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This is the life: 2013 VOF Week 1

Web 2.0
In the olden days of our grandmothers notjing like thi sexisted. We are now very blesed with boundless opportunities to put our points across. Web 2.0 for me means freedom of speech, it means having that loud voice to speak with reaching to the ends of the word with just my fingers. There shall be no limit to information. Every woman in the world within reach of an internet has now been enabled to speak theit hearts out, bring about change, start revolutions and be woman. There can now be no excuse for women to be silent about things happening around them. This is a platform to bring change, to shine our lights brighter than our mothers ever could dream. Web 2.0 gives me confidence that my voice can be heard, I will not be silent anymore. At last i acn also be a part of a revolution taking place in India, a protest b+eing held in Argentina, a speak out in Malawi while sitting in my living room in South Africa. I can now be the voice that brings change to the whole world, ME. This world will now be a better place because i have been given opportunity to SPEAK. Web 2.0 everyone can use, we do not need any licences or special permission to use it. It brings people from all walks of life together united in one voice. One can easily start a world debate, acquire funds for worthy causes, get help on issues affecting her community from world experts. No conversation is impossible with Web 2.0. A person in South Africa might receive their healing from a web search performed on internet. I am able to acquire skills via internet which are otherwise maybe not offered in my country. Knowledge is overwhelming on the internet. The days of writing letters, postcards is over everything is instant now. I can post a video on you tube and be able to get my point across even to those who cannot read for they only need to listen to my voice. Thank you so much for opening our eyes with this programme


Woman of voice's picture

Web 2.0

Thank you for this programme. You have brought so much awareness to me even though I knew these tools but noe i feel that i am better equiped.

YOU are the voice of change. You are a light in a dark place. You are a revolution.

Speak your mind, share your insights, take action. We are here with you all the way!

In Sisterhood-

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


Woman of voice's picture


Great way of putting it, amazing. You must think of becoming a writer one day. wow

Mukut's picture


Wonderfully expressed.This is the chance to shine our lights brighter than our mothers could ever dream of, indeed.

All the best,

Mukut Ray

Woman of voice's picture


Hey this is power right in our very own hands

Nakinti's picture

Thank you!

Dear Woman of Voice,
Thank you for this beautiful of exposure of the power of web 2.0.
It is beautifully and straight forwardly written, thank you dear.
Love from Cameroon.

Nakinti B. Nofuru
2013 VOF Correspondent
Reporter for Global Press Institute
Bamenda - Cameroon

ola.mahadi's picture

it is our chance

Dear Women of Voice well said yah we have the tools to make our voice heard lets take it and use it to the maximumregards Ola

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Woman of voice's picture


Hey thanks for the encouraging message.

Woman of voice's picture

Web 2.0

Hi guys
I just love this group. The warmth and friendliness and just the sense of belonging, great you guys. Thank you for this awesome opportunity. Again, lets transform this earth, OUR way

Woman of voice's picture

Web 2.0

Thank you all for commenting on my post, lets stick together and learn from each other.

Aminah's picture

exercise freedom of speech

Web 2.0 allows us to exercise our human right to expression of thought.
Nobody can stop us from doing and it is great to find other people with shared stories and experiences and that creates global movement.

I enjoyed reading your post



Taha Mirani's picture

Brilliant. More power to


More power to your pen.


Taha Mirani

Sharontina's picture

you are the voice!

Woman of voice,

wishes to make that voice more loud, powerful and to reach the unreached.

good posting dear Sis. Keep going ahead.


Merlin Sharontina

Woman of voice's picture


Good to hear from you. We must speak out and this platform is just heaven sent. Much can now be accomplished.

mjose3's picture

Yes YOU can change the course

Yes YOU can change the course of a lot of things. I am glad that you have now the opportunity to speak out against all that is happening to women around the world.

Keep speaking!


Woman of voice's picture

Yes you I can

Thanks my sister

Cassady's picture

Speak our hearts out!

There is so much passion here! It is truly amazing that we can all be a part of so much, when all we need are a few fingers to type with. When everyone has a chance to speak, the world will be a better place. Keep speaking your heart out, and we will all learn something!


Woman of voice's picture

Speak out

What you say is very true. Lets speak our hearts out.

CeXochitl's picture

Inspired by your passion!

You are so right! Our grandmothers could never have dreamed of a world where women can communicate with each other about all facets of our lives, from all parts of the world. There is so much potential for collaboration and positive change. Nice writing!

Woman of voice's picture


We now have no excuse not to rise up and conquer

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