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Women and the New Media

All around the world, growth of information on the web is exploding. More and more people and news organisations post stories on their websites, twitter or facebook page. Millions of people write their own blog or participate in online discussion boards.

On web 2.0 I can connect with friends, get new ideas and be abreast of happenings around the world. All these excite me . Courtesy of web 2.0 the world is now a global village. For me web 2.0 is an excitement !
Web 2.0 presents a great opportunity for women's empowerment globally in that for long the traditional media has kept women issues in the background .
Web 2.0 offers women the opportunity of writing their own story . Even as a professional journalist I no longer have to wait for any editor to check my story before I can publish on the web .
Women can now write, report and publish stories on and about women as they unfold in their various communities thereby bringing global attention to women issues .
Women can also use web 2.0 to create awareness and sensitize the global community on issues affecting women .
Web 2.0 enables women to connect, collaborate and $hare information and ideas like it is happening on World Pulse .

As a journalist with web 2.0 in my hands I can generate and share information about women in particular in my own style and designm
I can express myself anyway and anyhow I choose to as long as I am communicating.

There will be no editor to twist my thoughts or my ideas . Its indeed a big relief ! I can write my own story. I can connect with people and make new friends, engage in topical discussions worldwide and as well ask questions and get feedback .
For me web 2.0 is a fantastic application that has made my passion and professional calling a lot easier .


Somaye Dehban's picture

Writing from experience...

Dear oluwayomi

thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, I could read easily between the lines that you have lots of experience and I am glad that I have the opportunity to read your posts and learn from them.

the points you mentioned about Web 2.0 are very important: connecting with friends, getting new ideas and being up to date with events around the world. I also read on another post by another member of the community that Web 2.0 brings the world closer to "global village", could you let me know what you exactly mean by this term? I am interested to know what is your definition?

and indeed as you wrote and as it was referred in the course material, the traditional media does not really pay attention to women's issues.

I also consider Web 2.0 as a mean to raise awareness, it really works :)

I am looking forward reading your other posts
all the best

oluwayomi osuntokun's picture

dear somaye

Thanks for your comments . The term global village refers to the fact that the internet has reduced the whole wide world to one small community . You are in far away netherlands and am in nigeria yet courtesy of the new media we are friends and connecting. We are sharing ideas as if you are just my next door neighbour ! Isn't that great ? The world is indeed a global village now . And I agree with you web 2.0 is a great tool of raising awareness . Best regards !

dreams with the moon's picture

I hear you!

A very good point… Oppression does not have to be explicit and brutal but already happens on a basis of censorship: selecting or not selecting a story, especially in media. The freedom in writing in our own style and design is crucial for us to find NEW ways and spark the world with NEW ideas. I admire your willingness and participation on that level.
Your voice is needed! Thanks for that...


oluwayomi osuntokun's picture


Thanks so much for your nice words .

Beverly Rose's picture

My heart is filled with hope

My heart is filled with hope as I read your article and that of other women in World Pulse to know that all across the globe women are using the power of the web to empower themselves, to empower others. Knowledge is power, and it seems you are determined to spread that knowledge. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being part of this project. I look forward to reading more from you!

In peace,

oluwayomi osuntokun's picture


Thanks beverly .

Mila's picture

Thank you!

Hi Oluwayomi,

Thank you so much for writing and being a part of the WorldPulse community. It was great to read about your excitement for Web 2.0. To make your writing even better I would suggest including some personal stories about your life as a journalist. Also, please try to write more--you had 180 more words available to you before reaching the world limit. Please keep sharing your stories with the world!


oluwayomi osuntokun's picture

ni mila

Thanks for your objective observation . It is noted .
Best regards .

Cali gal Michelle's picture

Oluwayomi- Your excitement

Oluwayomi- Your excitement regarding access to news and events, as well as increased independence in your ability to publish is evident in this entry. If you could use this new-found freedom to publish anything on any topic, what would it be I wonder?

Yes, you can express yourself. And yes, we will hear you!

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


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