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Disarming words

I am now reading a very interesting book, well, actually it is a Dictionary written by journalists and for journalists, however, I am sure that the content it is useful for all the citizens.

The name of this book is “Desarmando la palabra” (Disarming words) and it was edited for a Colombian Journalist Organization called “Medios para la Paz” (Media for Peace)

From A to Z, this book gives around 1,000 terms about war, peace, human rights, economy, army, violence, and a long, long etcetera.

The intention is the most interesting thing of this book, as far as they are trying to explain to journalist the vocabulary used not only in formal and high conversations and documents, but also by giving those terms used for people or armed groups.

We use to believe that “Language” it is a simple word, but for sure: it is not. We use many kinds of languages: physical, spoken or written…

And we have to remember: Semantics is not “an innocent” collection of words in a speech. The language used by governors, publicity, media, violent groups, and even for all of us have always (and I mean always) an intention behind the words.

Then, we must remember: “our words” could be our own bridge to build peace and negotiation, or in the opposite, could be our own wall or (worst yet) our gun to kill any opportunity to find solutions.

Unfortunately, for now this Dictionary it is only available in Spanish… if some of you are interested on the content, here is the website of this Colombian journalists organization:

However … In my own documents I found other guides that could be useful for you, “brave women interested on world problems, and working together through Internet”

Here I am attaching you a couple of interesting documents:
1) Guidebook for Online Ethics and
2) Media Development Strategy _Crisis States Report

Hope it help you in your work … in your life.

Kind regards to all of you girls !!! Sincerely: Xthina " )



jadefrank's picture

"brave women working together"

Hi Xthina,

Thank you for sharing these useful documents with the PulseWire community.

Words are so powerful - and that is what I love about PulseWire. This community chooses to use their words to build peace and solve problems that affect women across the globe.

Warm regards,

Hi Jade ! (what a wonderful name you have... like the powerful stone)

I hope to have the opportunity to share other documents according to the post that I'll write here .... unfortunely, I have so much material in spanish, and I am afraid that most of you will need information written in english ... we will see what I can find in my journalistic documents

In the other hand, for now I dont have so much time to write here, because I am working hard in my own site of peace journalism .... so if you need some info about particular issues, dont hesistate to contact me and I will see what can I do.

Sending you a big hug from Mexico. Take care !! Xthina " )

Cristina Avila-Zesatti - Journaliste&Productrice
Main Editor:

"Un milagro no es la suspensión de una ley natural, sino la implementación de una ley superior"

Hello, Xthina;

Your dictionary sounds interesting.

I have frequently thought about HOW society "makes" Words "mean" something, and have come to realise that the POWER OF WORDS reside NOT in their intrinsic denotation, but rather in their DELIBERATE DEPLOYMENT BY A PARTICULAR SOCIAL SEGMENT, TO FORM A PARTICULAR SOCIAL MEANING.

A perfect illustration of this, is the MALE-Constructed denotation of the CRIME that is termed "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE." I assert that this term has been crafted by Men, for I fail to accept that any Woman - anywhere around the globe, would deliberately seek to "TAME" the DELIBERATE ACT OF VIOLENCE wreaked upon her and her Children by Men.

A plethora of mock-pious, criminal-pandering RHETORIC surrounds this CRIME, both at the judicial and social-work levels, to the effect that: "The Family is Society's most important Unit." (...EVEN IF THIS FAMILY MUST DAILY SUFFER BEING BROKEN/BATTERED IN BODY & MIND...!!) and my personal favourite: "Families must be kept together - at all costs" (...EVEN AT THE COST OF DAILY DEATH OF SOUL, AND ULTIMATE DEATH OF BODY?!?).

However, a GLARING FACT that effectively serves to debunk and negate what essentially amounts to JUST MORE OF THE SAME OL' BRUTISH MALE-AGENDA TO DO WHAT THEY LIKE, BUT ESCAPE RETRIBUTION FOR THEIR CRIMES, is this:-

Scenario A: John Doe takes it into his head one sunny Saturday, to take a ride into the City, and whilst there, takes up his hand (or other implement to deliberately inflict pain/harm), and lets his hand/implement fall heavily, spitefully and gleefully on shopper Jane Doe's body - being a Stranger, Unknown and Unrelated to him.

What happens next? Oh, the usual! The Police are called, they arrive briskly and routinely take notes. The Lawyers are hired, they concientiously and painstakingly research legal precedent in order to lay charges that will redound to their client - Jane Doe's success when the case goes to trial. Even Society - being the persons witnessing the incident on the busy City streets, as well as those viewing its horrendous details afterwards via the media's relaying on T.V. and in the newspapers, unanimously and indignantly lament the CRIME wreaked upon Jane Doe, and sympathetically agree that the CRIMINAL John Doe should be punished to the fullest extent of the Law.

Scenario B: John Husband takes it into his head one sunny Saturday, to take a rampaging rush downstairs, and whilst there, takes up his hand (or other implement to deliberately inflict pain/harm), and lets his hand/implement fall heavily, spitefully and gleefully on Jane Wife's body - being a Married Spouse to him under Law, and mother of his Children sharing one domicile.

What happens next? Ooooh, something QUITE unusual! The Police are called - but whether based upon their own gendered/socialised conceptualisation of "What is Usual/Accepted within Family Life," they reluctantly arrive and disinterestedly take notes. Social Services is called in, but since their "services" are never an Exact Science, the children might get temporarily placed with a NEW set of physical/emotional abusers, just as long as they are duly registered within the Social Services system. Society - on this occasion, will more often than not concern themselves with casting the majority of blame on Jane Wife - accusing her (...despite not knowing her personally!) of "probably" being a Bad Woman and "no doubt" Not Being a Good Wife to John Husband.


Indeed, in my country, as I am certain is the case all around the world, between the Police and Society, the CRIMINALLY-ABUSED VICTIM has been known to have been offered such "helpful" tips, as: HAVE SEX MORE OFTEN WITH THE ABUSER/HUSBAND! TRY TO DRESS-UP MORE! DON'T DO "THINGS" THAT WILL "UPSET" THE ABUSER/HUSBAND! etc., etc., etc.


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