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The danger of the single story

Chinamanda Adichie is a celebrated Nigerian writer,an Orange prize winner and she recently spoke on TEDTALKS on what she called 'the danger of the single story'.We as women have had our stories told over and over which normally wouldve been a good thing,but for the fact that its been told in a highly stereotypical fashion heavily influenced by the society's view of women marginalization.But thanks to the web 2.0,we now have a platform to begin to tell our different stories,speaking up for ourselves,saying NO to the single story told of us!

Now,we have heard of the story of The maman shujaa who have inspired me so much,we have heard of the story of the breast ironing,the female genital mutilation menace,the virginity testing,vesicovaginal fistula,and so much more and how positive solutions are being proferred and effected!women have begun to speak up and we have started to take a stand for ourselves.

A proverb in my language says"ajeji owo kan o gberu dori"which means a single hand cannot help lift a heavy load for you to carry on your head;web 2.0 is the place where so many hands come to together to lift a burden and make it lighter,it is empowering to know you aren't alone in your fight against issues like ending violence against women!
Women,linked hand in hand,even though we may be miles&time zones apart makes us a force to be reckoned with.The society may ignore the cries of a single woman,but its virtually impossible to ignore when thousands and millions of women lend their voices and cry with her in decibels so deafening!that,is web2.0!

I'm given a platform to speak,share my thoughts on injustices to women,and oh yes,I will keep voice is free and ready,to be lent to someone in need,just as I know my sister's voices will be lent to mine too when I need it!


ola.mahadi's picture

making youself count

We i sing petition or re post call for action and when i read your post is one of times that i know i am not just standing here alone and that i know that my voice count so let us share our voices for better future.
well said Abisinuola
Stay connected

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Abisinuola's picture

I love what you said

..."I'm not standing alone"yes you aren't,neither am I.that's the beauty of our sisterhood,founded on a common ground of gender equality,promoting and empowering each other.
Thank you!


Aminah's picture

A supportive network

"place where so many hands come together to lift a burden and make it lighter"

that's the rightful definition of web 2.0 and what it represents to global women's movement. Good on you.

All the best


Abisinuola's picture

Thank you aminah....I'm glad!

Thank you aminah....I'm glad!


JaniceW's picture

I love what you wrote

"place where so many hands come together to lift a burden and make it lighter"

You described PulseWire beautifully. This is a family of over 15,000 sisters who will never leave you feeling alone. I look forward to reading more from you.

Abisinuola's picture

Thank you janice!

That as you have rightly said,is what pulsewire which is a wonderful model of WEB2.0 is!
Your words are a melody in my heart :)


Sharontina's picture

So many hands !

Dear Abisinuola,

i love that "so many hands coming togther", and so many voices here uniting to form one. dont you think thats more powerful that anything.

lets make a journey towards that world. keep sharing


Merlin Sharontina

Abisinuola's picture

yes it is!

There is inestimable power in unity!


Flavia Nyadoi's picture


Dear Abisinuola,
I am inspired by your words is directly to all women out there and here reading it.
It is true that we all need to take action against the discrimination of women in any form, some thing that doe not not matter weather one is a woman or a man. We really need to work together. And you are doing it right.

Big up!

Abisinuola's picture

yes sis

We need to work together and we are doing it right on this platform


Myrthe's picture


Thanks for posting your article, Abisinuola! You give some very good examples of different stories about women that have been told in the media the past few years. Can you think of any stories you want to tell or write about on the internet? Stories that you think deserve more attention or a wider audience? I look forward to reading more from you!

Oh, and you reminded me to watch Chinamanda Adichie's Ted Talk again! I watched it before and loved it. I should watch it again.

Abisinuola's picture


I'm glad you loved Chinamanda's Ted talk,I have watched it countless times myself.

And yes,I have many more stories to shed light on,I'll be writing soon on widowhood practices.

I look forward to reading from you as well.
Thank you sister!:o


Chinemu's picture


Great piece Abisinuola,
Yes Web 2 has made load lighter for each of us, where we our mouths are shut we simply type and click and there goes the message to millions across the world.
Keep up the great work

Abisinuola's picture

yes chinemu,

We have been blessed with platforms to speak.
We will not be silent.


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