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To be successful in life should be everyone’s priority. It ends one with fame and respect, if not self- satisfaction. To attain success, is the result of ones determination to accomplish whatever he or she desires in life or set their minds on.

It is quite understood that certain obstacles crop up and derail ones plans towards success. This however does not signify that we should go astray. But, once we have the drive and will plus individual comportment, we are bound to succeed. It is popularly said “as you make your bed so shall you lie on it”.
A critical look around our community would disclose many people wanting, purely from their own making, yet they have the tendency of shifting the blame on others or situations.

From my own perspective, life could be attributed to be a bed of roses that smells good; it is beautiful and attractive but pricks when you get too close engulf or meddle with it. As such, it is not uncommon to have everything smooth as we may desire. Besides, it is said “the road to the Divine Provider is Rocky, but we should not turn back, for we shall find glory at the other end” that is why most people particularly those not born with silver spoons, need to labour, hustle and bustle, sweat, face tribulations to acquire genuine success.

We make a hell of noise about this and that when the real problem sometimes is us. We get confuse sometimes with life, for the simple reason that we at times do not allow things or events take its normal and gradual course. With this lack of patience and recklessness, we turn to seek other means, like acquiring superficial powers, as such we get ourselves hooked in cultism, to the extend of taking lives in other to grow big. This is common in most African settings. We steal, rob, kill and dupe others. All these signify- we step on others to get what we want- a show of selfishness and greed.

We turn to alcohol and drugs with the pretext of acquiring boldness and extra strength to do as we like. Even so, we hold getting obsess or deeply involve with alcohol, tobacco and hard drugs will enable us forget our difficulties and troubles. Meanwhile, in reality, we must not run away from problems but we need to face them squarely. As a result, we involve ourselves with abstract things; with the hope of solving or getting a solution to our problems or to make life much easier.

Usually, in the long run, before we face realities and come to our senses, we must have ended up facing more problems than we would have actually bargained for and in event destroy our personalities.
“Doctors of foolish people” as some Fay men refer to themselves. They use attractive and seductive words to entice people to belief and trust them. These words sometimes have a trace of Christianity that wins the people hearts causing them to believe they are in the right track. This false hood has taken a more sophisticated turn with the introduction of Internet. I guess only those who are full of greed and does not stop to reason out a situation fall prey to such scam.

We cannot serve two masters at a time nor can we mix kerosene and water. All we need do if we are Christians is to belief in the Bible and while praying earnestly all our supplications should be directed to God Almighty using the name Jesus. No other name nor is any other ritual needed. We should not enslave ourselves to mammon as they say the devil gives with one hand and takes with the other hand.

However, although prayer is the key to success it should be accompanied with our own personal efforts. That is why, when we strive and thrive to be successful, we should always possess these qualities, determination, honesty, patience and perseverance as our watch words.

Statistics have shown that most people, who seek false means to aspire, end up in dudgeon. A wise saying stipulates - “destiny could be delayed not deterred”
In this wise, we need to first of all pin point what exactly we want in life, then we could say we have a focus. And, no matter what obstacles we stumble on, we should be able to brave it and continue our onward movement, with such self –confidence and zeal, we are sure to accomplish our set goals.


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