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I am really excited about web 2.0 for various reasons: The fact that I can freely express my ideas, opinion, feelings etc in creativity without fear that the contents of my article will be diluted to suit the male stereotype ideology before getting to my target audience is quite soothing. It has also helped to improve my ability to study because I have better access to information even within the comfort of my home and office. Thrilling also is that I am the writer, editor and even the distributor of my article through my blog. The most exciting part is this new terminology called “Tagging”, Wahoo! I never heard of such and have never used it in my writing before now.
Web 2.0, its reach, access and empowerment of women
To the average woman, it brings about increase awareness and access to communications technology, citizen journalism and digital empowerment which promotes and strengthen collaboration that accelerate the exchange of solutions to global challenges as it affects women and children with fellow women. Information dissimilation is now more accessible to her who is too busy to leave the home front as a result of her gender socialization role of a wife, mother, caregiver, domestic help or aid; all she needs do now is connect via her mobile phone to the rest of the world.
According to the available statistic, almost half(46%) of all news stories rein enforces gender stereotype but Web2.0 has provided the opportunity to connect as women with each other and form an allay by bringing our voices together as a powerful force thereby creating a great impact on social change on global challenges as it affects women and children.
How can one know without access to information? Web2.0 has provided the solution to eradicate ignorance in women. My believe and stand as an advocate of behavioural change as a way of ending gender violence against women is due to the acquired knowledge I possess on Human rights as it relates to women and children, gender mainstreaming and Resolution 1325; If every woman is equipped with this knowledge then our ideology concerning male dominance against women will be corrected and women will raise up to demand for equal opportunity and access in decision making process in national, regional and international institution in political, social and economic levels as provided for in Resolution 1325;
• Web2.0 has empowered me to be a voice in my community against discrimination targeted at women and girls which promotes violence against them.
• Web 2.0 will be used in my advocating for effective participation of women in decision making levels as a peace and security leader.


Mukut's picture


YES! web 2.0 is the medium to propagate and educate about women's rights and issues which have long been ignored.

Great work. Keep it up!


Mukut Ray

Tessie's picture

Hi Mukut, love your

Hi Mukut,
love your comment.
Love and hugs

salient cry

mukoche khatondi's picture

Great work!

Thats good work my friend..Keep it up as we continue with the training.

Cheers, lilian

Lilian Khatondi

Tessie's picture

Hi Lilian, Thank you. I am

Hi Lilian,
Thank you. I am looking forward to more communication and comments from you

salient cry

Aminah's picture

empowerement is the key

Digital empowerment is very important.
There is so much out there that we can tap onto to make our voices heard.

Great post


Tessie's picture

Hi Aminah! Thank you.

Hi Aminah!
Thank you.

salient cry

Sharontina's picture

Hi Tessie,

Dear Tessie,

Seeing you after a long time. Oh, sorry, actually the fact is i have disappeared from the screen for a while.

Web 2.0 a treasure trove of information - possibilities, change and revolution.

Good sharing. keep it up.


Merlin Sharontina

Tessie's picture

Hi Sharon, It's been a while!

Hi Sharon,
It's been a while! I love your post too. keep it up sister.
Love and hugs

salient cry

Linda M. Ando's picture

Women Voices Unite & STRONG!

Dear Tessie,

Wahooooooo! I love your spirit, your voice and determination to break through the gender barriers and empower women to have access to information, knowledge and to the world via the internet and technology. YES, having the freedom to voice your opinions, feelings and experiences are so important and a human right we must strive for and uphold.

I look forward to reading more of your work. THANK YOU for leading the way and for uniting women voices to be STRONG and HEARD. Wahooooo!

Keep up the great work!

With Gratitude and Support,

Linda Ando

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Tessie's picture

Hi Linda, I'm short of words!

Hi Linda,
I'm short of words! sisters like you are a great encouragement. some of my articles are "head or tail- a coin is a coin", some women do have them, the hand that rocks the cradle etc. I'm sure you will find them interesting since you are interested in gender issues just like me. Let me know what you think of them as you read. Will love to interact more with you.
Thank you,

salient cry

Hesychia's picture

Conviction of Purpose

Hi Tessie ~

Your conviction of purpose shines through your writing! So does your excitement to bring this information and education to women all over the globe. You have a strong voice for women and you use it well.

Blessings ~

Tessie's picture

Hi sister, hope its ok to

Hi sister, hope its ok to call you that? Thank you got your words of encouragement.
God bless.

salient cry

Hesychia's picture

Keep going strong!

Yes, I'm glad to be called sister...

I look forward to reading more of your writing and watch your strength and voice grow!


Tessie's picture

Thank you Tessie

Thank you

salient cry

Rebecca Andruszka's picture

Tessie, I love your


I love your enthusiasm for Web 2.0 and information sharing. I'd love to hear more about why tagging is so exciting to you and how you think you'll use it.

Thank you for your words.

Tessie's picture

dear Beca, Is it OK to call

dear Beca,
Is it OK to call you that?
I love to write and all this while that I have been writing; I never heard the word Tag as it relates to writing of article. I only knew that on Facebook, we are sometimes required to tag our pictures by writing the names of people that appear on it. well, I don't do it because I didn't know how to go about it. You know I'm from Africa so the internet is quite still new to us. During my high school years, we only have a few computers in my school and computer studies was more of theory than practical. We were only shown what it looked like. In the university, it wasn't much different too! so now you see where I'm coming from. It is a new experience to me, so I'm excited! Now people can easily check my work and at a glance understand what my article is all about and secondly, I can also use it for research purpose.

salient cry

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