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Empowerment of Women through Web 2.0

1 . Web 2.0 is exciting for me as a woman because it gives me a platform to share my stories to a wider community that I would not have been able to reach out to using traditional media. I can meet people with the same interests as mine coming from varied backgrounds and share best practices. Through Web 2.0 I am not confined only to my neighborhood when I seek solutions but I can get solutions at the click of a button from across the globe!

2. Approximately 70% of the 1.3 billion poor and suffering people in the world are women. In many parts of the world, women and girls often have no or little decision-making power, no or limited legal recognition and protection, little control over fertility, sexuality and marital choices and inadequate access to resources, such as land, positions of power and employment and limited. As a result, women and girls are generally vulnerable to poverty, violence and HIV and AIDS, particularly in emergency situations.
Web 2.0 will help to give a platform for women to have the same entitlements to all aspects of human development, including economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights; the same level of respect; the same opportunities to make choices; and the same level of power to shape the outcomes of these choices. It will address the policies, practices, ideas and beliefs that perpetuate gender inequality and prevent women and girls from enjoying a decent livelihood, participation in public life, protection and basic services. It will ensure the full participation and empowerment of women in all parts of the world and will promote women’s rights as human rights, particularly in the areas of abuse and violence. Partnerships and alliances will be created that promote the voices of women to be heard across the globe. Our campaign, advocacy and media messages, and the images we will share on web 2.0 will emphasize the importance of gender equality in overcoming poverty and suffering. They will also expose cases of abuse that would otherwise have gone unreported. Groups and forums across the world will share learning and best practice on gender equality. Web 2.0 can help women find funds and ideas for their projects.

3.I run various women empowerment projects in my community that can benefit in terms of funding, growth, diversity if shared on web 2.0. Through Web 2.0 I can create a platform on which I can share these projects. Often community projects lack growth due to insufficient funding and lack of ideas on how the project can be sustained without dependence on outside funding. Through social networking I will be able to connect with women from across the globe and get to hear on how they are running their projects. I may even get to connect with someone whom we can have exchange visits. Voices of the poor women that I work with in the community can now be heard across the globe.



awinkie's picture

Wow Sunga! Such a great post.

Wow Sunga! Such a great post. I couldn't agree more with your view on how Web 2.0 can really change how issues about gender inequality are addressed. I think it is a powerful tool not only for you to let tell your story and learn from others about different ways to address situations, but also a great tool for those who have no idea what issues you are facing in your country, and allows them to broaden their knowledge of the world.

I really like your answer to prompt #3, especially when you discuss sustainability. Having a project run with out dependency on outside funding is a really difficult thing to do, however, VERY important. I think social media will definitely be able to help you with this. The power behind sharing ideas is endless! I am excited to hear more from you.

Sunga's picture

Empowerment of Women through Web 2.0

Thanks Awinkie for the positive comment. You will certainly hear from me in the near future.

Thanks for this entry Sunga! It's very intelligently written. What I most liked was that I can tell straight away what a positive impact access to web 2.0 and all the tools offers it has had on you personally as a woman leader in your community. You seem to know exactly what power you have in controlling this resource, and also exactly what you plan to do with it!

I also like your point that the internet not only brings us all closer together but, practically speaking, allows us to find solutions to problems that were not available to us previously. I totally agree too that where lack of being able to connect with the world has contributed in large part to the marginalisation and lack of voice imprisoning women, particularly in vulnerable situations, in the past, now we have many ways to overcome this. For this reason I also like your emphasis on the value of spreading stories - Hearing these stories on a global platform makes them so much more difficult to be ignored.

You talk a lot about the different ways that women are made vulnerable to mistreatment - I would love to know more on your views about how specific online/digital media can help counteract this. What projects or initiatives have been successful in the organisations you are a member of so far and how? How do you foresee these being further exploited in future? I'm very interested to know more about women's empowerment projects in relation to digital media in your area!! Many thanks and keep writing :)

wizamamat's picture


Hey Sunga

I love your comment: "Through Web 2.0 I am not confined only to my neighborhood when I seek solutions but I can get solutions at the click of a button from across the globe."
It is true that several cases of abuse suffered by women are not reported. I agree with you that as agents of change, our duty is to educate and empower women with every resource available.I would love to learn more about your projects.

mrbeckbeck's picture

Nicely done

Nicely done Sunga, you have clearly captured the potential benefits of the web-connected-world here in your essay.

I look forward to hearing more about the work you're already doing in your community!

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

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