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Take a walk with me in the life of Nimusiima.

When i heard this painful story of this young 19year old girl.I couldn't help but cry with her as she narrated her own story tearfully.
Nimusiima hails from Bushenyi district in Western Uganda.As i sat down to listen to her,a visibly sickly and improverished baby was tagging at her almost shredded skirt.I later learnt it was her daughter whom she concieved at the age of 17 after dropping out of primary school while in P.5.

With swollen eyes,visible from perhaps a long night of crying.She still amidst sobs,narrated the story of her life.She says she lost her mother while still young and that she was living with her father and step mother and at this point round,both had sent her away from home to come to the city and find her baby's father,that apparently,she was to leave the child with her father and return home to get married to an older man and if not she had no option but to leave the home.Nimusiima then said she sold off a sack of beans she had harvested from her garden in order to raise the bus fare.
So she embarked on the long journey to Kampala city,where the man had told her he rides a passenger motor bike for a living.Now for a girl who hardly knows the city but only armed with her baby,a small handbag that has just a baby sheet and a wrapper,plus two phone numbers,one belonging to the man's friend and the other to the man,she arrived in the city.

Here is then the beginning of Nimusiima's woes as if the village drama of a forced marriage isnt enough,on arrival,she said she called the man's number and it was picked by a woman who was rude to her and from that time,it's the woman who recieves the calls,to make matters worse,she doesn't even know the man's duty station which could have made it abit easier to trace him.She then decided to call up his friend,who took her in for a week and just this one day,he turns up and tells her"if you dont leave my house,i will rape you".I didn't know what to term this guy at this point.She then said she chose to seek shelter from a police post where she spent some nights and she was hoping for help,which she didnt because it became harsh for her.On the morning that i met her,she says she had spent the previous night in a makeshift this point am so engrossed in her story yet drenched in tears at the same time that i forgot to ask her if i could get her some breakfast,it's just what she was waiting for,i walked with her to a nearby restaurant and got her breakfast.She then proceeded to say,she wasn't willing to marry the old catholic man her parents wanted her to marry,i asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted to return home and stay in her late mother's house.
Looking at how much she had suffered and how almost all doors had caved in on her,i wondered at the cruelity and harshness of the world and it's adversaries.That how could it put such a heavy burden on a young and vulnerable girl like this?
At this point,i told her that i would refer her to an organization that i thought would help and she said she would be glad and that was what i did.
I later sat down and wondered at how many Nimusiima's where going through a similar sad tale in their lives,each time i thought about it my heart sank deeper with pain.What does a girl/woman do when the very people meant to protect her and make her secure are her enemies?Who is she supposed to turn to??
When we still have the strength,lets not remain silent,you may not have that immediate financial help,but you can help in so many other ways even if it means just giving a smile, a hug,a shoulder to lean on and a reassuarnce of love,it lights up the affected person's world,it makes them feel not all is lost..atleast i managed to offer her the above and i was glad she had a smile though faint,but it was one good one..
The reason you and i encounter these scenarios is not because others dont see,but it's because God has chosen you in particular to journey with that person so you can be the voice that speaks for him or her.
Dear sisters and brothers,lets keep our ears to the ground and eyes wide open,because there's a voice crying out in the dark and only you can be their redeemer..

One Love


amira7521's picture

We are the voice for someone else

Dear Patricia

Thanks for sharing this story. It's sad that there are many women out there with no support mechanism, and suffer insurmountable pain and agony. They have no voice and no avenue to raise their voice.
I am glad I have the independence and the education and access to forums like this to raise my voice.

I am here to raise my voice for others as much as for myself.


patricia obima's picture

Thanks Amira

Yes Amira,you are very right about it and when life has given you an opportunity that it hasnt granted any other person,then it's the reason you ought to share with them and make them feel loved.
Because we can,lets be a leading voice to those who are suffering silently..
One Love

Rochelle White's picture

Thank you

It takes courage to not turn our eyes or close our ears to some of the pain that other's bare. It is a very sad story, but thank God for you leading her to a place that could provide some help for her. Also by you sharing her story, you gave her a voice, which is very noble.

Thank you for sharing and pointing out that we must listen to those who are going through hurt and pain in their life.

Peace, love, and many blessings



patricia obima's picture

Thanks too Rochelle

Hi dear,I really think God purposely brings some situations before us and we have to heed the call to help,am sure lots of people didnt pay any attention to her but she caught my eyes and i had to know everything and at the end of the day,i was glad i could be of help,however little it was that i could offer.
So much goes on in our daily surroundings yet most times we are only engrossed more in our own world,if we took time off each day to live in other people's worlds,we would learn so much and be of help when they really need us.
Thanks for the remarks dear
Peace and love

Sefakor Abusah's picture


Partricia its good you have decided to share this story .she is not alone.many young women of her age go through her ordeal everyday .i only hope and pray that the organization you took her to keeps her smiling always .
Thank you.

patricia obima's picture


Hi Sefar,thanks for appreciating,it's the least effort i could give but i know that wherever she is,the fact that someone gave her a listening ear,help is on her way definately.
This is something happening world over and beyond and it's upto us to do just that,even if it means only echoing out their voice,we are strong and out on this platform because we must lift up those who are yet to walk into the light.
One Love

Phionah Musumba's picture

Kudos, Patricia!

I can relate to Nimusiima's story and how you handled it. I have worn the shoe, both as a victim, and much later, as a rescuer. Allow me to commend you for the good work you are doing.

Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya

patricia obima's picture

Thank you Phiona

Hi there,am encouraged by your comment.Gives me strength to press on and glue my ear harder on the ground because there still lots of Nimusiimas out there and they need just a simple act of charity,love and kindness.Am glad you are a living testimony that there's life,light and hope at the end of the tunnel.
One Love

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