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The world is fast evolving and much time is spent on the virtual world for many reasons. The web 2.0 is used to get information, communicate, create or raise awareness on vital issues, network, sell ideas and products and much more.

What excites me most about this tool is the fact that it is free and accessible for all to use irrespective of age, sex, religion, political leanings etc. Web 2.0 if used purposefully, gives the greatest results to the user. The speed at which information circulates across nations is amazing, with feedback got at an instant. The ability to gain a vast following and build a huge network in common courses is unimaginable. Web 2.0 keeps us linked to our families, friends, groups and the world at large. The ability to log online and post wherever and whenever is fascinating, coupled with the options for selective attention and distribution of information. In which case, the user of web 2.0 whether through blogs, facebook, twitter, youtube and some of the social media sites can decide and build and join a virtual world according to his/her desires, needs and aspirations.

Web 2.0 can bring about many solutions to the Global Women Empowerment Movement. It offers the opportunity for women to speak out for themselves, without having others speak for them. This enables women’s voices to be heard through sharing of experiences and issues that directly affect them and their kind to seek solutions.
With web 2.0, women stand to benefit not only in the exposure they have for their problems to get solutions, but also get great opportunities to empower themselves educationally, socially, politically and otherwise. With web 2.0, the Global Women’s Empowerment Movement and its network of women has the opportunity to know issues of gender violence in other parts of the world and seek solutions to them.

This tool have been so empowering for me because as a journalist, this happens to be one of, if not the most helpful tool for research, journalistic communication and education. Through it, I have been able to contribute my point of view on topical issues and also sign on some protest for change in change .org. It is thanks to web 2.0 that I could get the information about World Pulse from another women’s leader after we attended a seminar organized by the American Embassy in Cameroon to mark the Women History month 2013, and one of the modules stressed on the great opportunities that women can have online. I intend to build and gain a bigger virtual audience so as to have a greater impact and have my voice on issues concerning women, the girl child heard. This is an endeavor I already started on my facebook page, and this forum will just enable me to widen my horizon.


Leedjia's picture

shared interests

I enjoyed your post and believe that sharing our voices, as you do, will bring light to women's needs. I would love to learn more about your advocacy efforts!

Tina Young's picture

Hello Leedjia, Glad to know

Hello Leedjia,
Glad to know that you enjoyed my post. I have ben contributing my own little quota to advocate for women's right and the rights of other vulnerable groups. My radio programs are highly oriented towards this. I get resource persons from the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms in my region and also from Human Rights activists. The education we do on the air certainly has an impact.

Secondly, I work with an NGO, Center for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy. We train traditional rulers and other custodians of the culture on the rights of women and girls. This is because in our region, most rights are violated under cultural norms. This has contributed to reshaping some of the cultural practices. In our trainings we also stress a lot on child trafficking, which happens to be so rampant here.Our NGO also produces a magazine, "The Advocate" to highlight some of these and do more sensitization.

Greengirl's picture


What you are doing and still intend to do with Web 2.0 is impressive and I wish you the very best as you actualize your aspirations.



Tina Young's picture


Thanks for the encouragement. It boost a more working spirit.

Chrisitina's picture

Well written

I also find Web 2.0 a very powerful learning tool on women's issues covering live facts and records from around the world. It really opened my eyes on this topic! Hopefully, with professional journalists like you and laymen like me, we can advertise it and make it known to more women :-)


Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY.

Tina Young's picture


Rightly said Christina. We join our voices together and the information will circulate on all media outlets to which we are exposed. Single-handed, one cannot do anything, but with others, we can do a lot. I am also alwyas happy to something new each blessed day.


Sharontina's picture


Dear Sis,

Its great to have a journalist here especially such an enthusiastic friend.

Keep posting. Informative and good

Merlin Sharontina

AbbyBrown's picture


I enjoyed reading your post, and I really appreciate the ideas that you shared as to how Web 2.0 can solve some of the hurdles that face the global women's empowerment movement. It is wonderful to hear your enthusiasm and passion come through your writing. Well done!



Tina Young's picture

I appreciate

I am glad to hear that Abby. You won't imagine the feeling I always have whenever I receive such comments. Glad to have people like you read through my writing and find it useful. i am open and ready to learn too. Once again thanks.

With love,
Tina Young

Jan K Askin's picture

Tina is Empowered

Dear Tina,

Your well-written entry could be used to advertise for corporation Web 2.0 if such an organization existed. You convey how truly world-changing this technology has become.

It is gratifying how you have already used transformational tools, such as, to begin your journey of working towards greater women's empowerment. That information strengthens your article because you are an example of what you convey.

Congratulations Tina form your sister in the United States,

Jan Askin

Jan Askin

Tina Young's picture

You know, Askin, there are

You know, Askin, there are times we do things not knowing the impact it will create. Day by day we keep learning how much a single voice can cost.

Tina Young's picture

ow I wish

You know, Askin, there are times we do things not knowing the impact it will create. Day by day we keep learning how much a single voice can cost.

Hannah B's picture

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us!
It sounds like you are doing wonderful work in Cameroon, and I look forward to hearing more about your experiences through your writing!

Tina Young's picture


Got you right. Will endeavor to post as often as possible. Thanks for your contribution.

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