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Transforming lives of marginalized women using Web 2.0

Web 2.0 has changed my relationship to information and created personal learning opportunities outside of formal education.
I remember as a child walking alone to the public library, a community rife with gangsters and crime, became the path I took to access information. While it seemed that there was more to read than I could fathom, now that landscape, seems limited in light of the access to information now. Reducing the barriers to access, however, did not dramatically change life for all, as access, is still a concern in rural areas in my country. Ordinary people with access can become creators of their own stories, enhancing the voices of women. Web 2.0 benefits ordinary citizens, from the educator to the marginalized woman by opening the doors to collaboration and participation. It encourages and facilitates the desire to share what you know as reality, through self reflection, and to assist in advocating for women’s rights. Social media, when used responsibly is a path to many goals. Its role in education can assist in bridging the competency gap that still exists in developing countries. Through educational networking, educators are able to participate in the events that make a difference for them, others and institutions with common interest. Continuous learning can be encouraged; awareness can be raised around issues affecting women and young girls. Through telling stories, women connect others that can assist them or gain support for a cause. Programmes designed for empowerment can think about specific sociopolitical context and use it as a powerful educational tool to achieve its objectives. Whether working with for example, abused women, or the young adolescent girl who are taught by marginalised women in their broader communities, Web 2.0 can serve as tool to build capacity and capability for so many women. Women find ways to promote their voices, strengthen collaboration amongst families and communities eventually solving their own problems. The use of blogs and multimedia provides a space for marginalised women where their visual histories can be documented and literacy can be taught to more children and adults. Web 2.0 offers tools where local and global educators get involved in collaborative efforts to offer skills training and support.

Web 2.0 has given me the means to develop my truth. I realise that even though, I had bad luck- being raped at age 12, living in silence with self blame and growing up with a sense of little worth for many years, there was a way for change. When coming into contact with Worldpulse, sharing my story publically for the first time, I realised that I do not have to be afraid to speak out. I have since started writing more, knowing I have a space to share, to reconstruct my story of abuse and overcoming. This way I can find meaning in helping young woman to understand their identities of self through retelling experiences.
Without this support and collaboration women remain an individual voice, rather than adding meaning by working with others with similar experiences and vision, empowering myself and getting support to shape my writing and develop others to take action to tell their stories.


LisaXi's picture

Well said and inspiring.

Well said and inspiring.

It is a joy to have you as a member of our community. Your words have been an inspiration. I believe that by you telling your story, one more voice may feel empowered to speak out and take a stand; to find meaning in their own lives beyond their suffering; to decide that one act will not define them.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and eloquently expressing how web 2.0 has changed your life.

MyrtleG's picture

Rise up African women!

Thank you Lisa and Janice.

Myrtle Adams-Gardner

binapatel33's picture

Thank you

Thank you for sharing your story. I agree with you that this tool will help women become stronger, speak up and teach all of these qualities to their children, specifically girls. This new tool will create a plethora of opportunities and will help to further develop inner strength amongst women.

Kind Regards,
Bina Patel
hc Mediate, LLC

Rebecca Andruszka's picture

Myrtle, Thank you for your


Thank you for your story. I know that, for me, writing has been essential to truly discovering myself and, like you, overcoming abuse. I look forward to having you in the chorus of strong women's voices demanding justice.

MyrtleG's picture

Discovering the self

As a woman, I realise my many roles; mother, sister, partner, friend, professional, gay woman. In my country, woman's issues are further compounded by issues of race and subcultures.

I am thankful for platforms like Worlpulse, that serves to bridge women's issues collectively, without further prejudice, and allowing me to see/hear, what solutions are sustainable in other countries, and start conversations, rethink issues of our own around women’s empowerment in my country.
Through this medium I hope to develop my writing skills that can assist me to make a difference in the lives of South African women and across the world.

Much Light

Myrtle Adams-Gardner

Emily Garcia's picture

Thank you!

Hello Myrtle,

Thank you so much for writing and sharing your story with us here on PulseWire. I am so glad this forum has been a place where you feel supported and able to openly discuss, reconstruct and ultimately overcome your own experience of abuse. I think you will find there are many here who can identify with your experience and that by sharing your own story you help empower others to do the same.

You also did a great job of discussing the ways Web 2.0 can be used to advance the women's empowerment movement. And you make great point in acknowledging that access to this medium is still unequal and something to be addressed.

It's wonderful hearing your voice and I look forward to reading more from you soon!

Best wishes,


Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

MyrtleG's picture

Emily, Thank you

I am learning alot about myself and best ways to engage in discourse around women's empowerment. We ceratinly need more women voices in my country.

Looking forwrad to learning from you.

Myrtle Adams-Gardner

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