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Say No to Stripping and Violation of Women and Girls in Kenya


Drama ensued at the nyeri bus termini when a crowd descended upon a lady they claimed was indecently dressed. The angry mob undressed the lady saying that the short dress top she had worn reflected badly on the women of nyeri. Women are being punished for the erratic fantasies of men.

As concerned citizens of this country that are proud to be enjoying a new constitutional dispensation, we are appalled by recent actions meted on a woman in Nyeri County. The woman was undressed in public by an angry mob for apparently being ‘indecently dressed’. This is not an isolated case, as women of this country continue getting their rights violated with by the so called ‘keepers of social morality’. We have noted silence around this issue that is against the tenant of basic human rights. We are concerned by the trend where citizens will find it allowable to strip naked women and go scot free. We are disturbed that the gains made in ensuring equal right of women and men in this country are being trampled on by citizens who go unpunished. This is a high level of impunity that must be addressed.We demand that legal action be taken against the perpetrators of this violence, and women and girls of Kenya be assured of security and other freedoms and rights guaranteed in our Constitution.
We demand an explanation and an apology from the KTN presenters! What was so funny?

What happened to the lady in Nyeri should NOT HAPPEN to any girl or woman, this level of public impunity, violence must be condemned and action taken.


(i) Use the Twitter hashtag to speak against it: #NOtostrippingofwomen

(ii) Blog about it and advocate against this inhuman acts.

(iii) Use the attached pictures as your Facebook status update.

(iii) Join this Facebook Group so we can collectively brainstorm and speak against these acts:

Watch the Disheartening Video Clip here:




estelle's picture

we need to stand up

It is time the rights of women completely gain grounds

Iryna's picture

Who wants a cake?

Saying a woman provokes for rape or undress her is the same as you steal a cake in the store just because it looks seducing. We are not animals, at least I really hope we see in each other more than just a piece of meat!

Ali Raza's picture

This is not the first

This is not the first incident, many incidents go unrecorded altogether. She was humiliated for being a woman, and expressing herself in her own way, her clothing is just an excuse to harass her, and so that people could see her completely naked. I condemn such behaviors and I urge us all to become one voice and put an end to such bigotry all around the world.

candyguibone's picture

I was really sad when I read

I was really sad when I read this. How can they think of doing that to women? I've already shared it through my social networks and hopefully a lot of people can be informed about this so that they can also help spread the word.

Phionah Musumba's picture


I strongly condemn this heinous act of sexual harassment. My daughter was with me when the news was aired and she was more than embarrassed for the both of us. This should not happen to anyone.

Phionah Musumba
Founder/Executive Director
Malkia Foundation &
Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya
P.O Box 9461 - 00300,
Nairobi, Kenya
Facebook: Phionah Musumba
Twitter: @KenyaGals
LinkedIn: Phionah Musumba
Skype: phionah.anguzuzu.musumba

Bwela N's picture


Very disheartening indeed. It's sad to admit its happening in my country too(Zambia). We hope for better security even as we fight for the respect in our societies.

Gracious's picture


How men can be hypocrites is so disheartening. Yes we are animals not just like any other animal but intelligent ones. Women should be respected and every man out there should respect and treat every woman the same way he expects others to treat her sister and mother. STOP THE BARBARIC ACT OF HARASSING OUR GIRLS AND WOMEN. We know our rights and days of intimidation are long gone. HYPOCRITICAL INDEED


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