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Sent early to heaven,heaven wasnt expecting that visitor at that age,on that day,because he/she still had years to live

A family wakes up one morning,happy,laughing,doing everything together,parents making future plans for the little angels,the angels all imagining what they will become,others think they will be the best legislators,ministers,presidents,doctors,yes as children we all have these dreams and we believe in them and in our selves.

But suddenly this dream is crashed,just a few hours into the the day,there's dead silence because one angel is missing from the complete number,either he/she was just running around the village,or had been sent to a nearby shop,was playing with friends.Anxiety arises because not even the neighbours know his/her whereabouts,the little friends murmur something that cant even be heard.suddenly the whole neighborhood is combed,turned up and down looking for this little one,minutes turn into hours of long wait,a mother holds her chest and breasts in anticipation of her little one,that he\she will return,the day is gone,with no trace,she keeps the hope that in the night the little one will come knocking at the door,she can hardly sleep,but it's dawn,still no sign of her baby,it's another day of searching and looking,then another day,they are probably 4 days already.Then somehow in the nearby bushes a fowl stench engulfs the village,flies swarm around the same spot,curiosity drives everyone there only to find a badly mutilated body,headless,with no private parts,and internal organs.

The little baby is reduced to this maggot ridden decomposing body.the family cant hold it self,questions arise!"who could have done this?"only to discover it was probably an uncle,grand parents,an aunt,neighbour,best family friend behind this gruesome murder,all in pursuit for promised quick wealth by a cold hearted witch doctor,hungry and thirsty for human blood and body parts to conduct a ritual..
Efforts to bring justice is futile,the family gives up on the pursuit and is left to grieve and live with bitter memories of what has befallen the family.

How can murdering an innocent child bring one fortune?how can someone be so bad to commit such an act?what happened to the people we trust so much?why are they the enemies of our children instead of protecting them?.This is no movie or drama dear reader,these are real life stories that grace television news bulletins,daily news papers among others.
Had it not been for the intervention of human rights activists after the acquittal of Kato Kajubi,a Ugandan business man labelled tycoon(am wondering how many more he sacrificed)who brutally murdered a 12year old boy Joseph Kasirye,the poor family never would have had peace and the rich tycoon would still be out there today looking for his next victim,today he faces a life sentence,but can that bring Joseph back?In the confessions of the witch doctor Kajubi had consulted,young Joseph was lured by the witch doctor who was well known in the village with the promise of a job at a rich man's home.In the confession of the witch doctor and his wife,they said when Joseph arrived,he was offered soda laced with drugs,immediately he became helpless and a knife was plunged in his throat and Kajubi the businessman finished the boy off with a gun shot in the head before severing off his head and making off with it.

When in 2004 when my then 4 year old brother suddenly went missing from around 4pm and was recovered the following day with a bar maid who fortunately had gone to report a lost child at the very police station where my family had chosen to report the case of a missing child,how he walked upto that place still remains a mystery to us but we are thankful we found him.There's an assumption that a circumsized boy or a child with pricked ears will always survive the act of sacricifice since the witch doctors deem those with any piercings and cuts unfit,my brother was circumsized for health reasons as a child,could he have been abandoned because of that?he was found with the buttons of his shirt ripped off and the shirt was now just fastened with a safety pin and his shorts were missing,all the same we thanked God for returning him alive to us,but the trauma we went through as a family before and after took some time to heal.I remember before the child was found,my mother sat down and said"Lord i know my child is dead by now,only help me to recover his body that i may give him a decent burial"..These are normally the woes,pain and anguish a family suffers after being subjected to the painful horror of child sacrifice.

Child sacrifice is an ugly act,painful,horrific,gruesome,barbaric and must be stopped.Children must be protected from this act,justice must given to those affected.laws must not just be kept on bookshelves but administered wherever applicable.When we blow the trumpet of protection and security,action must follow,or it will only be like playing famous music beats with no dancers on the floor.Today's child is tomorrow's future.Save the children of the world.


Phionah Musumba's picture

The Sad Truth

It is only someone who's never had a child of their own that can engage in these inhuman acts. Another demented fellow who'd do that is a parent who has never tasted the death of their own offspring. I have experience in both, being a mother, and having buried a son some 9 years ago. This is a psinful, barbaric and inhuman act and should be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya

Sefakor Abusah's picture


I want to believe that some human beings have no heart.What enjoyment do they get from spending money got from human sacrifice.child sacrifice for that matter ?Why can't they work to earn that money .
I lost my two month pregnancy a week ago and it gave and still is giving me a lot of heart ache .How much more a mother who has nursed her child and wacthed her grow.
God have mercy

EK. Chemorion's picture

Oh My Gosh!

Obima My sister,

This is really sad, Very Sad.

I read this story with a lot of pain. with the love of humanity and the joy of having children that I have, i can not comprehend how, what, why and to who this act should happen in the first place. like you say, "Child sacrifice is an ugly act,painful,horrific,gruesome,barbaric and must be stopped". many people are lied to by very poor, homeless, and inhuman men and women in the names of witch doctors and prophets that they can get wealth by taking lives of other human beings. I have always asked myself, why cant they make themselves rich and prosperous? why cant they give their own children or members of their families? ........why should they promise others heaven and yet they are wallowing in poverty themselves.....and why, why target innocent children really. i have heard about this many years now. A Friend of mine sent in south Africa sent me a picture of her friend's baby who was lost and was found in the neighborhood, but with body parts dismantled.........i mean the head, the chest down to the stomach, the waist, private parts, and limbs(legs and hands) had been separated and put on a big tray. i could not look twice. i became sick........this left me crying for three months.....i could not comprehend how and why all these!! I can imagine the agony of this family.i can imagine how the little one with an innocent look faced brutality from those who did this....and took precious life out of the little angel.....

People should respect the sanctity of life!

people should work and earn something!

people should be reminded that they should not have hope in hopeless people, things, places...but work hard in life!

I pray that God of all comfort can minister to the needs of this family and many families affected in similar ways!

How i pray that systems of governments of the day could help bring justice to such perpetrators!

I pray that we become our children's keepers in societies full of insecurities for vulnerable young ones!


Let our children live to realize parents and their dreams in life.Respect the sanctity of Life! I stand in solidarity with you!!!

EK Chemorion

patricia obima's picture

Sad tale indeed

Dear sisters Ek,Sefar and Phiona,i join you all in the experience of loss of loved ones you have had and i can only pray and wish that the love and grace of God fills up that void with special angels he will bless each one of you who is affected with.
Back to child sacrifice,it's a very sickening thought for somen one to gruesomely murder an innocent and helpless child without mercy,in a closely latest incident,it was the child's own uncle,we have had incidents where it's even the parent who do this,i dont know how one can live .with the guilt of murderign a child in the name of getting wealth.This whole thing beats my understanding.A business man here who was first aquitted of all charges until human rights activists stepped up again now faces life imprisonment,but this is not enough to bring back the boy to life.Children are very vulnerable,they can't protect them selves and the very people who should make them feel secure are the very ones out to hunt them down.It's a matter that should be looked upon seriously,there are lots of laws laying in bookshelfs that scream child protection but when such atrocities are still happening,it only means there's laxity in the law.When a loved one falls sick and you nurse them till they breath their last,it's abit reassuaring that you saw them till their last breath,but for someone to forcefully murder a child,it's a different story all together.
Indeed i feel for the families that have suffered this brutal act and journey with all in the pain and loss and continue to pray for them,that they may receive comfort and above all justice shoul be accorded..
Thanks to all of you for blowing these trumpets of change.
One Love

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