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My Web 2.0 Experience

What excites me most about Web 2.0 is that it is an access to all the media platforms like Blogs, search engines, Face book, Twitter, Wikis, video sharing sites like YouTube, interactive news sites and Google maps. With these platforms each member of the society is able to fit in any group and be able to discuss with their peers, which makes it easy for a person to open up. In other words it allows you to participate in the display and consumption of content and also to interact with different people online. I am particularly excited because it empowers one to be able to react/respond to issues arising, it is user-driven, and gives access to real time information.

For so long a time women have been sandwiched to the extent that society has rendered them voiceless regardless of situations that they are in. But the advent of Web 2.0 platform, women can now speak for themselves, in other words they are empowered in accessing information, they can join networks and online social groups, where they interact with professionals in different fields. It has brought about a transformation in the lives of women through connections world over via digital media like face book, twitter etc. Web 2.0 permits women share things previously they could not tell any one, Some get comfort from reading about others that have the same problems as theirs which brings healing to them spiritually, emotionally which uplifts their confidence.

It is already empowering me by the mere fact that I was able to get connected to World Pulse, recommended by Grace Ikirimat (2011 VOF correspondent and Vocal contributor) a friend of mine on face book. It is an open book for me where I get to read and hear from women all over the world and will continue to empower me by permitting me to get to know more women around the world and learn from them. The mere fact that I am working with a media industry, though not in the mainstream news gathering, I have witnessed story ideas/tips trashed because they did not have “STORY IN IT” this tool will empower me to tell these stories to world through these platforms. I am encouraged and strong because I can air my views without fear. I wish to pass that on to any woman who may be in the same predicament as I once was and that is empowering for me.


JaniceW's picture

An open book

It is so exciting for us to hear the "true" stories happening on the ground and not the filtered biased ones we read in the mass media. Those stories you were told that had "no story in it" are exactly the ones we in the PulseWire community want to hear. And I am so glad you are there to report them to us. We are yearning to hear from women who are experiencing the challenges, to bring them together to brainstorm solutions. Now thousands can read your stories and contribute to the visions of women such as yourself.

I look forward to reading more from you.

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My Web 2.0 Experience

Thank you JaniceW,

I am excited with new experience and surely will share more with the world.



Pushpa Achanta's picture

Great writing

Dear sister,

I'm delighted to read your lucid and hopeful expression. Please continue to pen your ideas regularly.


calupo's picture

Great writing

Thank you so much your encouraging words, i will surely continue now that there people like you and others on the platform.



Leslie Stoupas's picture

You are a strong voice!

I can really feel your passion for wanting the real stories of real people to be told. A strong voice like yours in the Web 2.0 environment will certainly inspire many women to tell their stories. I look forward to hearing your opinions and analysis of the stories that you encounter. Thank you for sharing your vision!

Leslie Stoupas

calupo's picture


Hello Leslie,

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, you are an inspiration.
God richly bless you


Emily Garcia's picture

Thank you for writing!

Hello Christine,

This is a great post! Thank you for sharing your Web 2.0 experience. I really appreciate hearing your perspective and I can relate with you when you say that connecting on World Pulse has been empowering for you because it has been for me too.And I love the last lines of your post, "I am encouraged and strong because I can air my views without fear. I wish to pass that on to any woman who may be in the same predicament as I once was and that is empowering for me." Your voice is strong and your words are inspiring. I can't wait to read more from you.

Best wishes,


Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

calupo's picture


Thank you! Thank you! Yes, it feels good to know that there is an ear listening, a soul touched and a mindset changed. All this on WP.


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