to be fully exploited. These technologies can be powerful instruments for advancing economic and social development through the creation of new types of economic activity, employment opportunities, improvements in health-care delivery and other services, and the enhancement of networking, participation and advocacy within society.

"A collaborative medium, a place where we could all meet and read and write". World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee. He was right; web 2.0 allows us to connect, express and transform ourselves as we collaborate across oceans, continents and cultural barriers. With web 2.0, you are not a watcher anymore; you can be creator. Save your effort and time to use them effectively. By using web 2.0 you can accelerate executing work, connect with whoever you want easier, share experiences, dreams and problems. I can't avoid log in web 2.0 everyday. It's everything in my life. I can meet available friends every day, do my work even at home; connect with my relatives as they are abroad. I love reading, web 2.0 provide me with great books and information about everything I want to know from everywhere.

Web 2.0 can be seen as a tool for empowering women, a space where women can contribute to the construction of cultural knowledge, a space that can be used by women for connecting, networking and sharing information and interests with other women not tied to geography, time or affordability to reach others. Access to new methods of communication between women can facilitate social changes. Communication with other women on-line removes our sense of isolation and alienation. With the Internet, women have access to new resources, materials and information not locally available. They also can find recent and up to date data. Having access to new and current resources permits the spread of information that can be used for activism and social change. Women intimidated by public speaking may feel more comfortable speaking on-line. Ultimately, women may be attracted to the Internet because it makes claims not to pay attention to discrimination issues such as age, race and sex. And as Bill Gates said: The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.


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The town square

How right you are in your observations. Suddenly we are connected to the world in a way that we had never seen before. Our closest supporters and advisors can be thousands of miles away yet be as close to us as a sister. We can share our visions, ideas, thoughts and solutions to make this world a better place for all women. I look forward to reading more about how you will be using web 2.0 to fulfill your dreams.

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Thank you very much for supporting me. Your words are so encouraging.

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Dear Mai,This submission

Dear Mai,

Thank you for sharing!

(1) Your writing painted a portrait of the many opportunities available with Web 2.0.
(2) Your active involvement with Web 2.0
(3) You also showed how you interface with Web 2.0.
Your writing justified the reason why Web 2.0 should be used for the empowerment of women.


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You draw a smile on my face

thank you for supporting me by saying these encouraging words :)

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Hi Mai, Thank you very much

Hi Mai,
Thank you very much for the interesting text. Your perspective is quite accurate when you say Web 2.0 gives us the option to connect with everyone everywhere And share a thought, a problem, a vision and get a comment which might inspire us. How do you think Web 2.0 can empower yourself in “town square? What would you like to do with it?

Thank you very much for sharing your voice!

mai's picture

Hi Dana, perfect question

It's pleasure to see your comment Dana. As to Web 2.0, I really can't imagine a day without surfing the net, searching for something new or knowing about something I need to know about. For me, Web 2.0 is a big library which I can visit any time I want. I'm working as a translator, by using Web 2.0 I use more than one dictionary at the same time, search for new words which I can't get from dictionaries or know about the topic of the source text so that I can get what the whole idea is about, if the topic is new. I'm not in need to go to the company to deliver a work or receive another; I just work on my work home and once I finish, I send it with a number of clicks. Connecting others is a very important thing for as a big number of my family is abroad, as well as my friends; I can connect them easily without charging to much to reach them by using Skype, Viber or Whatapp.
As to our project, Hopefully, by using web 2.0, we can reach all the women all over the world and they can reach us too. The internet shortens all the spaces, makes the world a small village. It makes what all efforts can't do. We can connect each other, we can help each other. Voices can be reached by web 2.0. I'm an Egyptian, and as you may know, web 2.0 was the main reason why we could gather together to call for our rights for freedom. Web 2.0 made us free after all this time. Women also will be free; free to talk to demand, defend their right and obtain it.


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VOF Listener

Hello Mai,

I was very happy to read your writing on the the power of Web 2.0. I have no doubt that you, as an Egyptian, have seen the technology revolution first hand! For this reason, I would like to suggest that you use more examples of how technology has changed your life personally. Using these personal examples can make writing far more interesting to read and can also bring your story to life. I am confident that there are at least a few examples of how technology changed your world, these are worth sharing with your readers. When using the internet, radio or video -- the one thing you have that no one else has -- is your experience. Voices Of Our Future is about practicing ways to share that experience.

You are in a unique position in the Arab world as an Egyptian woman because Egyptians now understand what empowerment feels like. I am not entirely convinced, however, that Egyptian women are being given the credit they deserve for empowering men to think about their country in a new way! You, as an Egyptian woman, deserve to be counted as someone who challenged oppression. What are the ways this experience affected you? How does your experience exemplify the power of technology to empower people and women in particular?

I enjoyed your article very much and am inspired by your efforts and participation here. I look forward to reading more about the ways in which Web 2.0 and other media are helping to empower women in Egypt!

Thank you~


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