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Web 2.0 changed my life

The network Web changed the course of history and made us live in a virtual world in which we live today, bringing the world a small village where people Ataref without trouble so canceled the geographical boundaries of the map thanks to the Web and made the world live in affluence of another kind.
Changes in my life since I met pox on the web, so entry Memkny to the wonderful world in every sense of the word
The more something interests me in Web 2.0 are networks of social networking and its constructive role in the changes the events Dkhlina and externally have contributed these networks to change the course of my life, so I joined several courses across the Web in the field of journalism and human rights, from here began my career again in the field of journalism home where I was able knowledge of several sites and how to build networks, location, besides blogs and how to work them bringing me many observers. and post my work over the Web. I spent long hours and I'm in front of a computer learn things not originally in schools even become a sort of web so that improved my abilities in all areas of life as well as at work.
The important thing how can web that enables women to universal participation, and also know that their participation is very low in all areas of political life and the world, because in truth is that Arjal control of all the areas, which makes women away from participating, as well as violence against women does not make them think originally the web 2.0 and despite her the bulk of his thinking center on violence to go wrong, whether at home or even at work.
But fact beholden changes today web and easy to deal with as well as the prices, which he considered accessible to women
So what on women only break into this Web 2.0 that they can delivery Asuten and anywhere in the world on the assets they
Web can contribute to a woman's voice continued where they are without the trouble and simply typing her thought and send it over the Web 2.0
As well as Web 2.0 can enhance women's confidence in themselves and this through its participation in the political and social They continued to work in this aspect on a daily basis but do not hear the world for this sound, which suffers unjustly in darkness.
Thanks to the social networks connecting private and stringing able women in the Arab world as well as the Western world to continue its ideas and Manitha thanks Dat characters does not exceed 140 characters.
If doing have challenged us in the recent past that the mere 140 characters possible change the course of a woman's life Falla find it incredible that, but today we have become feel the importance of characters in our lives as a human being and as a mirror the first degree and how to work with these characters through Web 2.0
It is my own experience has helped me Web 2.0 to participate in several areas continued to voice across the world on less from my point of view. Where today I join vote future I think it is an opportunity to deliver our voices to the world and how we can participate in this program and we are different in Algh beliefs and funny our daily lives that we find from partaking of the developed countries and other countries of the developing and every one of us whose main objective How can reach her voice Through this space to the world and convince him that there is no limits before the entry of women into the world of Web 2.0. And they can change her life to what is best without there objected barrier.


Mukut's picture

Great !

Hi Foufou !

It is great to meet somebody from Algeria. I agree that web 2.0 helps build women's confidence level and deliver our voices to the world.

Well done.


Mukut Ray

foufou's picture


Hi Mukut

I 'm happy to meet you Mukut and to agree with me that web2.0 helps build us
Best love


JaniceW's picture

Universal participation


You have made so many wonderful observations of how the web can empower us. In anonymity, we can test ideas on the web, build our confidence, and learn more about certain issues. In gaining knowledge, our ideas become stronger and we build the courage to speak out to the community around us. We no longer need to remain silent and in communities such as PulseWire, we have a network of over 15,000 sisters ready to support us and brainstorm ideas with us to effect change.

I am so glad you are speaking out and I look forward to reading more from you.

كنت قد قدمت ملاحظات رائعة الكثير عن الكيفية التي يمكن أن تتيسر لنا على شبكة الإنترنت. في عدم ذكر اسمه، يمكننا اختبار الأفكار على شبكة الإنترنت، وبناء الثقة لدينا، ومعرفة المزيد عن قضايا معينة. في اكتساب المعرفة، أفكارنا تصبح أقوى ونبني الشجاعة في التحدث إلى المجتمع من حولنا. لم نعد بحاجة الى التزام الصمت في المجتمعات ومثل PulseWire، لدينا شبكة من أكثر من 15،000 الأخوات على استعداد لدعم لنا وتبادل الأفكار معنا لإحداث تغيير.

أنا سعيدة للغاية كنت تتحدث بها وإنني أتطلع إلى المزيد من القراءة لك.

foufou's picture

Thank you Janice W

I 'm so happy that you are reading my (web 2.0 changed my life)
and to agree with me that web can empower us.
Thank you Janice


milliej7's picture

Thanks for your piece Faiza.

I have just read your piece with interest. It is clear that web 2.0 has changed your life as a woman. I agree that it enables women to share with one another across the globe, what you call universal participation. I also agree that the internet can help women to develop their voices.

Sometimes it isn't easy to understand your references ( for example Dhklina, Memkny, Asuten). One thing we need to remember is that when we are writing for people all over the world we need to help them understand where we are and what our reality is.

Like I said, i was interested by your personal experience as an Arab woman in Algeria. I hope you continue to share your experiences, helping me and thousands of other people across the globe to understand your reality.

foufou's picture

Thanks milliej7

Thank you millej7 to read my piece , yes I know what was happened for it !!!!
Because in the first time I write it in Arabic that is why there are some word are not understanding
But Now I will be try to writ in English to hears me voice across the world.
if you want to read my new piece of the 2 week (who am I)
Best Thank


sherises's picture

Enjoyed your post, Faiza.

Hello, Faiza.

I, too, enjoyed reading your post. You write very descriptively about the 'darkness' many women around the world live in and how the internet, specifically Web 2.0, has changed their lives.

As a teacher, advocate of human rights and citizen journalist you are a role model for change in your community.

I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Best to you,

every day go out of your way to do something kind

foufou's picture

Thank you sherises

I'm so happy to enjoyed reading my post
yes I will be do every day go out of me way to do something kind :) :)
Best Thank


Gloriabit's picture

darkness will go with time

yes dear

keep on writing ,some day this darkness will go away.



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