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The Story of Flying

I think you are more scared of actually flying then falling.....

I know too, I find myself beginning to soar, wings open wide and then I get this nervousness and I say “what should I do next?” And begin to fall.

Then I realize “You’ve achieved it, now fly and do all you can do by flying”.

That is it, I’ve made it, there is nothing else to do, but fly, and that was the goal, to fly.

It takes great embrace in letting go the former things which was once known, used, and became more than just a part of a personality but a transcendent reality.

So I say to you. “Let the weight go, so not to take down the flight!”

Realize that no matter how scared you become, you are already in the air!
Flying is not an end in and of itself but the means to an end.
For too many years, a disheveled state of mind has been used because it was all you knew.
Confusion, embarrassment, and pain were side effects of the abundant amount of fear you harbored.
Now it is time to harness. Harness the fear of oppression, the pain of abused, take the bull by the horns, and command that it activate your flight. We do not begin to soar up high without take off.
Do not get scared because you will begin to plummet!

God was there to pick me up and he will pick you up too!

Maybe for all I knew he caught me and placed me on the ground, giving me just the maximum pain of what I could endure; but one thing I am sure of is that I lived.

Because I lived, I must live, and to be alive I must not only fly, but learn to soar, and learn this foreign state of mind. Therefore, I share with you lift you wings and fly.

You will live! Now is your time. Should you fall, God will catch you!

Should you hit the ground, you will live and become alive!

Nothing is gained without anything challenged!

The greatest human beings alive were underestimated and fell numerous times. Lift your voice, harness your powerful wings, and sing about in the sky.

Should you have given you, the heavens are earth would have cried.

One day when you learn to fly you will be a great leader because your reach to the people will be greater, powerful, remarkable, and with a strong hold of love.

....This is dedicated to all my brother's and sister's who do not feel like they can go on. There is always a way, it is okay to rest but never give up. Your voice, your work, your efforts are God given and work out in their own time:)



mai's picture

Thanks for his motivational

Thanks for his motivational article; it's great.

Rochelle White's picture

Big Smile

Big Smile, I am happy you enjoyed it.

God Bless



kakahani007's picture

Amazing Words

Dear , Rochelle White

Thanks from My Heart ,, for this fabulous inspiring article , you're absolutely true in ( Nothing is gained without anything challenged!)


Dr. Hani Mohammed Ibrahim (MBBS, SRH2012 Course)
Medical Doctor and Reproductive and Child Health Coordinator at SK Ministry of Health
Research Fellow at RCRU
Tel:+ 249 111 226 075
Email :

Dr. Hani Mohammed Ibrahim I am happy you were able to get alot of the story! Please continue to hold, nothing gained if nothing is challenged close to your heart. We can never give up, no matter how hard the task is that we must face.

Many blessings



Phionah Musumba's picture

A Timely Awakening

Rochelle, please allow me to thank you immensely for this insightful piece. I really needed a dose of the same, at this time in my life. Your words are so inspiring. NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN, very powerful.

Phionah Musumba
Founder/Executive Director
Malkia Foundation &
Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya
P.O Box 9461 - 00300,
Nairobi, Kenya
Facebook: Phionah Musumba
Twitter: @KenyaGals
LinkedIn: Phionah Musumba
Skype: phionah.anguzuzu.musumba

Rochelle White's picture

Your Welcome

I am happy you have been inspired by these words. Please keep them in with you as an additional tool that helps your unlock your true potential. Best of wishes and love. God Bless:)



Rochelle White's picture

Your Welcome

Please keeep these words with you and believe them. You can acheive anything you put your mind to and once you do, do all that you can. Use every bit of pain, anger, resentment to stand up. Then by trying to reach your goal it will transform it into confidence, victory, and sustainability. Big Smile:)) I am happy you were able to appreciate my story.



amira7521's picture

Very inspiring

A very motivational piece Rochelle.
I guess each of us needs to the strength for others .. and when it goes full circle we will be empowered to face anything thrown at us.


Rochelle White's picture

Thank you

Yes, no matter what we must live. If one has the energy and strength to encourage another we should share it with them if possible. Empowerment is a beautiful tool, I am happy you enjoyed the story.




thank you

Thank goes way deep into the soul.

Rochelle White's picture

:) Big Smile

It is good you were able to feel the message. Takes the words with you along your journey and never give up:)



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