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Beware of people pausing as goodwill ambassadors,not all are genuine as they claim.

Are you a sponsor,funder or resource mobiliser for charity?Does your heart reach out so fast to help whenever you read a story about a poverty stricken family or individual?Are you moved so much that you want to help immediately?Then please,pause abit before you enter into parnerships of sorts to fund or sponsor.I am resounding this bell because people are taking advantage of others misery to make a kill or fortune for themselves.It's very true that these disadvantaged people do really exist and that the stories are real.But are you sure this aid you are genuinely chanelling for this cause is reaching out to the people affected?or is it being squandered and diverted to individuals crying out for help on behalf of these people?

Recently i wrote about the plight of one Cecilia.And today am back with more of her.Cecilia a mother of 7 boys,abandoned 12 years ago by her husband has suffered so much as a woman,faced ridicule from society,family and friends yet she has weathered the storm for her children.Coupled with domestic violence even after the husband left and child neglect,she has braved it all for the sake of her children and i admire her for her strength because she never ever abandoned them but has protected and stood by them.

She has no source of income to support her family.She sells fried fish by the road side and sometimes business collapses due to lack of capital or when city council authorities rough her up,she ends up losing all her stock then it takes her another good months before she gets back to business which doesn't even earn her profit of $10 but she still hangs in because her children must eat and also go to school.Her dream is to educate her children,because she believes it's only education that will ever give her children a bright future,yes,she is a visionary too and she has refused to let her situation kill the dreams she has for her children.

One day through the eyes of a good samaritan abroad,lady luck struck her and her youngest son got himself a sponsor.She was happy that finally God had answered her prayers,yes indeed he had.Through a church organisation,her son was able to get this particular sponsor.All incoming funds are chanelled throught the church but lately she cries more than she rejoices because of this same luck,same answered prayer because apparently apart from the school fees that's paid,she has never ever benefitted in anyother way.Her child's sponsor sometimes does send her money for help and upkeep but she never sees it,she only has backdated letters delivered to her and if at all she manages to get the money,usually it is less by a very good amount because some times she is given as less as $20 and this is usually after she has begged and cried out so much that she is heard.Yet while all this is going on,the kind hearted samaritan is not aware at all and she is convinced that all is well.
The most recent blow came when she was called by someone in the office to go get a letter she had recieved from abroad,she went with her son.Inside the gigantic car sat an enormous man,tapping away at his steering wheel who handed over to her the letter and then told her,it had been accompanied with some money but that it was going to be used to secure sportswear for the child.Her plea that the money should be given to her to sort out rent issues fell on deaf ears as the man sped off and left her standing in shock.She then collected herself together,armed with the letter,deep in the night,she came home.She told me,that she had been told there's a machine through which people abroad can be contacted and she pleaded with me to help her understand how this machine works and if can really find this good samaritan(obviously she is illiterate and technology is still an issue).I then told her that i was actually right on the machine and that we could find this lady.All she wanted was to have a direct conversation with her and to tell her that her good image and heart are being selfishly used.

So together we embarked on this long trek with my machine(laptop)to try and find this lovely and kind hearted woman.I googled and found someone i thought was her because the other occupants in the house were similar to the names she includes in her letters,too bad there wasn't a particular house address or any other direct contact for this matter.We searched on facebook,LinkedIn and lots of other social site but we couldn't get a direct hold of her.I then promised her that i would continue that search.Meanwhile,she was scared to return home to face the wrath of the landlord who had threatened earlier in the day to thow her out of her one roomed house if she failed to clear rent arrears.She pays about $10 as monthly rent but it had accumulated and she could no longer afford it.The house has no electricity and is in a very sorry state yet she still crams in with her sons.That night she told me she had become very exhausted in this life that she felt it better to die and have some rest in the other life.I told her to keep the hope up because things will change for the better someday.
Well just yesterday,the landlord threw her out the house while there was a heavy storm outside,she went and sought shelter in a leaking house with her children.This is what is called jumping from the frying pan to the fire itself.
Surely,there so many women and children facing similar tragedies,but it hurts when someone takes advantage of their plight like in Cecilia's case with the church organisation only to make a fortune out of someone's pain and tears.I felt heartbroken and very disappointed in most mushrooming childcare and women charities that are failing to deliver due to greed and selfishness.If she had been given the little money for her upkeep,probably her business would have expanded,she would afford rent and also may be school fees for the other children

I am still hopeful that her story can change.And a caution to all who are capable and willing to help.Please make follow up on where your kindness is going,if it's creating impact to the affected,otherwise your good gestures and will go to nothing and in vain.

Am sounding a trumpet for Cecilia though,that all who would wish to help can still do so because she needs you and me to lift her up.
Patricia Obima
Joy for Children Uganda
Twitter: @joyforchildren


Its sad for the lady to be in such pain but i believe with prayer and your support she can overcome. lucky alos there is the window of one of her children getiing to school albeit the money embezzled by the faith community in charge. this is what is happening with many donations. I had a japanese Friend who passed on 7th march 2013 - A real hero. she sent funds ot support vulnerable children in oublic/Universal Primary Education schools. believe you me, my collegues who have their children in private schools who can also affrod fees wanted me to divert. As chairperson i refused tobe conpromised paid for the vulnerable. Since Dr. Kaori passed away,so the children opportuniy is in limbo although we searching for someone to support from now on.

We have donations mismanaged through negligence and deliberately and problem is the government has not been interested in monitoring CSo and cahrity organisations income and expenditures. while we continually blame governement officers for abuse of office and funds, CSO have become worse culprits but members fear to expose others for fear of cancelled grants. If one asked for transparency and accountability from civil Society organisations and charitable agencies you would be surprised.

Many times the people exploited are women andchildren who cant negotiate adn many times become emotional and cry. She will get over, wherever a door closes God opens a Garage or even a rat hole full of possibilities. And the sad truth is that at the end of it if she gets so frustrated she will get on street and sell sex with the consequential injustices/abuses and infections the women are exposed to in this trade.

However we thank you for suporting her and please dont give up the social and other support she needs it.We must continue to advocate for protection using laws and empower the women with skills to sustain them. If this is done since childrhood then in cases of death or separation the women will be able to fend for their families.

Phionah Musumba's picture

A Wake Up Call

My congratulations for the good work you are doing, for the less fortunate in society.
However, I must say that unless one has a calling to champion for the rights of the less fortunate in society, they labourin vain, because even if the donors don't catch up with their treachery, karma always will.

Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya

Rochelle White's picture


This story is so sad! It is not shocking that all the money does not go to her. Organizations, even like the Red Cross have a lot of stipulations when it comes to giving aide or providing help. How much of the money donated or given as a sponsor actually goes to the people it is intended for? Probably a few percents. In most non-profit organizations (probably including the one above) the stipulation to maintain a non profit status is that only 30 percent of the funds go back to the cause they are intended for. If you can find the name of the organization online that is in charge of getting sponsors to donate, maybe you can correspond with someone to call and report the behavior of those in charge of the funds once they are distributed to partnering agency in Ceilica's home town. Maybe throw me a name and I can track down a number for you. More then likely the sponsor has no clue but will lack in resources to stop the behaviors that are taking place. It is the agency that can order an investigation and make a change in the lives of the people the money is intended for.

Again, that is upsetting that she is losing everything and the all the money intended to help her is not reaching her. It happens all the time even on big scales and by the goverments. The world is based on obtaining money, the greedy do not want to distribute it instead they hoard it or use it for their own selfish purposes.

Tell her to keep her faith in God and she and her kids will make it through anything.Another door will open by his grace and those that are evildoers will be exposed. History always repeats itself, and the wicked always get exposed. What is done in the dark always comes to the light. Get in contact with the organization directly and keep bringing awareness to the subject by any means necessary, just like you did here on WorldPulse.

God Bless



hayibo safiatou's picture

thanks message

i thing this job you people are oing is a great one first of all you made us women be feel again a you give us reason to live again courage to face our faillure i am very grateful to this program seriously i am an i intend to hel also people throught this programme all my thanks to you


so ironic

It's alarming at the rate people invest in the misfortune of others and use it for personal gains. This is a great problem as it's happening and I thank you for bringing it out. God bless you.
I have little to contribute but I want to encourage you to keep helping her for you are like a breath of fresh air to her.
I think she needs counselling that wiol give her the reason to live on.
Thank you

Hello to each one of you trumpet blowers.Thanks very much for getting back to this post and sure,greed and selfish ambition is destroying humanity.It's very sad to play with someone's pain and emotions.And i pray that these people doing such mean acts can pay a hefty price some day.
We all need to be our sisters and brothers keepers through thick and thin.I hope help comes on the way of all those who are afflicted.
God bless you all abundatly

One love

kmoeti's picture

Thank you for the work you

Thank you for the work you do, it is very important. Also for raising this issue. A serious problem that we are yet to address in the non-profit sector is the very real exploitation of people and their circumstances. It's happening everywhere and the shroud of secrecy or 'political correctness' of it is just keeping the cycle going. Non-profits are very necessary, they provide much needed services and support to those who need them most- but it is a sector that should be open to critique and self-reflection. The same accountability demanded from government & corporates, should apply too...

patricia obima's picture

Thank you too

You so right about that.Ngo are very necessary since they are the link between the less priviledged and the world that desires to put a smile on their faces and i really believe the aspect of accountability should be dealt with.Otherwise all the effort will go to waste when people begin to look at chaity as a lucrative business and use others' pain and tears to make themselves rich..
Charity and volunteering to help must be a calling that comes from the heart and not be abused.So much of such cases are going on and i really think alot has to be done especially when it comes to accountability..
One love

louise.toohey's picture

similar story

This reminds me of the old grand mothers in Swaziland who are left with their grandchildren due to the epidemic issue of HIV taking their parents away. It pains me to go out into the villages and find an old, old woman in her 70s taking care of 7 to 15 children, living in a tiny mud/ grass hut living on a loaf of bread sometimes less. I know that there are some donors that aid some churches out in the villages but use those funds for their selfish gains. Corruption is ripe within the churches and government and I really do think that it is very important that NGOs do step in and evaluate the situation and educate these poor women so that they so not end up like Cecilia. It is unjust that one should undermine another due to their lack of knowledge. She is a good mother, doing all she can to provide for her youngins.

patricia obima's picture


Louise dear,your observation is quite right.Besides poverty and everything else,iliteracy also plays a gigantic role against the less priviledged and to know that the very people who are empowered to bring light into their lives instead take advantage is not a good sign.
I think donors ought to be alittle careful before giving donations and first establish ground if these projects even exist and if they do exist then thorough follow up must be made.May be that way alot of cases such as Cecilia's will be mimimised.

One love

otahelp's picture

This is weird & wicked

How can one really be happy reaping off from one that do not have at all? it is really weird. Thank you Patricia for this story. it is happening everywhere not only n your country. It does happen in mine too. A lot of people are out to fill their pockets at the detriment of those they are supposed to looking after.

It is really overwhelming what people can really do in the face of so much poverty, pain and agony. so much so that we have lost our conscience and milk of kindness and allowed greed to take over.

I am pleading with those who are out to assist these our sisters to please contact directly or better to follow up down to the grass root and be such your efforts are not ending with a gluttony who parades as caretakers.

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